The Best Books on Learning Ancient Greek | Five Books Expert Recommendations
Interested in philosophy? Drama? History? Within a year you too could be reading seminal texts in their original language. Academic Paul McMullen recommends the best books for learning ancient Greek.
11 days ago
Files are fraught with peril
"When they did this, they found that every single piece of software they tested except for SQLite in one particular mode had at least one bug."
4 weeks ago
Peter G. Peterson Foundation
At the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, we believe that together we can secure a healthy, growing economy by addressing America's long-term fiscal challenges.
economics  government 
9 weeks ago
The Catholic Church Should Abolish the Priesthood - The Atlantic
But under Emperor Constantine, in the fourth century, Christianity effectively became the imperial religion and took on the trappings of the empire itself. A diocese was originally a Roman administrative unit. A basilica, a monumental hall where the emperor sat in majesty, became a place of worship. A diverse and decentralized group of churches was transformed into a quasi-imperial institution—centralized and hierarchical, with the bishop of Rome reigning as a monarch. Church councils defined a single set of beliefs as orthodox, and everything else as heresy.
11 weeks ago
Home - M-Lab
Measurement Lab

Measure the Internet, save the data, and make it universally accessible and useful.
may 2019
Oh God, It's Raining Newsletters — by Craig Mod
Weary bones
I’ve found this cycle has fomented another emotion beyond distrust, one I’ve felt most acutely in 2018: Disdain? (Feels too loaded.) Disappointment? (Too moralistic.) Wariness? (Yes!) Yes — wariness over the way social networks and the publishing platforms they provide shift and shimmy beneath our feet, how the algorithms now show posts of X quality first, or then Y quality first, or how, for example, Instagram seems to randomly show you the first image of a multi-image sequence or, no wait, the second.8
february 2019
Introduction · HTTP/3 explained
This book effort was started in March 2018. The plan is to document HTTP/3 and its underlying protocol: QUIC. Why, how they work, protocol details, the implementations and more.

The book is entirely free and is meant to be a collaborative effort involving anyone and everyone who wants to help out.
http  programming 
february 2019
Can Scientists Do TV?
Hidalgo is among the premier data miners of the world’s collective history. With his MIT colleagues, he developed Pantheon, a dataset that ranks historical figures by popularity from 4000 B.C. to 2010. Aristotle and Plato snag the top spots. Jesus is third. It’s a highly addictive platform that allows you to search people, places, and occupations with a variety of parameters.
january 2019
Rodney Jones | Poetry Foundation
“narratives tend to be double-narratives, which not only involve a story, but also an idea of the story, or a philosophical counterpoint that sort of tags along and pipes up now and then, and yes, this does occur of a natural compulsion as opposed to a deductive poetics. Perhaps the faith that abides in such a narrative sense is that the story exists without the poem and that the poem only touches it at tangents. In a sense the object of many of my poems is less to tell a story than to give shape to a philosophical meditation. I do not think that there are many purely narrative poems working in our language.” 
january 2019
Small World of Words Home
The small world of words project is a large-scale scientific study that aims to build a mental dictionary or lexicon in the major languages of the world and make this information widely available.

In contrast to a thesaurus or dictionary, we use word associations to learn about what words mean and which ones are central in the human mind. This enables psychologists, linguists, neuro-scientists and others to test new theories about how we represent and process language. This knowledge could also be applied in a variety of ways, from learning about the difference between cultures, to learning (or forgetting) new words in a first or a second language.
november 2018
Exposing C functions to Lua
Lua has a very simple C API. You can run Lua code and access lua objects from C. Similarly, you can access C functions and libraries from Lua. In this post, we’ll primarily look at how to expose C functions to lua.
programming  lua  c 
november 2018
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