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Rust: A unique perspective
"However, there is another way to explain Rust. This alternate story focuses on unique versus shared access to values in memory. I believe this version is useful for understanding why various checks exist and how they provide memory safety."
rust  programming  internals 
8 days ago by joecamel
Understanding Rust Lifetimes – NEAR Protocol – Medium
"in case of Rust it is more safety and better optimizations — you feel encouraged to master it but fail because it is not exactly intuitive and the formal rules are hard to find."
rust  programming  internals 
5 weeks ago by joecamel
You can't Rust that | Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings
...the feeling that Rust can be a mind bending adventure and that the best way to have a stress free experience is knowing upfront what you cannot (or should not attempt to) do. Knowing that certain things just cannot be done helps putting your mind back back on the right track.

So here are things not to do in Rust and what to do instead which I think should be better known.
rust  programming  intro  armin.ronacher 
march 2018 by joecamel
Nice errors in LALRPOP
"For the last couple of weeks, my mornings have been occupied with a pretty serious revamping of LALRPOP’s error message output. I will probably wind up doing a series of blog posts about the internal details of how it works, but I wanted to write a little post to advertise this work."
rust  parser  programming 
january 2018 by joecamel
Writing parsers like it is 2017 | Svelte Hacker News
Some discussion on parsers (Ocaml's Menhir and Rust's LALRPOP generators).
hn  parser  discussion  rust  ocaml  programming  plt 
january 2018 by joecamel
Rust at Sentry by Armin Ronacher · Eventil
"The usage of Rust started as an experiment at Sentry but became a non negligible part of our infrastructure. This is lessons learned, what works and doesn't and what we think is going to happen in the future."
rust  programming  talk  video  slides  sentry 
august 2017 by joecamel
Scrapmetal — Scrap Your Rust Boilerplate
"TLDR: I translated some of the code and ideas from Scrap Your Boilerplate: A Practical Design Pattern for Generic Programming by Lämmel and Peyton Jones to Rust and it’s available as the scrapmetal crate."
haskell  rust  programming  designpatterns 
august 2017 by joecamel
System programming in Rust: beyond safety | the morning paper
"Despite many advances in programming languages, clean-slate operating systems, hypervisors, key-value stores, web servers, network and storage frameworks are still developed in C, a programming language that is in many ways closer to assembly than to a modern high-level language. Today, the price of running unsafe code is high… Why are we still using C?"
rust  programming  systems  paper 
june 2017 by joecamel
Your opinions on using Rust in programming competitions? : rust
"Among my friends are regular participants to programming competitions like TopCoder, and one of them has managed to use Rust in the actual competition. The result was mixed, and he wrote the pros and cons up..."
rust  programming  competition  reddit  experience  2016 
march 2017 by joecamel
Graphical depiction of ownership and borrowing in Rust - Rufflewind's Scratchpad
"Below is a graphical depiction of moving, copying, and borrowing in the Rust language. Most of these concepts are fairly specific to Rust and are therefore a common stumbling block for many learners."
rust  programming  plt  visualization 
february 2017 by joecamel
A Hoare Logic for Rust · Ticki's blog
"Lately, I've been working on a Hoare-logic-based model of the Rust MIR, which I will introduce in the post. This is a minor step towards a memory model of Rust, and it allows formalization of programs and their behavior."
cs  rust  programming  plt  hoare.logic  intro 
february 2017 by joecamel
Introduction | Rust by Example
"Rust by Example (RBE) is a collection of runnable examples that illustrate various Rust concepts and standard libraries."
rust  programming  intro  examples  book 
january 2017 by joecamel
"A platform for writing fast networking code with Rust."
rust  asyncio  network  architecture  library  modern  documentation  programming 
january 2017 by joecamel
SeaHash: Explained · Ticki's blog
"So, not so long ago, I designed SeaHash, an alternative hash algorithm with performance better than most (all?) of the existing non-cryptographic hash functions available. I designed it for checksumming for a file system, I'm working on, but I quickly found out it was sufficient for general hashing."
algorithms  hash  rust  programming  cs  discussion  hn 
december 2016 by joecamel
Zero-cost abstractions (Rust)
"Recently I had the opportunity to do some optimisation work on Claxon, my FLAC decoder. In the process I found a piece of code which in my opinion demonstrates the power of Rust very well, and I would like to share that with you here: ..."
rust  performance  high.level  zero.cost  programming  example 
december 2016 by joecamel
Associated type constructors, part 1: basic concepts and introduction
"The first topic I’m going to focus on is RFC 1598, which is a proposal by withoutboats to add associated-type constructors (ATC) to the language. ATC makes it possible to have “generic” associated types, which in turn means we can support important patterns like collection and iterable traits."
rust  type.theory  plt  cs  series 
november 2016 by joecamel
Rust Collections Case Study: BTreeMap
"This is the third entry in a series on implementing collections in the Rust programming language."
rust  cs  datastructure  btree  bst  algorithms 
september 2016 by joecamel
Index 1,600,000,000 Keys with Automata and Rust - Andrew Gallant's Blog
"It turns out that finite state machines are useful for things other than expressing computation. Finite state machines can also be used to compactly represent ordered sets or maps of strings that can be searched very quickly."
rust  text  search  algorithm  cs  programming  trie 
september 2016 by joecamel
Zero-cost futures in Rust · Aaron Turon
"One of the key gaps in Rust’s ecosystem has been a strong story for fast and productive asynchronous I/O. We have solid foundations, like the mio library, but they’re very low level: you have to wire up state machines and juggle callbacks directly..." HN:
concurrency  rust  programming  hn 
august 2016 by joecamel
flanfly comments on Panopticon: A libre cross-platform disassembler
Panopticon grew out of my frustration about the lack of usable implementations of cutting-edge program analysis research and the fact that the industry standard for RE is a proprietary software that looks like Windows 95.
rust  lowlevel  c++  comment  discussion  disassembler 
may 2016 by joecamel
Let's build a browser engine! Part 1: Getting started
I’m building a toy HTML rendering engine, and I think you should too.
browser  programming  multipart  series  blog  rust  mozilla  engine  internals 
december 2014 by joecamel

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