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>> Compare this to number theory, where every interesting extant problem appears... | Hacker News
I don't often come here to comment but as someone in progress on an original research masters in number theory I can say this is utter bullshit. I assume your 'interesting' qualification (somehow) excludes obvious candidates like Landau's problems [0]. Some examples. I was taught about the ABC conjecture as an undergrad. You can easily teach the Brun sieve [1] method of working out that the sum of the reciprocal of the twin primes converges...
numbertheory  math  hn  discussion  intro  overview  interesting  inspiration 
april 2018 by joecamel
Mathematics of Juggling - CornellCast
Allen Knutson, Cornell professor of mathematics and former world record-holding juggler, gives a public demonstration and lecture on how juggling patterns can be represented the mathematically.
math  juggling  interesting  inspiration 
september 2017 by joecamel
The Most Dangerous Gamer, Interview with Jonathan Blow - by Taylor Clark (The Atlantic)
"Never mind that they’re now among the most lucrative forms of entertainment in America, video games are juvenile, silly, and intellectually lazy. At least that’s what Jonathan Blow thinks. But the game industry’s harshest critic is also its most cerebral developer, a maverick bent on changing the way we think about games and storytelling. With his next release, The Witness, Blow may cement his legacy—or end his career. In a multibillion-dollar industry addicted to laser guns and carnivorous aliens, can true art finally flourish?"
art  games  gamedev  interview  interesting  inspiration  indie  braid 
august 2012 by joecamel
Seth Shostak: ET is (probably) out there -- get ready | Video on
Towards the end it also carries a motivational message on making young more interested in science.
science  astronomy  seti  education  children  motivation  future  interesting  ted  talk  video 
july 2012 by joecamel
How can you program if you're blind? - Stack Overflow
"I am a totally blind college student who’s had several programming internships so my answer will be based off these. I use windows xp as my operating system and Jaws to read what appears on the screen to me in synthetic speech. For java programming I use eclipse, since it’s a fully featured IDE that is accessible." Amazing.
accessibility  interesting  programming  stackoverflow  inspiration  disability 
may 2012 by joecamel
Valve: How I Got Here, What It’s Like, and What I’m Doing | Valve
"It all started with Snow Crash.
If I hadn’t read it and fallen in love with the idea of the Metaverse, if it hadn’t made me realize how close networked 3D was to being a reality, if I hadn’t thought I can do that, and more importantly I want to do that, I’d never have embarked on the path that eventually wound up at Valve."
valve  history  game  blog  post  interesting  company  creativity 
april 2012 by joecamel
Aaron Koblin: Artfully visualizing our humanity | Video on
"Artist Aaron Koblin takes vast amounts of data -- and at times vast numbers of people -- and weaves them into stunning visualizations. From elegant lines tracing airline flights to landscapes of cell phone data, from a Johnny Cash video assembled from crowd-sourced drawings to the "Wilderness Downtown" video that customizes for the user, his works brilliantly explore how modern technology can make us more human."
ted  video  visualization  interesting  daisy  talk 
october 2011 by joecamel
Deb Roy: The birth of a word | Video on
"MIT researcher Deb Roy wanted to understand how his infant son learned language -- so he wired up his house with videocameras to catch every moment (with exceptions) of his son's life, then parsed 90,000 hours of home video to watch "gaaaa" slowly turn into "water." Astonishing, data-rich research with deep implications for how we learn."
ted  mit  talk  video  psychology  technology  experiment  interesting 
july 2011 by joecamel
Cenzura 29.07.2010 - Ivan Đikić (1. dio)
"Prof. dr. Ivan Đikić o znanosti kao pokretaču razvoja, te koliko je medicina napredovala u liječenju raka, o novom znanstvenom otkriću kako prevenirati hiperaktivnost poremećaja ADHD, te o zdravstvenoj skrbi.
Emisija se realizira u produkciji Udruge za promicanje ljudskih prava i medijskih sloboda Cenzura Plus uz potporu Nacionalne zaklade za razvoj civilnog društva."
ivan.đikić  youtube  video  science  hr  interesting 
november 2010 by joecamel
DNA/How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet
"From 1999, the late great Douglas Adams on How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet. You might worry that Adams' piece is out of date, but it's one those evergreen bits of wisdom that will apply right up until human consciousness is absorbed into the digital cloud." via
article  history  interesting  internet  technology  social  culture  essay  media 
august 2010 by joecamel
God's Number is 20
Every position of Rubik's Cube™ can be solved in twenty moves or less.
puzzles  rubikscube  math  interesting 
august 2010 by joecamel
Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover | Video on
"Today's math curriculum is teaching students to expect -- and excel at -- paint-by-numbers classwork, robbing kids of a skill more important than solving problems: formulating them. At TEDxNYED, Dan Meyer shows classroom-tested math exercises that prompt students to stop and think."
math  ted  talk  video  curriculum  education  interesting  inspiration 
may 2010 by joecamel
Magnus Carlsen on his chess career
"The German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel is the largest and most influential in Europe. At irregular intervals it turns its spotlight on chess. Today's edition has an unprecedented three-page interview with the world's number one player, with questions regarding general intelligence, chess talent, work ethics and his chess trainer Garry Kasparov. Interesting new insights."
interview  chess  kasparov  magnus-carlsen  interesting  inspiration 
march 2010 by joecamel
YouTube - 'A Universe From Nothing' by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009
"Lawrence Krauss gives a talk on our current picture of the universe, how it will end, and how it could have come from nothing. Krauss is the author of many bestselling books on Physics and Cosmology, including "The Physics of Star Trek.""
krauss  physics  cosmology  universe  youtube  video  talk  interesting  humor 
january 2010 by joecamel
Mind Hacks: You are kind, strong willed, but can be self-critical
"I've just found a classic study online where psychologist Bertram Forer gave a personality test to his students and then asked each person to rate how the accuracy of their 'individual personality profile'. In reality, all the 'individual profiles' were identical but students tended to rate the descriptions as highly accurate."
psychology  interesting  forer-effect 
november 2009 by joecamel
Mark Twain, illuminated
"From a 1895 article called Tesla's Osillator and Other Inventions, a photo of Mark Twain with one of Tesla's marvelous contraptions."
history  image  marktwain  tesla  picture  photo  interesting 
november 2009 by joecamel
Are You a Cognitive Miser? | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
"Jack is looking at Anne, but Anne is looking at George. Jack is married, but George is not. Is a married person looking at an unmarried person?"
intelligence  psychology  interesting  blog  post 
november 2009 by joecamel
Cantor’s Non-Diagonal Proof « Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP
Post about "Cantor’s first proof that the reals are uncountable". Great history insights.
math  cantor  settheory  blog  post  interesting  history 
april 2009 by joecamel
ivan krstić · code culture » How Porsche hacked the financial system and made a killing
Adolf Merckle, one of the world’s richest men, committed suicide yesterday by throwing himself under a train, Bloomberg reports. [...] For those of us who don’t live and breathe finance, this is that story.
interesting  article  volkswagen  trading  economics  stocks 
january 2009 by joecamel
Outside In
This is a sphere turning inside out.
math  topology  video  motivation  interesting  hs 
october 2008 by joecamel
Land's End to John o' Groats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Land's End to John o' Groats is a journey - the traversal of the whole of the island of Great Britain from southwest to northeast.
journey  travel  route  interesting 
august 2008 by joecamel
Mathematics of paper folding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The art of paper folding, or origami, has received a considerable amount of mathematical study.
math  origami  interesting 
july 2008 by joecamel

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