Jethro Tull Lyrics
Jethro Tull lyrics - 264 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Aqualung", "My God", "Cup Of Wonder".
jethrotull  lyrics 
21 days ago
python-amazon-mws/python-amazon-mws: Python 2/3 wrapper for the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API
Python 2/3 wrapper for the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API - python-amazon-mws/python-amazon-mws
mak  mws 
25 days ago
Get Started — Squarespace Developers
Squarespace offers a suite of different tools for developers. Find the offering that's right for you, or get started with a Developer Platform website.
25 days ago
skullydazed/squarespace-python: Python module to access the Squarespace Commerce API
Python module to access the Squarespace Commerce API - skullydazed/squarespace-python
25 days ago
14 Tropes about Writers: How readers see your ‘self’ in your writing - Fictionary
But sometimes you do actually show yourself, intentionally, or by the choices you make about your story and craft.

writing  tropes 
4 weeks ago
Building a React app with Google Sheets API and deploying to Netlify
In this tutorial, we’re going to cover how to connect to a spreadsheet hosted on Google, display that information inside a React application and deploy it to Netlify. Skip to “The Setup” if you…
googlesheets  reactjs 
4 weeks ago
Let’s Build UIStackView | Alexander Grebenyuk
Explores how UIStackView works under the hood to build its open source replacement - Arranged
ios  stackviews 
8 weeks ago
UIStackView and Auto Layout - Compass True North - Medium
When UIStackView was first released on iOS9, it was billed as a way to use Auto Layout without creating constraints. UIStackView auto-magically lays out its arranged subviews according to the…
ios  stackviews 
8 weeks ago
Kathrine Shepard, Sylvaine: "Making music is absolutely a cathartic process for me" — Noizr
"For both of my albums, I wrote a lot about the feeling of longing for something, without knowing why or what I was longing for. I often feel like I do not belong here, and this makes me feel isolated and therefore lonesome. Even if I feel accomplished and happy in my life, I always have this sense of missing something, which makes for a constant, melancholy outline. The duality between happiness and melancholy, the outside world and my inner world, as well as the duality between nature and urba...
8 weeks ago
FullStack Labs - Careers
Learn more about our career opportunities at FulllStack Labs and apply today.
9 weeks ago
FullStack Labs - Jobs
Browse current career opportunities and apply online for jobs at FullStack Labs
jobs  reactnative 
9 weeks ago
25+ Little-Known Hacks to Promote Your Book
Are you trying to promote your book but all the regular tricks aren't working? Here are 25 lesser-known hacks that could be your key to success!
author  marketing 
10 weeks ago
Beto O’Rourke’s secret membership in America’s oldest hacking group
As Beto O'Rourke starts his run for U.S. president, members of a group famous for “hactivism” come forward for the first time to claim him as a former comrade.
12 weeks ago
IonQ | Trapped Ion Quantum Computing
We’re building the world’s best quantum computers to solve the world’s hardest problems
12 weeks ago
will-stone/hash-source: A hash router source for @reach/router
A hash router source for @reach/router. Contribute to will-stone/hash-source development by creating an account on GitHub.
reactjs  router 
12 weeks ago
ysfmag/aws-amplify-react-custom-ui: Building a Custom UI Authentication For AWS Amplify
Building a Custom UI Authentication For AWS Amplify - ysfmag/aws-amplify-react-custom-ui
aws  amplify 
september 2019
Customizing the authentication experience of Amplify’s withAuthenticator.
Note: This article builds off of my first article, but if you’re already familiar with AWS Amplify you should be able to follow along. When we left off, we implemented authentication into our app…
aws  amplify 
september 2019
How to Easily Customize The AWS Amplify Authentication UI - Kyle Galbraith
For I have been experimenting with adding authentication to the project. This would allow conversions to be tied to users and enable a slew of other features as well. During my experimenting I have been reading a lot about AWS Amplify . It is a library that wraps…
aws  amplify 
september 2019
Writer's Block? Try Getting Competitive : NPR
Bob Schneider, a songwriter from Texas, has challenged fellow musicians to a game for 12 years: Every Friday, a closed email group submits a new song of the week.
september 2019
Power Outlet Mod
Hot cigarette lighter port
august 2019
Web API | Spotify for Developers
Simply put, your app receives Spotify content through the Spotify Web API.
spotify  api 
august 2019
Vaping May Harm Your Blood Flow—Even Without Nicotine | WIRED
Inhaling e-cigarette vapor alone had an immediate, negative impact on the vascular systems of first-time vapers.
august 2019
Reading Guide: Quotes, Key Terms, and Questions | Pulitzer Center
This resource includes quotes, key terms/names/historical events, and guiding questions for each of over 30 essays and creative works that compose The 1619 Project.
nytimes  slavery 
august 2019
How To Build a Serverless React.js Application with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, & DynamoDB - Part 1 | Unique Software Development Dallas | Los Angeles App Developers
How To Build a Serverless React.js Application with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, & DynamoDB - Part 1 | Unique Software Development is a Dallas Digital Invention Agency for Mobile Apps, Web Applications, eCommerce, Augmented Reality, Wearables, IoT and 3D.
aws  lambda  reactjs 
august 2019
Deploy Python Functions to AWS Lambda with PyCharm | Camillo Visini
Learn how to speed up your serverless workflow by deploying your AWS Lambda Python functions with PyCharm.
aws  lambda  pycharm 
august 2019
Deploying Docker Containers Using an AWS CodePipeline for DevOps
In this walkthrough, learn how to perform continuous integration and deployment of Docker containers with no downtime using AWS CodePipeline and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS).
aws  fargate  ecs 
august 2019
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