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Lil Xan - The Man ft. $teven Cannon - YouTube
don't care much for the video, but i think i like the song?
video  musicvideo 
11 days ago by joem
HomePod — Welcome Home by Spike Jonze — Apple - YouTube
fun ad directed by Spike Jonze and starring FKA twigs. If as much of that is practical effects as I think it is, it's quite neat
video  commercial 
6 weeks ago by joem
ESP32 Composite Video - YouTube
pretty powerful -- video on one core, everything else on the other core
video  ESP32  videosynthesis  electronics 
7 weeks ago by joem
The Video API | Mux
an API-first platform, powered by data and designed by video experts to make beautiful video possible for every development team
api  video 
8 weeks ago by joem
akirasrebirth: eurorack raspberry pi video player
I don't really want this exactly, but it's good inspiration
raspberrypi  video  modularsynth 
8 weeks ago by joem
a seamless HD video looper
raspberrypi  video 
8 weeks ago by joem
A minimalistic, Open Source Video Player. Loops all MP4 Files from USB Memory.
raspberrypi  video  WANT 
8 weeks ago by joem
The Flying Luna Clipper (Complete) - YouTube
bizarre hour long video made to demo MSX computers?
8 weeks ago by joem
The best bloopers ever - YouTube
some cheap fishing show with a ton of ridiculous bloopers
video  comedy 
11 weeks ago by joem
a very cheap very simple video generator -- closer to circuit bending then actually making a real thing, but still pretty cool
video  diy  electronics  WANT  videosynthesis 
12 weeks ago by joem
GusGus LiveSet in detail - Part 2 - YouTube
details of how Biggi uses some Doepfer modules in his live setup
december 2017 by joem
disting mk4 - Select Bus - YouTube
a good example of the select bus and the Macro Machines Storage Strip switching between presets in a Disting
video  modularsynth 
october 2017 by joem
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