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january 2013 by joeyanne
iPad Portal app demo - YouTube
Video demo of circulation management via iPad.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
KnowItNow poster
Poster for directing people to online help.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
Apps and attitudes by Kate Davis on Prezi
Presentation from m-libraries conference in 2011.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
Video: Augmented Reality App For Librarians Instantly Shows Which Books Are Misfiled | Popular Science
ShelvAR consists of an Android app and a set of coded tags, representing call numbers, that are placed on books' spines. When a librarian holds a smartphone or tablet camera up to a shelf, the app reads all the tags at once, thanks to a new algorithm that can decipher multiple patterns even though they're small when viewed at a distance. Then the app uses a simple sorting method—at least for computers, which aren't fazed by complex letter-digit combos like Q164 .G72 2009--to figure out the correct order and the shortest number of moves needed to achieve it. The phone's screen displays red X's over any misfiled books, along with arrows that show where they really belong.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
Building an Open Source Staff-Facing Tablet App for Library Assessment - Jason Casden and Joyce Chapman | code4lib
This talk will present a library assessment and software development perspective on the creation and utility of an open source tablet-based tool for collecting and analyzing data about the use of library physical spaces. Building on recent experience developing web-based and native-iPhone library apps, we will discuss complicating implementation-related issues such as platform dependence, intermittent network coverage (data caching), and centralized data synchronization with multiple collectors. HTML5 and co-evolving technologies (specifically, Web SQL client-side storage) can be utilized to balance the various advantages of web-based apps with the performance of native apps, but implementation choices can directly impact both the types of data that can be collected and the cost of adoption of an open source release. Finally, we will use an early prototype of this tool to demonstrate some new assessment possibilities.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
Exploring student engagement with mobile technologies at a regional...
Presentation delivered to m-libraries international conference, Brisbane 2011, by Charles Darwin University Library - "Exploring student engagement with mobile technologies at a regional university"
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january 2013 by joeyanne
Home - Using the iPad2 - Guides Directory at Oxford University
Radcliffe Science Library iPad lending guide on LibGuides.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
JISC PhoneBooth
JISC-funded PhoneBooth project.

The overarching aim of the project was to make the archive material available for use on mobile devices by enabling the current location of a user to be plotted onto the Booth map and nearby notebook entries to be presented for reading ‘in-the-field’.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
JISC-funded m-biblio project blog.

Aims of project:
“We propose to enhance the learning and research activities of the University of Bristol’s academic community by developing a mobile application that can record and organise references to books, journals and other resources. These references can be added actively by scanning barcodes and QR codes, or passively by automatically recording RFID tags in items being used for study and research. With permission of the user, the application will submit anonymous usage data to their library. This innovation will provide library staff with a valuable set of user-derived usage statistics. It will be able to track which resources were used, and where. The library will therefore be given a rich seam of usage patterns, including data about library items that are often confined to branches such as periodicals, journals and reference books. The application will be made available to the wider FE/HE community for use in other institutions.”
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january 2013 by joeyanne
MACON | Part of the JISC Mobile Infrastructure for Libraries programme
JISC-funded MACON blog.

MACON will address challenges involved in delivering quality academic content to mobile devices in a seamless and user-friendly manner. The project will work with EBSCO, a major content and systems provider in order to prototype a mobile friendly resource discovery interface which will discover and expose quality academic content from both third party & local collections.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
e-Learning Stuff » Blog Archive » ebrary on Bluefire
Review of Bluefire ebook app (and explanation of how to read Ebrary ebooks on there)
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january 2013 by joeyanne
Google Books for your phone
Details about Google Books for Mobile (including useful intro video)
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january 2013 by joeyanne
iPad Usage Survey Results - Business Insider
We wanted to see how people are using the iPad, and how that use has evolved over the last three years. So we ran a reader survey. We got 2,242 responses which we have gathered here as a series of charts.

Review of three years of surveys.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
2012 Mobile Future in Focus - comScore, Inc
comScore presents the 2012 Mobile Future in Focus, its annual report* examining the mobile and connected device landscape, covering several mobile markets measured by comScore, through an exploration of key trends driving smartphone adoption growth, mobile media use in categories such as social networking and retail, mobile ecosystem dynamics, and shifts in multi-device digital media consumption in 2011. The report highlights insights primarily from mobile markets in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada.
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january 2013 by joeyanne
2012 Mobile Internet Usage Statistics
Interesting mobile statistics from Westminster eForum event (some UK statistics)
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january 2013 by joeyanne
NCSU Libraries Mobile Scavenger Hunt: RIS: NCSU Libraries
Useful link with more info on scavenger hunt program incl details to make your own

The NCSU Libraries Mobile Scavenger Hunt is an interactive, technology-rich way to introduce students to the library. Developed in response to student and instructor feedback collected in 2010-2011, it leverages the motivating power of situated learning and the fun of team game dynamics to orient students to the Libraries’ spaces, promote the use of emerging technologies, and foster confidence in using the Libraries’ collections.

The activity is run using iPod Touches and several free apps and online tools. Students answer Scavenger Hunt questions using Evernote, a free app for multimedia note-taking, which is installed on the iPod Touches distributed to the Scavenger Hunt teams. Librarians are able to monitor students' answers in real time as they are entered into Evernote, keeping score on a Google Docs spreadsheet.
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august 2012 by joeyanne

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