Marissa Mayer Is Still Here - The New York Times
What kind of managers were Larry Page and Sergey Brin during the early days, and how did you think about developing your own management skills?

Larry and Sergey just yelled at us until we became what they needed us to become, and get done what they needed to be done.
april 2018
‘Blockchain’ is meaningless - The Verge
just because the data is in a blockchain doesn’t mean the data is accurate. Inaccurate data, such as a mistake on a medical record, can still be validated in a blockchain.
march 2018
[no title]
Note: Review mid summer bearning
april 2017
Mental age as the weight of experience
Reflecting on various life experiences, It occurred to me that we are all more child-like in regards to areas and situations that we are unfamiliar with. Simply put, without a prior body of knowledge in a field, every new piece of information is far more interesting and significant, much like it is to a kid.
november 2016
Help me pick a soldering station: Weller WES51 vs Hakko Fx888D : electronics
I also do repair work and do a lot of soldering. I ave a Hakko 936 which I've had for a least 10 years. It is still going strong. Unfortunately it is not longer made.
The Hakko FX888D is digital, they are impressively designed, well built and quite durable. But, I think you'll find that the Weller analog temp knob on the WES51 is adequately accurate for general work and is equally well built.
If you absolutely need digital and are unwilling to spend $139 for the digital Weller wesd51, then go with the Hakko.
Note that as far as the Hakko goes, I cannot get genuine Hakko replacement parts locally - South Florida, so I have to purchase that stuff like tips online. Problem is that there is so much counterfeit Hakko stuff out there you have t be very cautious when looking for Hakko stuff. Try to use some of those crappy fake Hakko tips and you'll see what I mean.
As for the Weller, tips are about half the cost as are replacement pens and heating elements. They're also easier to find. If I were you, considering the light work you describe, I'd go with the Weller wes51 and save down the road when you need stuff for it.
If you absolutely need digital, then go with the Hakko, or consider coughing up a few few more buck as get the digital Weller wesd51, which are around $139 on Amazon.
If you do go Hakko, just be careful where you buy it. I would not trust most sources on Bay or anyone who ships from China , you'll probably end up with a fake and end up being very unhappy.
soldering  irons 
october 2016
An Illustrated Guide to SSH Agent Forwarding
Each ssh implementation has to provide a mechanism for clients to request agent services, and on UNIX/Linux this is typically done with a UNIX domain socket stored under the /tmp/ directory. On our Linux system running OpenSSH, for instance, we find the file /tmp/ssh-CXkd6094/agent.6094 associated with the SSH daemon servicing a SecureCRT remote client.
security  ssh 
september 2016
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