Champion Brand Clothing, Shoes Latest Fashion Trend - Bloomberg
Consumers have recently embraced brands with long histories and classic logos. Italian sporting goods brand Fila and Kentucky-based Russell Athletic have also experienced a resurgence of late
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may 2019
Vikas Dubey's answer to What is Ergodic theory in layman's terms? - Quora
Vikas Dubey
Vikas Dubey, studied at Panjab University, Chandigarh
Answered Mar 12, 2015
Originally Answered: What is ergodicity?
Suppose you want to buy a pair of shoes. Imagine that a shoe shop exists inside your house. Now you can follow two strategies. One you can visit the shop inside your house everyday and eventually you find the best pair of shoes. Another possibility is you take your car and spend a whole day searching every possible shop in your city and immediately buy the best pair. If result is same for the two processes then you can say that this system is ergodic. Entropy works to increase the number of possibilities in a dynamical system.- Rephrased from mathematician Yakov Sinai's interview published in the Newletter of European Mathematical Society.
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may 2019
Call yourself well-read? - UnHerd
What we saw in response, is the weaponisation of cultural sanctimony: people so keen to advertise their credentials as book-lovers that they’ll sneer at someone who dares to be impressed by a 21-book month as a philistine.

But reading is not just an improving idea you can use to mark yourself out as a cultured person. It’s a practical activity. If you read a page a minute, that’s six hours or so for the average novel. Your personal circumstances will make a difference. Real readers – like, I suspect, Adam Boulton – know this.

This isn’t just a trivial Twitterstorm. The reaction, as I read it, shows just how deeply what social psychologists call “group polarisation” now affects every corner of our online interactions. Think of this spat on Book Twitter not so much as the canary in the coalmine, but as the canary which drops off its perch in the parlour of a blameless widow-lady a mile or two from the coalmine itself: the toxic gases have spread that far and that fast.

Suggested reading
How social media makes fascists of us all

By Jamie Bartlett

We’re in a situation where the totemic idea of something – be it allyship, socialism, freedom of speech or, now, even the enjoyment of curling up with a good book – is so cherished, and the group identities it nourishes so invested in, that it is held to license any amount of invective. It removes the trouble of thinking individual cases through, and it gives you permission to insult strangers – competitively to insult strangers – in public with not hesitancy but pride.
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may 2019
Maslow didn't make the pyramid that changed management history — Quartz at Work
Maslow was trying to say that people will have these needs arranged differently. Managers really need to understand each and every employee and what motivates them, rather than assume that I can just plop the pyramid over everyone in the organization.”

Maslow was apparently unimpressed by management scholars who saw “his theory of human nature as a means to financial end—short-term profit—rather the end which he saw, a more enlightened citizenry and society,” the authors note, citing Maslow’s 1965 book Eupsychian Management. And yet, he did not distance himself from the pyramid’s popularity.
april 2019
‘Reforming has done nothing. That’s why I’m an anarchist.’ An interview with Benjamin Zephaniah | Red Pepper
“you don’t riot if you have a nice job and a home to come to at night. You don’t riot if you’re well fed and unemployment doesn’t pressure your head. You don’t riot if you live in the city but have a country cottage with a view so pretty. You don’t riot. Riot happen too late. And that’s South Africa, Britain is great.”
negativethinking  riot  zepheniah  poetry  race 
march 2019
Artists Become Famous through Their Friends, Not the Originality of Their Work - Artsy
While past studies have suggested that there is a link between creativity and fame, Ingram and Banerjee found, in contrast, that there was no such correlation for these artists. Rather, artists with a large and diverse network of contacts were most likely to be famous, regardless of how creative their art was.
artists  network  creativity 
march 2019
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