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Leo Tapia at San Luis Rey, December 7
Tapia, a groom with the Miller barn, livestreams the scene at the San Luis Rey training facility as he races to release horses from their stalls ahead of the fast-moving Lilac Fire. [FB Live, 10 minutes.]
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Puerto Rico’s Ortiz brothers light up horse racing
"The performers who do stick around, year after year, are the jockeys. The N.Y.R.A. jockey colony, considered to be the Yankees of horse racing, already had two of the world’s top riders in John Velazquez and Javier Castellano before the Ortizes showed up. Now the colony has two young sporting phenoms, who, like the Williams sisters at their best, seem to compete on a different plane."
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Plainridge concludes record-breaking season
"2015 through 2017 purses have more than doubled and handle has gone up 34%."
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Sparkman: Man o' War still the benchmark a century later
"... Man o’ War’s male line survived through a son of Riddle’s 1925 champion 2-year-old filly Friar’s Carse, by Friar Rock, one of the few top racemares Riddle’s champion covered. A highly talented but highly temperamental horse who fought his jockey more often than he tried, War Relic beat champion Menow in the 1941 Massachusetts Handicap, then the equivalent in prestige of a modern Grade 1."
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Could less be more in race officiating?
"Increasingly, stewards are now responsible for settling wide-ranging financial disputes between licensees. And they sometimes appear well outside their areas of expertise when attempting to fashion violation rulings that can withstand rigorous legal challenge from specialized defense attorneys. Racing likes to compare itself to major-league baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. But in no other major sport are the game officials required to rule on matters so far beyond the lines of play. Referees and umpires of team sports are paid far better and have far more narrow job descriptions than racetrack stewards. But they are also expected to meet much higher standards of job performance and are subjected to multiple levels of internal review."
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Exposing awful views can be a spur to make racing more diverse
"... it is right and proper that all people should feel welcome and be treated equally, but also ... there is a long-term commercial need to increase racing's appeal."
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If the track's dodgy, then Gun Runner certainly ain't
"Asmussen had cut a distinctive figure in the twilight, prowling about beside his gleaming chestnut representative, the trainer's luscious silver waves cascading well below the shoulder, sunglasses perched on forehead. Asmussen had the louchely confident air of a well-heeled, ageing rock star. Bob Baffert, more Bernie Ecclestone than Andy Warhol these days, was a study in anxiety as he prepared to marshal his four-strong team, eyes fixed on the floor. You know it's going to be a bummer, Bob, a Del Mar debacle. Juddmonte racing manager Teddy Grimthorpe also looked like a man awaiting his fate ..."
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Mass. House chair signals openness to ceding control over horse racing
"Particularly with respect to Thoroughbred racing, if we don't get the tools to bring all the parties together and use the levels of muscle, which are the revenue streams ... then I'm afraid we'll be stuck where we've been for the last umpteen years, which is an internal war in the industry and not being able to come together with a comprehensive strategy," Crosby told the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies.
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Suffolk operator, horsemen agree to launch new track
"Spadea said no site for the construction of a new racetrack, which would include a one-mile dirt track and a turf course, has been nailed down at this stage. The NEHBPA was working independently over the last three years to develop a non-profit equine center and racetrack and has been negotiating with officials of several localities in Massachusetts."
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Unprecedented drug testing ahead of Breeders' Cup
"The Breeders' Cup is on target to test upwards of 90% of all runners," Delgado said, noting that at least one horse from every trainer's stable would be tested. "An out-of-competition testing program of this magnitude has never been done before and the cooperation that the Breeders' Cup has received from multiple racing jurisdictions throughout the U.S. and the world has been unparalleled."
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Raynham site out, but Stronach Group still wants track in Massachusetts
"Ritvo said the new Massachusetts track would run a short boutique-style meet and would be built in ways that would benefit whatever town it would be located in. He said possibilities would be to build soccer fields in the infield and finding other ways to let the community utilize the facility when it was not racing."
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Hollywood Park records
Finding aid for the Hollywood Park collection at UCLA.
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The Stronach Group reconsiders Massachusetts venture
"The Stronach Group will continue to explore all of our options, which could include reconfiguring an existing track to accommodate the current requirements, or purchasing available property," Ritvo wrote. "However, we cannot do this without your support of a favorable change to current legislation concerning simulcasting and ADWs."
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Rise of 'super trainers' impacts sport
"While one would expect the top trainers to grab a large share of earnings—just as top tennis players or golfers are rewarded in their respective sports—horse racing is changing. The 2016 season is the first time in the past 26 seasons that super trainers accounted for more than 30% of purse earnings. In each of the past five seasons, super trainers have accounted for at least 25.7% of the total purse earnings."
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Former Breeders' Cup horse pulled up at Idaho fair
"Chips All In had already been retired once by previous owners in 2014. But a year later, he was put back into training and subsequently switched owners several times after being claimed twice." Follow up to: http://www.thoroughbreddailynews.com/week-in-review-from-breeders-cup-to-bullring/
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Suffolk Downs will have live racing in 2018
"The management team of Sterling Suffolk LLC, which now leases the racing and simulcasting operation from the major real estate development company that purchased Suffolk Downs in May, submitted its application for six live racing dates next year to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission by the Oct. 1 deadline as required by state statute. But The Stronach Group, which was in conversations with the George Carney about renovating the family-owned former greyhound track at Raynham Park to potentially host a 30-day Thoroughbred meet there next year, passed on the opportunity to jump into the New England market." [No quote from Ritvo, Carney, or Lagorio.]
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As Santa Anita opens, fix-it man Tim Ritvo ponders 'problems bigger than I thought'
1. "The problems are bigger than I thought," he said, reflecting on his first few months here. "A lot of problems, but I'm not directing them at individuals or trainers or horsemen. It's more of a culture."

2. The Southern California racehorse population is about 3,200, but a lot of the horses don’t run that often for various reasons, be it trainers looking for the perfect spot or not willing to take a chance. "We need to correct the guys who are here and not running and just using the place as a training track," Ritvo said. "We need to replace them."
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Why there’s uncertainty in the air over plans for the Pegasus
"With the second edition of the now $16 million Pegasus World Cup about four months away, the Stronach Group’s ground-breaking race is currently facing a bout of growing pains. Several original stakeholders have pulled out – with one of them likening the experience to a 'used-car sales job' – and even its most fervent backers are uncertain of what to expect on Jan. 27, when the race is contested at Gulfstream Park."
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Staff pay rise agreed as talks on 'seismic' change continue
"Although it's interim, we'd be looking to make significant changes to not only the way staff are paid but to the way they work their week."
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september 2017 by jnchapel
Two grooms should be employed for each horse
Judge to O'Brien: "I'm concerned with your obligation as an employer to provide the requisite rest periods; I'm not concerned with their love for the horses or how they love to go off to the races."
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august 2017 by jnchapel
After ICE arrests in Saratoga, some migrant workers fear showing up
"When out-of-state horse trainers and their animals settle into the town’s storied Saratoga Race Course stables around April, the hundreds of migrant workers come, too, Pappas said. Now, some are taking extra precautions to not be seen outdoors or leave the workplace. She recalled one instance recently where an immigrant’s U.S.-born child panicked over being deported after discovering their passport was expired." Video: https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/national/in-a-small-city-in-upstate-new-york-ice-arrests-drive-migrants-into-hiding/2017/08/25/a84b0170-891e-11e7-96a7-d178cf3524eb_video.html
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Far from winner's circle, Saratoga track workers fear deportation
"It's a total dichotomy," Mr. D'Arrigo said. "It's two different worlds. The backstretch is almost like a third-world country and you have the wealth on the other side."
horseracing  backstretch  labor  immigration  saratoga 
august 2017 by jnchapel
Arrogate: Slow into stride
"When all the cylinders are firing, there’s a brilliance about Arrogate which is unmatched by any other horse in America. Unfortunately these days, without his past gate speed on his side, it appears he’ll need everything to go his way in running in order for us to see the best of him again."
horseracing  handicapping  arrogate 
august 2017 by jnchapel
Flight of Pegasus facing headwinds
1. Three of the four shares that have been sold were bought by groups that purchased shares last year, including Frank Stronach, owner of The Stronach Group, and the international breeding and racing operation Coolmore ... Ritvo said that the company is "confident not only will [the Pegasus] go off but will be even more spectacular than last year" and that officials remain in discussions with slot holders from the first Pegasus and with other individuals.

2. This year, the structure has been modified slightly so that owners will not share in those revenue streams until the revenue hits certain levels, according to several officials with knowledge of the conditions of the agreements for the slots. The change was put in place after The Stronach Group decided to contribute $4 million to the purse, and it will allow The Stronach Group to recoup a large portion of that expense before owners begin to share in the revenue as well.

3. The Stronach Group is hoping to juice the revenue streams attached to the race by marketing slots to owners in both Hong Kong and Japan, according to the people connected to the race. Japan recently opened up its enormous betting market to limited simulcasts from foreign countries, with the condition that a Japanese horse be in the field of the race, and North American racing officials have been aggressively courting Japanese runners since then.
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august 2017 by jnchapel
New Jersey is the only state where you can bet on a horse in the middle of a race
"The new wagering is still in its relative infancy, but is growing in popularity. The $250,000 that gamblers risked on the exchange during the recent Haskell Day races at Monmouth Park was about double the amount wagered on the exchange for Haskell Day races a year earlier. The pool of New Jersey exchange players remains small - about 400 wagered on Haskell Day - but May/June/July exchange betting figures at the height of racing season also has doubled from $1 million to $2 million."
horseracing  exchange-wagering  betfair  new-jersey 
august 2017 by jnchapel
Equestricon closes as a big success
From the panel on women in racing: "There's no other corporate industry in the world where you expect to be harassed if you're a woman," said Eclipse-award winning racing writer Natalie Voss. "If I'm not wearing my credential on the backstretch, it's a guarantee I get catcalled. You have to be pretty comfortable in your work environment to think that would be tolerated. There's this underlying buzz that, 'yeah, that’s OK and accepted.'"
horseracing  backstretch  women-in-racing 
august 2017 by jnchapel
National Film Preservation Foundation: 2017-06-13 Grants
"... home movies of the sculptor Cornelia Chapin and the champion racehorse Man o' War."
horseracing  racing-history  champions  man-o-war  archives  preservation  film 
august 2017 by jnchapel
Alarming drop in foals born since recession
"Most recent and complete global data compiled by the International Stud Book Committee, Weatherbys and the United States Jockey Club shows the number of mares bred worldwide fell from 198,264 in 2007 to 140,826 in 2015, a drop of 57,438, or 29 per cent, approaching one-third of the total that had been bred just nine years ago."
horseracing  breeding 
august 2017 by jnchapel
Why racing in New England matters
"When the story broke earlier this week that the Stronach Group was looking into operating a short meet in 2018 at the former Greyhound track in Raynham, Massachusetts, the news should have been cheered beyond the Bay State. Not only does New England have a rich racing history, it represents a large segment of the country. The sport can’t afford to disappear altogether in New England or, for that matter, any major market where it is legal. If there’s never again going to be any live racing in New England, horse racing can forget about ever again cultivating fans from a region that includes roughly 14.4 million people."
horseracing  new-england  massachusetts  stronach  raynham 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Former Raynham track "definitely viable" as horse track, exec says
1. Ritvo said Stronach will begin to assemble a financial model to test the economics of the plan and work with architects to produce drawings of what a Raynham horse track might look like. He said Stronach will stay in touch with the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association -- which has been working closely with Stronach and accompanied Ritvo on Monday -- the New England Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, and other stakeholder groups as the plan comes into clearer focus. "We're looking to add another track to our portfolio but I want to definitely be clear here: we're not looking to blow money, we're not looking to give to charity, we're looking to run a really good business," Ritvo said. "And if it makes business sense after we run all the economics then we'll invest." That investment, he said, could be in the ballpark of $20 million.

2. Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby, who favors different legislation (S 175) that would give the Gaming Commission the power to assign simulcasting rights to whichever facilities they feel are in the best interests of the industry’s development, said this week another one-year extension would limit investment in racing in Massachusetts.
horseracing  massachusetts  legislation  simulcasting  stronach  raynham 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Lawmakers kick the can on horse racing
"William Lagorio, who heads the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, said the Stronach Group is prepared to spend $20 million to $40 million at Raynham Park. But he indicated passage of the status-quo-simulcasting bill would make that difficult, even though Raynham Park has a simulcasting license."
horseracing  massachusetts  legislation  simulcasting  stronach  raynham 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Massachusetts lawmakers extend racing, simulcasting
Extends Suffolk Downs rights until July 2018, holds off repeal of 128x statutes.
horseracing  massachusetts  legislation  simulcasting  suffolk-downs 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Z Capital eyes future of sports wagers with DRF deal
"Zenni said Z Capital can improve the publication’s digital footprint and better engage consumers, while using the online betting platform to possibly expand into other sports if such wagers are legalized. Betting on horse racing is considered different from gambling on sports like football and basketball, and is legal in more places."
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july 2017 by jnchapel
Stronach Group mulling plans for Massachusetts racing
"Ritvo said the intent of the request was to enable The Stronach Group to control simulcasting in the state and guarantee that the company receives a cut from wagering made at other simulcasting sites and through account-wagering companies that compete with XpressBet, The Stronach Company’s own account-wagering company, if the company operated a meet at Raynham next year."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  raynham 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Stronach Group explores expansion into Massachusetts
"We talked about whether Raynham was big enough, and whether the state had an appetite for this," Carney said. "I showed him some sketches to build a track there and that was about it. He was happy to see the location and he said he thought it was big enough to do whatever we needed to do. He was excited and so are we."

Also: "Carney said that on-site construction would include the conversion and expansion of the unused quarter-mile dog track into a six-furlong main track and the building of new barns with 300 total stalls to allow stabling at the track ... plans would call for a limited live season of 30 days in 2018 that would coordinate with the meets at the Stronach-owned Maryland tracks, Laurel Park and Pimlico."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  raynham 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Worry about immigration raids hovers over Saratoga track
"If ICE shows up, do I block ICE at the doors? No. I'm going to abide by the law," Kay said, referring to the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. "If they arrive I can't block the gates."
horseracing  new-york  saratoga  backstretch  labor  immigration 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Banned trainer Rick Dutrow’s debts discharged
"Dutrow’s filing claimed he had zero income and total liabilities of $1.763 million. According to Equibase, Dutrow-trained horses earned more than $87 million between 1979 and 2013. The 57-year-old former trainer of 2008 Derby winner Big Brown also filed that he was unemployed, did not own or lease a vehicle, and had access to only $50 in cash and $12.50 in a joint checking account with his former wife."
horseracing  trainers  rick-dutrow 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Despite smaller crowd, Del Mar officials content with safely run opener
Harper said "we've put in checks and balances as to who gets on here," and said outriders – four on the main track, one on the training track – have been instructed to be proactive in finding out the identity of horses who look off in the morning. "We want to know who that horse is, now, and then we can send a vet over to find out what they have in mind. They can't just toss them out there and hope for the best."
horseracing  california  del-mar  equine-safety 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Stronach Group in talks to partner on Massachusetts race meet
Ritvo said that the Monday meeting will focus on the possibility of holding a Thoroughbred meet either at Raynham, a defunct dog track, or Brockton, a fair property that last held Thoroughbred racing 15 years ago. "We're not going to go there and build a racetrack," said Ritvo on Wednesday. "We're looking to facilitate some sort of race meet at either of the two properties, through some kind of partnership."
horseracing  massachusetts  brockton  stronach 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Are thoroughbreds a good bet for the state?
Crosby, on gaining regulatory control of racing and the RHDF: "Does this equine park make sense?" he asks. "I have no idea. I don't know a thing about the economics of a racetrack. But if we were in control we could spend some money to do a serious feasibility study."
horseracing  massachusetts  mass-gaming-commission  suffolk-downs  nehbpa 
july 2017 by jnchapel
David vs Goliath: The growing divide between small and large U.S. stables
"It would appear, then, that [nationally] the smaller trainers are the ones primarily leaving the business: of the drop of 2,500 or so trainers between 2007 and 2016, trainers with fewer than 50 starters accounted for at least 2,400 of those missing trainers ... the same disparity in purse revenue distribution exists nationally as it does in California – and, like California, this trend has existed for a while. As of last year, the top 20 percent of trainers annexed just under 86 percent of the purses. In 2007, they netted 86.7 percent of total earnings."
horseracing  business-of-racing  trainers  labor 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Day of racing brings life to Suffolk Downs
Estimated 10K+ attendance. "We are hopeful that the horsemen's plan for a new facility somewhere else in the state comes to fruition," Tuttle said. "There are a finite number of days left for this facility. Some people are here because they want to experience it again before it goes away."
horseracing  massachusetts  suffolk-downs 
july 2017 by jnchapel
Massachusetts legislators keep racing fund intact
"By preserving the Race Horse Development Fund, the conference committee is protecting an industry in Massachusetts that has the potential to create up to 1,000 new jobs and $100 million in annual economic activity. The choice was between spending and investing, and the legislature chose to invest in the future of this industry and our economy," said NEHBPA executive director Paul Umbrello. "The NEHBPA is happy with today's news and thanks its members and sponsors for their continued help and support to return full-time racing to New England."
horseracing  massachusetts  rhdf  mass-gaming-commission  suffolk-downs  nehbpa 
july 2017 by jnchapel
National track operator shows interest in horse racing at Raynham Park
"The next steps for Stronach, which does not operate any facilities in Massachusetts, include plans to visit the Raynham site, and an exploration of state rules and regulations as they pertain to simulcasting rights and electronic betting, more formally known as advanced deposit wagering."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Team of inspecting veterinarians beefed up for Del Mar meet
"Rick Arthur, California’s equine medical director, said on Friday that veterinarians will expand their duties to include inspections on non-racing days and in the days before and after a horse has raced. Arthur said three examining vets will be active in the stable area on 'most days,' conducting inspections, out-of-competition testing, and observing workouts."
horseracing  california  del-mar  equine-safety 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Hong Kong's gambling empire is losing horsepower
"Disinterest among many young people and an upcoming bridge link to the glittering casinos of Macau threaten the future of the money-spinning gambling monopoly. Already the amount bet on racing fell 1.7 percent in the latest season for which numbers are available, ending mid-July 2016, from the previous year. While it’s still a lot of money — that HK$106.1 billion ($13.6 billion) was almost 30 percent more than the total of the most-common type of betting on thoroughbreds in all of the U.S . — gambling on horse racing has grown an anemic 1 percent a year on average for two decades."
horseracing  international  hong-kong  wagering 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Jockey Debbie Downing
"... race-fixing seemed more light-humored to me. Perhaps because, as an apprentice, I was to be a chief beneficiary. During one race, I was able to maintain a larger lead than Secretariat enjoyed in his romp at The Belmont. I coasted to an easy victory, never uncocking my whip, while my peers in the back argued over who was going to be second. All of them received lengthy suspensions for their less than sterling performances." Her last win was at Great Barrington on a 17YO gelding.
horseracing  new-england  massachusetts  fair-racing  jockeys  women-in-racing 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Veitch, Kentucky commission end long legal battle
"The settlement, which was hashed out in a mediation session several weeks ago, was approved by the commission following an executive session held at the close of a Tuesday meeting. Under the settlement, Veitch will be charged with a $5,000 fine for his role in the so-called Life At Ten incident at the 2010 Breeders’ Cup at Churchill Downs in Louisville, but an initial one-year suspension – which Vietch served – will be stricken from his record ..."
horseracing  kentucky  breeders-cup  life-at-ten 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Linda Meech breaks her own record for most wins by female jockey
"Meech broke the record of 111 winners in a season which she had held jointly with Clare Lindop since 2008/2009 when she won the first race at Wodonga on Hulme on Saturday ... Meech said she was glad she wasn’t part of the previous generation of women riders as they did it hard."
horseracing  international  australia  jockeys  women-in-racing 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Monmouth Park bans shipping to Suffolk Downs
"I got caught in the middle last year and now I'm stuck right back there this year," said one prominent Monmouth-based trainer, who agreed to comment anonymously for fear of reprisal. "I've got horses standing in stalls here because their races don't go. They need to run. I plan to send some to Suffolk."
horseracing  massachusetts  suffolk-downs 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Immigration policies creating havoc for horsemen
"I was talking to a Belmont trainer and he said there used to be people coming around the barn looking for a job all the time and now no one comes," said attorney Will Velie, who specializes in immigration issues and is the president of the company Horseman Labor Solutions. "There's nobody around anymore."
horseracing  backstretch  labor  immigration  horsemen 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Clawson finds her footing close to home
"I made the choice of where to go for the summer based on where I thought I could be top five in the standings," said Clawson, whose agent is Jimmy McNerney. "Obviously, I know people here. Being close to home, it seemed like a great place to spend my summer."
horseracing  jockeys  katie-clawson  women-in-racing 
june 2017 by jnchapel
The grandmother who is Todd Pletcher’s director of operations
"I keep thinking I'm going to retire. But I don't want to retire," she said. "I'm only going to retire when I can no longer do my job."
horseracing  trainers  todd-pletcher  ginny-depasquale  women-in-racing 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Ritvo weighs in on SoCal horse population
"Our quick first assessment is it’s not a horse population problem. It’s a utilization of the inventory we have. We have 3,100 horses within the area between the training centers and the tracks, and that number should be sufficient enough to run a good, four-day-a-week schedule. So obviously it’s a problem with inventory — either controls of exactly what’s back there or participation from the horsemen ... we’re not looking to reduce the racing schedule. Obviously, we’d like to run more, and if my reputation speaks for anything in Maryland and Florida, the only thing you do need is inventory and you need purse money. If you have those two things you can increase your race schedule."
horseracing  california  santa-anita  stronach 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Kim Hye Sun becomes first female rider to win Korean classic
"There was a thrilling finish to the Korean Oaks at Busan ... plenty of Korean racing history was made. Kim Hye Sun became the first Korean female jockey to win a Group race while Masteru Mizutani became the first foreign owner to do the same as 56/1 outsider Jejui Haneul pulled off a shock win."
horseracing  international  korea  jockeys  women-in-racing 
june 2017 by jnchapel
What’s wrong at Santa Anita Park? Canceled races signal uncertain future
“[Belinda Stronach] is a businesswoman who will try to reinvent our racetracks into multientertainment complexes,” he said. “If there isn’t a reasonable and fair return on our operation, why would the place remain open if a developer has the opportunity to get more money out of it through other uses?”
horseracing  california  santa-anita  stronach 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Race horse fund gets much-needed second look
"It’s a definite sign of progress that legislators like Karen Spilka, Mark Montigny, and Bradley Jones have broached changes to the horse-racing fund. The money in the fund isn’t huge, in the context of the state’s $39 billion budget, but unwinding the special-interest giveaway embodied in the 2011 legislation would represent a victory in its own right ... as a general matter, state aid should be aimed at helping build businesses that can eventually stand on their own, rather than keeping dying ones on artificial life support ... horse racing in Massachusetts has enjoyed a special deal from the state. The stirrings on Beacon Hill are a welcome sign that the Legislature might be ready to rethink the state’s priorities."
horseracing  massachusetts  rhdf  legislation 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Worker shortage hobbles horse racing at Canterbury Park
1. "The politicians think there’s a workforce waiting to come here if we pay them enough money," Bravo said. "But the American worker is not looking for manual labor. They don’t want these jobs."

2. "Jesus Escalante Martinez said there was concern on the other side of the border, too. A 20-year veteran of the Rhone stable, his P-1 visa — reserved for professional athletes — assured he could work at Canterbury as an exercise rider this season. But his son Alejandro is among many co-workers who needed an H-2B visa, and they had some anxious moments while waiting for their documents to be approved."

3. "Trainers and grooms said there are few undocumented workers at Canterbury Park. The track has a reputation for tough enforcement of immigration law — earned in part by raids conducted during its early years — and Minnesota’s licensing requirements for track workers are considered strict. Applicants are fingerprinted and must undergo criminal background checks."

4. "Trainers are in survival mode right now. Without a workable visa program, it’s going to challenge their ability to stay in business."
horseracing  minnesota  canterbury-park  backstretch  labor  immigration  h-2b 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Crosby: Thoroughbred racing can be saved
"It is the commission’s belief that with a reorganized regulatory structure, and empowering the Gaming Commission to strategically manage all the thoroughbred revenue streams – including the Race Horse Development Fund – that there is a legitimate chance of designing a sustainable strategy for thoroughbred racing in Massachusetts."
horseracing  massachusetts  mass-gaming-commission  rhdf  legislation 
june 2017 by jnchapel
New England horsemen fight for funding
"We went to the Statehouse and dropped off flyers and informational material for all the senators and representatives," said trainer Kevin McCarthy, a member of the New England affiliate of the Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association. "We need to show them why this fund is vital to our industry."
horseracing  massachusetts  nehbpa  rhdf  horse-park  legislation 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Tim Ritvo tackles his biggest challenge yet: Revitalizing racing at Santa Anita
"But we can’t depend on just one person, Frank, saving everything. We need to make sure we make this a healthy industry for every person — the breeders, owners, trainers, jockeys and race-track owner."
horseracing  california  santa-anita  stronach 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Hialeah presenting racing at its worst
Sham racing: "Hialeah is hosting a pair of eight-race programs each Wednesday through Sunday, one starting at noon and the other at 3 p.m. Each race has just two horses going 110 yards for a purse of $2,000. The starting gate has no doors and jockeys are given a verbal command of 'go' to start. The American Quarter Horse Association, which sanctions race meets at small fairs where the handle might be a couple hundred dollars per race, has refused to sanction Hialeah’s events. The horses have no race records and none of the trainers or jockeys are listed in records kept by Equibase."
horseracing  florida  hialeah 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Sallie Gardner: The horse behind the photograph
"Bred in Tennessee by Arthur Towles, the chestnut daughter of Vandal was foaled in 1872, out of Charlotte Thompson by the Irish import sire Mickey Free. Her record as a racehorse is sketchy at best, but according to the 1875 American Racing Record and Turf Guide, she was among the 27 nominees for a race to be held by the Louisville Jockey Club on May 19 over 12f—the very first running of the Kentucky Oaks, with a prize of $1,175. While Sallie Gardner did not end up running in the Oaks, another daughter of Vandal, Vinaigrette, was victorious that momentous day."
horseracing  racing-history  photography 
june 2017 by jnchapel
Appreciating the ‘horse in motion’ from Muybridge to the present
"Muybridge conducted his experiments with Sallie Gardner in 1878 at the Palo Alto track with the mare running at speed for a mile in 1:40, which translates into furlongs of :12 ½ seconds or quarters of :25. Sallie Gardner was described as 'one of the fastest runners on the coast, and noted for her superb form and graceful gait.' Bred in Tennessee (or Kentucky, depending on the source) by Arthur Towles, Sallie Gardner was a daughter of the distinguished stallion Vandal out of Charlotte Thompson."
horseracing  racing-history  photography 
june 2017 by jnchapel
ICE arrests 16 in Saratoga Springs
"A source close to the Saratoga Race Course backstretch workers said many grooms and other track workers are opting out of coming to the city this season. 'There is too much fear,' the source said."
horseracing  backstretch  labor  immigration  saratoga 
june 2017 by jnchapel
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