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Weeklong Equality Forum to deal with problems of LGBT seniors | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/25/2011
“We need to dispel the myth that this is a male-dominated culture, white, with disposable income to spend on decorating”
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may 2011 by joeclark
‘Does Shawn Pelofsky have a message for the children?’
“Yeah, make a lot of gay make friends. They will provide, provide, provide! And they have disposable income” (sic)
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march 2011 by joeclark
Foreign firms eye Indian lesbian, gay travel pie
In *India*! For fuck sakes. Contains the standard lie about disposable income
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february 2011 by joeclark
Is Marriage Equality the Right Battle for Gay Families?
‘Research shows that gay families are browner and poorer than expected,’ article begins, then goes on to whine about rich white “LGBTs”
fagonomics  gaymoney  marriage 
january 2011 by joeclark
What's Behind The Lesbian Pay Gap? asks Jezebel
A kind of half-assed reblogging of the Big Think piece
fagonomics  gaymoney  jezebel 
january 2011 by joeclark

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