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Assessing greatness requires history's lessons
"As Gosden noted, the best make hard look easy. But because he is a horse of his time, Arrogate’s eventual place among the greats will be defined by standards that would have been dismissed as mundane in bygone eras. He will never carry or concede significant weight. He will never be considered durable, with only a dozen or so starts. And while huge purses will continue to muster full fields around him, time is running out for a worthy challenger to come along."
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Billions of reasons why Americans are so keen to attract more runners from Japan
"To understand the importance of the Japanese market on the [Kentucky] Derby, if Japanese fans can match the $40 million wagered on the Arc, it would boost the Derby handle by about 33 percent and, with the takeout at Churchill Downs ranging from 17.5 to 22 percent, that would amount to an extra $8 million for the track, its horsemen and the government to divide."
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The source of the sports word 'upset'
Though the story has become entrenched in racing lore, there is one small problem: "Upset" had already been in use to refer to the unexpected defeat of a horse for more than four decades. George Thompson, a librarian at New York University, scoured newspaper databases to find examples extending back to 1877. As a verb, "upset" has an even longer racing history. Thanks to newly digitized databases, I found an example in the Sept. 5, 1857, issue of a New York sporting journal, the Spirit of the Times: "The favorite, Ellermire...was upset by the Dipthong colt."
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'Who will do the work?' Trump's migrant crackdown risks horse racing's future
"When it comes to its workforce, American horse racing could be galloping towards a crisis. A visa program that serves the racing industry poorly plus a dearth of US employees willing to do the sport’s grunt work – the grooming, the exercise-riding and the hot-walking of racehorses – has long left racing heavily reliant upon undocumented workers from Mexico and elsewhere in Central and South America. But now, the recent spate of raids by immigration agents and threats to pull federal funding to sanctuary cities has many US racetracks and horse-farms rattled."
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What impact would a purge on illegal immigrants have on U.S. racing?
“It would be almost impossible to operate stables in this country without immigrant workers,” said trainer Dale Romans (left). “There’s just not that type of worker anymore in this country.”
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Different generations, same goals for Eppler, Gaudet
Despite her pedigree and her lifelong experience at the track, Gaudet admits that she’s faced some resistance on a backstretch with few other women trainers. She remembered two male trainers telling her that she had no shot at success unless she came to work as his assistant before going out on her own.

“’You’re not going to get the opportunities unless you work for a trainer like me and I essentially hand them to you,’” she remembered them saying.

In another example, she recalled a jockey’s agent that refused to return her phone calls…until she started winning, and now she hears from him regularly, asking if she’s got anything his client might ride. The answer is always, said Gaudet, “No.”

“It’s comical now,” she said. “But it’s sad that you have to go through that.”
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Teenage Swedish jockey hopes to make it in US
“Annie is very good and she won a lot of races for me,” Hallencreutz said. “The horses like her. She sits still, they run for her and she won some races for me when we didn’t expect she would win. She rides in work in the mornings but I have some other jockeys that I use. I don’t use her in some of the bigger races. We have a lot of South American male jockeys who ride here and do very well. She can’t compare with them yet, but she was the top apprentice here.”

Lindahl said that can be a problem for her and other female jockeys in Sweden.

“It’s hard (for a female jockey) in Sweden, but I think it’s harder in England and Ireland and even here,” she said. “We get quite a lot of chances actually, but in the big races they pick the guys. They think boys are stronger and boys are better.”

The other problem all Swedish jockeys face is that trotting is so popular in the country that Thoroughbred racing can seem almost invisible. The top harness drivers are big stars in the country, on par, even, with the Swedes playing in the NHL. Not so for jockeys.

“It’s strange because Thoroughbred racing is so much more exciting than trotting and so much faster,” Lindahl said. “I guess it is because there has always been a lot of trotting throughout the country. Everyone knows about trotting.”
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Oppenheim: The pop-up Pegasus
"One place where I do think the buy-in concept could also work, although again on a pop-up basis, is at smaller tracks, especially if not fuelled by slots money. Smaller, regional, ‘country’ racing–the Minor Leagues as opposed to the Majors, if you will–is really ‘local’ racing. Local sponsorship has to be a major part of the formula for local/regional racetracks, and I could envision a scenario where 10 local owners put up say $25,000 each to create a local $250,000 extravaganza. But for us, the takeaway from the Pegasus is not that this is a new model for day-to-day or even ‘Saturday’ racing, but that it is indeed a new and mainly laudable model for the application of Pop-Up events to our sport."
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France Galop female jockey rule criticised by Turner, Gordon, and Kirby
She said: "I think an allowance would give a lot more females more opportunities to get rides at lower weights, but personally, I find it a bit offensive. Last year I had a claim and was competing against the male apprentices and I won it fair and square."
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French hail ‘pioneering’ move to introduce weight allowance for female jockeys
Tony McCoy, the 20-times champion jockey over jumps, has called in the past for a similar weight allowance for female riders to address differences in physical strength between men and women. “The female jockeys are very, very competent riders but perhaps a woman should receive an allowance like a filly does in a race,” McCoy said in November 2015. “It’s a very physically demanding sport and they’re not going to be as physically strong as a bloke. They can’t be."
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Weight allowance for female riders introduced in France
France is to bring in a 2kg (4lb) weight allowance for female jockeys in nearly all races on the Flat and over jumps from March in a move which France Galop president Edouard de Rothschild hopes will dramatically increase opportunities ... France Galop vice president Jean-Pierre Colombu said: "Bringing in a weight allowance for female jockeys is a real opportunity for them. This measure is designed to encourage trainers and owners to make as much use of the many women riders within the industry in the afternoons as during morning training."
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Who needs a whip? Some riders just use a bit of persuasion
"The day they ban us carrying a whip is the day I stop going out there," he said. "A simple tap on a young horse's shoulder can be enough to prevent an accident."
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My View: Suffolk Downs and its role in gender equality
From 2014: "In some ways, the horse racing business lags behind the nation on the fair employment front – it will never be a hotbed of social change. There is exactly one female jockey — Julie Krone — in the Hall of Fame. But change has been steady over the last few decades and Suffolk Downs was one of the reasons. Which is encouraging to the larger feminist cause; if racing can do it, other sports should be able to follow – even golf, even the NFL."
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Mental pressures are enough without social media abuse
"Ciaran was obviously annoyed with the unseat due to how well the mare was travelling at the time. However, by the time he got home he did not give the incident a second thought. This was until the social media backlash began. Twitter messages, Facebook messages and Facebook pages sharing a video of the unseat all started bombarding his phone. Threats, expletives, abuse and general torment in huge volumes began plaguing him. Soon it became overwhelming, with Ciaran having no choice but to delete his Twitter account and block many sites on his Facebook. The sheer level of spite shocked even this hardened jockey."
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Racing Industry still out in left field with regards to data
Matt Gardner, 2016: "But, hey, keep on charging for what other sports offer for free. I'm sure any day now we'll see horse racing's version of Bill James or Nate Silver come along to offer new and innovative ways to look at horse racing which they were able to create after shelling out thousands of dollars for essentially box scores. But I wouldn't bet on it."
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Release the data
ThoroTrends, 2013: "... the most interesting and beneficial uses of the data will be the ones we never saw coming. This is kind of the exciting part. Release the data. Let the innovators innovate."
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Data power
Joe Applebaum, 2015: "I have a modest proposal for horse racing: The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations (TRA), through their subsidiary Equibase, should follow the example of the NBA and make available a comprehensive database with all breeding and racing information from the beginnings of our sport. The TJC and TRA should lead our industry into its digital future by building a highly functional, but accessible website that would allow fans, handicappers, academics and industry professionals the ability to access its database at the most basic level. For the good of the sport, this information should be freely available. What drives the popularity of the NFL, MLB and the NBA? Gambling and its close cousin, fantasy sports. Well, horse racing was the first fantasy sport. We have a 150 year history of data collection and a long standing respect for its analysis–think Lowe, Tesio, Ziemba, Beyer. Sadly, we have been left behind in the race for gaming dollars and consumer interest."
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Art Sherman: Bracing himself for life without California Chrome
“One day I’m going to have a book,” he added. “You’ll see a lot of interesting facts about my whole life. There’s a lot of good stories, things people don’t know. It’s not just a case of a guy suddenly getting a good horse - we’ve been around a lot of good horses. My career was always good. We won a lot of graded stakes, but nothing like until Chrome came along.”
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"From the Horse's Mouth"
The story of how the 1970 comic book published by Suffolk Downs came to be: “Ever since I took this job,” Bill said, “not a day passes that I don’t think of doing a comic book that will instruct guys and gals at the track all about how to bet on a race,” Bill said. “Do you know that a majority of people at the track think they are betting against the track and not against each other? That’s one of the things they can learn. There’s so much more." [Art by Vic Martin, published by Story-Art, 16 pages, including covers, supplement to the May 31, 1970, Boston Globe.]
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The great Pegasus World Cup game of cat and mouse
“This year everyone was playing cat and mouse with Arrogate, then Coolmore came in and no-one had a deal. We all waited too long to decide what to do,” said Ruis, who intends to purchase a Pegasus starter. “I think everyone went after Arrogate and they were in the catbird seat. I imagine everyone who doesn’t have a horse now had talked to them. Then Coolmore came in and most of us are little guys compared to them.”

So far, no one has spoken about the exact details of their Pegasus deals for reasons understandable to Paolucci, who races under the banner of Loooch Racing Stables.

“We can’t discuss the terms,” Paolucci said. “It’s a secret. If it were up to me, I’d talk about it. The reason no one is saying anything is because of the impact it could have on the negotiations with the remaining stakeholders.”
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So long, Seneca Falls OTB
"When I do care to bet on a big race, like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness or Belmont — and I am not actually covering it — I always go to the Off-Track Betting outlet in Seneca Falls. It’s a nice, clean place with extremely friendly employees. It is with some sadness that I tell you that this particular OTB, along with some others in the state, is scheduled to shut its doors for good in the coming week or two. From what I hear, the OTBs in Newark and Auburn will remain open. In addition, due to contract issues at Finger Lakes ... simulcasting and betting of races has been halted. This will limit opportunities to wager."
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New England’s colorful 'King of the Fairs' dies at 88
"For anyone who knew Figueroa at Rockingham Park and Suffolk Downs, the two main tracks at which he was stabled for decades, conversations with 'King Carlos' often involved being shouted at in heavily accented English while trying to avoid his wildly gesticulating arms. He was forever phoning the Suffolk press box with good-natured demands for publicity and press coverage, and Figueroa liked to regale anyone who would listen with outlandish, difficult-to-document claims, like the time he allegedly singled all the winners in the very first Pick Six in the country when Rockingham offered the bet in the 1960s."
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'King of the Fairs' Figueroa dies at age 88
Michael Blowen remembers: "We have a horse here at Old Friends named Summer Atttraction, who I think just turned 23, that I owned. Carlos ran him as a 2-year-old in a two-furlong maiden race at Suffolk Downs in a four-horse field in 1997 on a big day. One of the other horses was owned by Jim Moseley (Suffolk's late track owner and a prominent owner and breeder) and that horse cost over $200,000. Summer Attraction, whom I paid $5,000 for, won. So Carlos decided to next run him at Saratoga in the Sanford (G3). The race came up so tough that Favorite Trick (eventual 2-year-old champion and 1997 Horse of the Year) scratched out of it. In the paddock, the reporters all wanted to talk to Carlos even though Nick Zito, Wayne Lukas, and the other big-time trainers were there with their horses. Carlos told them, 'If my horse wins, they're going to rename the race Sanford & Son.' My horse ran two furlongs and stopped cold. That story sums up The King."
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Colorful New England trainer Carlos Figueroa dies
"Carlos Figueroa, a legend in New England racing circles, died Tuesday at age 88 at his home in Salem, N.H., not far from the now-defunct Rockingham Park. His wife, Pearl, reportedly went to wake him, but could not."
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Paths diverge on road to Derby
“We like the Blue Grass; we like Keeneland,” said Oxley, who won the 2001 Derby with Monarchos. “But ultimately, if your horse goes to stud, everyone wants to stand a Grade I winner ... I’d have to say we’re going to look hard at all the Grade Is.”
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Walter's war on the whip
"Walter threatened to turn up at the 1967 Melbourne Cup where he and his followers would link arms across the straight, effectively becoming human hurdles. The Victorian Racing Club had finally had enough of Walter and his antics. The VRC obtained a Supreme Court order, restraining him from entering racetracks. Walter knew the men with red robes and long grey wigs would take a dim view if he breached the order and he would be dispatched to the clink for contempt. Not long after his protest ended, the VRC changed the rules on the use of the whip. The persuader was cut down to size and the fore and hind quarters became the only place a horse could be hit and, for the most part, only if the horse was in the mix towards the end of the race."
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The secret (and not so secret) eye of W.J. Gray
"... one of the most fascinating of my discoveries began on an ordinary day, when I was trawling ebay for no particular reason. I was scrolling through a search I routinely do of vintage horse photos when I stumbled upon a relatively rare Phar Lap, at a ridiculous price. I bought it and then returned to the seller’s listing, to see what else s/he had on offer. What came up was the kind of 'find' that makes a collector dizzy: photos of the beloved Exterminator, the great Discovery ..."
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Mary Eppler becomes first woman to win training title at Laurel Park
"It was the first race of the day and Eppler's final race of a meet in which she became the first woman ever to win a training title at Laurel. There was not a lot of fanfare. The early races on New Year's Eve day didn't exactly pack the grandstand and it was apparent last weekend that Eppler was going to finish with more victories than a number of top trainers with more starts and horses. A few fans stopped by to congratulate her, but she seemed happy to blend in with the paying customers and eager to get to one of the big television screens inside to watch the replay. The training title and the significance of it didn't really dawn on her until people started bringing it up recently and reporters started to call."
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For Eppler, 'doing right by the horses' finally pays off
"Mary Eppler heard so many discouraging voices when she began operating as one of the few female trainers on the Maryland circuit in 1980. Her parents, Katherine and Bill, warned that she would congregate with 'riffraff' and thought the backside was hardly the place for a college-educated woman. She believes most of her six siblings viewed her as the 'black sheep' of the family after opposing her parents' wishes and choosing her uncommon career path. Doug, one of two brothers, continually urged her to get a 'real job.' Eppler was subjected to gossip and considerable skepticism by veteran male trainers who doubted her ability to meet the demands of a rigorous job ..."
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Eppler wins historic training title at Laurel Park
"Eppler has won 761 races, including the 1996 Futurity Stakes (gr. I) with Traitor for the late Alfred G. Vanderbilt, for whom she got her start breaking and hot walking horses at Sagamore Farm. The holder of an accounting degree from Loyola College and a one-time actuary analyst in the medical insurance industry, she is perhaps best known for her work with Page McKenney. The Pennsylvania-bred gelding, who will soon turn 7, has won 15 races and more than $1.3 million in purses for Eppler and owners Adam Staple and Jalin Stable since being claimed for $16,000 in July 2013. During that time he has finished in the top three in 28 of 30 starts."
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Santa Anita Park on Instagram: “That's ✌️winners for ☝️trainer."
Peter Miller scores with a dead heat in Race 3! #SantaAnitaPark (December 31, 2016)
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Masochistic disqualified from purse money in Breeders' Cup Sprint
"In their ruling, the stewards will amend the official order of finish and prize money for the original third- through seventh-place finishers – Mind Your Biscuits, A.P. Indian, Limousine Liberal, Delta Bluesman and Noholdingback Bear. Each runner will be promoted one position, while Masochistic will be disqualified from all prize money."
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2017 challenges and solutions: Eric Hamelback
"There are several companies making money off of our trainers’ efforts and our owners’ property. Are those owners being properly compensated? No. We must stand up for our owners and trainers. What defines the rights of an owner? What rights do we have that we are not claiming in today’s media and data-rich technological world? We are in a situation where the racetracks, advance-deposit wagering platforms and other media sources pat owners on the head and say, 'What is mine is mine and what is yours is mine ...' For our success and survival, horsemen must have a genuine understanding of what belongs to us and what rights we have to the equine athletes’ images and the data they produce. It is imperative that owners and trainers get a fair portion of the 'product' their properties produce every day. Owners must come together and decide if purse accounts are being properly supplemented from the fees collected by others in this business. There are entities selling statistics to horseplayers and fans as handicapping tools or to the racetrack programs. Do percentages of those sales go back to the purse structures? Who actually owns the collective rights of a horse race?"
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Oppenheim: The sales year
"There is massive interest and enthusiasm among enough people who want to own good horses — ‘Saturday’ horses — and there are even quite a few people, judging from the strength of the prices for broodmare and broodmare prospects, who want to breed them, and not just for money. But the polarity now between 'what they want' — 'they' in this case being a lot of people who are newly willing to put money in the thoroughbred business — and 'what they don’t want' is starker than ever. There are horse racing economies — national, international, and local — and there need to be more efficient methods both of producing the horses with the potential to achieve the various levels, and of placing the horses where they belong once their level is identified. In short, in order to improve its chances of surviving and prospering, ‘Horse Racing Inc.’ needs to take a really serious look at how it can reorganize itself."
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India’s only woman jockey can’t afford to lose
She shares, “My first derby was a touching one. I was in Hyderabad. The crowd of 30,000 people gave a standing ovation and everyone was so crazy happy. My horse Brown Sugar had injured himself in the last 200 m of the race and he still managed to win, staving off the other horses,” she says.
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december 2016 by jnchapel
Somehow, in horse racing, the show (bet) still goes on
"Lately, this low-risk, low-reward bet is in serious need of a makeover. If it were at a family gathering, it would be the crazy uncle or the hideous Christmas sweater your grandma made for you to wear."
horseracing  wagering  show-bet  california 
december 2016 by jnchapel
Adopt new RCI rule on out-of-competition testing to avoid future scandals
Response to Masochistic disqualification in 2016 Breeders' Cup Sprint: "This case illustrates that, even in our major championships, trainers and veterinarians have conveniently found a means to avoid the goal the industry promised it would meet several years ago: the elimination of the use of steroids in and around competition ... The Jockey Club is today calling for all regulators in North America to take emergency measures to immediately adopt RMTC’s new model rule for out-of-competition testing that was recently passed by the RCI. That rule mandates that horses treated with any anabolic steroid spend at least six months on a vet’s list, therefore making them ineligible to race."
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december 2016 by jnchapel
Questions remain about steroids, likely Breeders' Cup DQ of Masochistic
"The fact the California Horse Racing Board could not inform the Breeders' Cup of an out-of-competition finding is the ultimate catch-22. Masochistic was tested out of competition because of a participation agreement in a Breeders' Cup challenge race, the Pat O'Brien Stakes at Del Mar. The out-of-competition testing program was paid for by the Breeders' Cup, but there is a California Horse Racing Board Rule, 1842, dealing with horses placed on the vet's list for medication, that reads: 'Any such report is confidential and its content shall not be disclosed except in a proceeding before the stewards or the Board, or in exercise of the Board's jurisdiction.' In addition, California's Veterinary Practice Act protects patient-veterinary confidentiality. So the regulatory board could not communicate to Breeders' Cup the fact a horse tested positive out of competition for a drug that is only prohibited on race day."
horseracing  drugs-in-racing  steroids  regulations  masochistic 
december 2016 by jnchapel
Boil the cheaters in oil
"I submit one of the biggest hurdles toward better integrity is that rule breakers are continually excused and talked about in terms that don’t make sense. Until the norms associated with breaking the rules change, then changing the overseeing body or rules isn’t going to make much of a difference. It’s certainly up for debate whether rules need changing but how we talk about those who break the rules should not be up for debate."
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december 2016 by jnchapel
Neighborhood bookie, vanishing breed
"... the other side of my extended family was dotted with great-aunts and matronly cousins who worked part-time as clandestine bet-runners, speeding down back roads with satchels full of cash to lay off sizable wagers at Rockingham Park that the mill-town bookies farther north didn’t want to cover. No one would ever have suspected these churchgoing, middle-aged women of illicit activity — which is precisely why they were hired. Rock, like most tracks during that era, made a big show of claiming to want no part of any illegal 'comeback money' that might find its way through their mutuel machines. But, of course, management privately realized that the bookies’ tainted twenties were the same color as the rest of the bills that flooded the pools, and lady bet-runners from all corners of the region knew to proceed directly to a specific window where expedited service had been pre-arranged between influential parties."
horseracing  wagering  bookmakers  bookies  racing-history  new-england 
december 2016 by jnchapel
Former banker chasing dream as jockey
"A meeting with Romberg feels a bit like a coffee date at a Parisian cafe. She speaks in the dulcet tones of her native French, dressed fashionably in a red scarf and boots ... [s]he had no idea how to go about [becoming a jockey]. She had no connections. But two weeks later, when she was getting coffee in her company’s dining area, she told the kitchen manager about her crazy dream. I said, 'Raoul, I don’t know why, but I’m going to tell you some secret. You are going to laugh at me. I’m going to be a jockey. I want to be a jockey. It’s a crazy idea.' He said, 'You know what? My father-in-law is one of the best trainers at a race track in Mexico City.' A connection was made. That was four years ago."
horseracing  jockeys  women-in-racing  arizona  turf-paradise 
december 2016 by jnchapel
CHRB, ADWs clash at committee meeting
"What I would ask is a much simpler process. Block me at the racetrack. Block my customers at the racetrack ... instead of forcing us to lose money at the racetrack, as well as incurring all the technical costs. ... It's anticompetitive for the small ADWs for the big ADWs to get together with the TOC and decide that they're going to work on a different playing field. It's not fair and I don't think this board should accommodate it."
horseracing  california  regulations  chrb  adws  wagering 
december 2016 by jnchapel
Champion filly became one of the great foundation mares of modern times
"The influence of Lady Pitt also lives on several generations back in the female line of 2016 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf winner Oscar Performance, through another of her daughters, Bank Of England, by Buckpasser. Long may the Lady reign."
horseracing  breeding  pedigrees  broodmares  champions 
december 2016 by jnchapel
The man out to show the Pegasus doubters they’re oh so wrong
"While Wolf cautions that, like any business, the Pegasus will take time to fully develop, the potential seems to be enormous, particularly for owners who have been searching for ways to obtain maximum rewards for their financial involvement in racing."
horseracing  business-of-racing  pegasus-world-cup  gulfstream-park  stronach 
november 2016 by jnchapel
California Chrome ends nearly perfect season
"Now that I think back, I should have just opened it up a little earlier," Espinoza said. "I waited a little longer, and the other horse caught me in the end. When I saw California Chrome's ears pinned back, I said, 'I'm in trouble,' and the wire was just a little bit further." Art Sherman ... said he was thinking Espinoza should have opened up his lead as he watched Espinoza sit on Chrome and look around for the competition approaching the quarter pole. "I think he probably should have went on," Sherman said. "When he was looking around, he could have opened up maybe a couple of lengths on them."
horseracing  breeders-cup  california-chrome  arrogate 
november 2016 by jnchapel
'I'm gonna fool him': Smith describes his ride aboard Arrogate in BC Classic
“It was quite a race. If I had to do it again, I'd like to see Victor (Espinoza) open up turning for home,” said California Chrome's trainer Art Sherman. “He rides him with so much confidence every time. Everybody's upset that he was looking around. He wanted to see where the other horse was. That doesn't bother me. I'd just like to have seen him open up three or four. Maybe he'd have still beaten us.”
horseracing  breeders-cup  california-chrome  arrogate 
november 2016 by jnchapel
StarLadies aims to raise profile for female-only syndicates
"Among the prominent U.S.-based women-owned racing partnerships that have formed in the past four years — Valor Ladies and It’s All About the Girls are two others of note — StarLadies is attempting to differentiate itself by allowing partners to be invested not in individual horses, but in the entire crop of yearlings (usually five) that the group purchases in any given calendar year. Such a strategy attempts to minimize risk and maximize returns, but also requires a larger up-front fee to buy in. Laurie Wolf said StarLadies annually aims for a $1 million annual budget, with partnership buy-ins starting at 5% ..."
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october 2016 by jnchapel
Hovdey: Recap of '62 season was vintage Hatton
“Kelso has a head of Arabesque quality, with a bulging forehead, large, expressive eye and delicate muzzle,” Hatton wrote, eliminating the need for a photograph.
horseracing  racing-history  turf-writers  great-horses  kelso 
october 2016 by jnchapel
Building and distributing modern data — who cares?
"Modernizing horse racing data — creating a seamless pipeline of inputs and working to sell, or distribute, those outputs — is a chance to open new markets, and sell to them."
horseracing  data  racing-data  equibase 
october 2016 by jnchapel
Compare and contract (STATS and Equibase)
"Horse racing is a real time, living and breathing game. Late scratches, surface changes, race distance changes, jockey changes, equipment changes, weight changes are all part of the conundrum when building quality applications for customers and all of these “next generation” modern retail products, RaceLens included, don’t account for all of them. This is exactly the kind of systems STATS is very good at building — a step further back from retail products — to the actual pipes that supply retail products. Imagine, for instance, a statcast-like application for horse racing. Right now, those applications are pipe dreams, because the data pipes that are needed to build them do not exist."
horseracing  data  equibase  racing-data 
october 2016 by jnchapel
Champagne corks pop globally for all-female syndicate
"A business model based on good times and inclusiveness is the backbone of It’s All About the Girls, which Seitz brought to reality in 2013 thanks to a brain spark about 'fillies owning fillies.' The syndicate now owns eight distaffers either in training or on farms throughout the world, she said."
horseracing  international  owners  syndicates  women-in-racing 
october 2016 by jnchapel
California Chrome breezes to win over Dortmund at Santa Anita
“I think the two major candidates between them don’t have one good leg to stand on and, as we’ve proved today, we’ve got four. I think this will be a much improved country if we can have Chromyism rather than cronyism. Our slogan, as he proved here today, let’s make America Awesome Again.” Martin went on to say that Espinoza was the likely VP choice.
horseracing  california  santa-anita  breeders-cup  california-chrome 
october 2016 by jnchapel
Remembering Rockingham
"Rockingham was also the racetrack where my wife realized that betting on racing could be fun. We had gone there for Memorial Day weekend in 1986. My father-in-law had a horse entered in a sprint stakes Friday night and we decided to make a weekend of it."
horseracing  new-england  new-hampshire  racetracks  rockingham-park 
september 2016 by jnchapel
An apocalyptic stroll down memory lane
"For certain, though, the best reminiscences of Rock weren’t up for sale. You could still attempt to access them by exploring long-abandoned areas of the property, although memory lane appeared as if it had been blind-sided by an apocalypse. The main one-mile oval itself was in remarkably good shape, with the compacted stone dust base of the harness track admirably fighting off the out-of-control vegetation attempting to take over from underneath the outer fence and sagging Fontana safety rail. Most of the homestretch was used as a staging area for the track’s aged fleet of vehicles, tractors, and maintenance equipment, including an equine ambulance that occupied a prime spot where the finish wire used to be. The once-lush turf course, installed in 1986 and formerly maintained like a finely manicured billiards table, was unrecognizable as a racing surface. It was so parched and dry in some locations that even weeds seemed reluctant to take root. A number of onlookers ventured out to pose for selfies in front of the decrepit tote board. The structure that was once a beacon of officialdom for countless races now seemed like a spooky, surreal shell ..."
horseracing  new-england  new-hampshire  racetracks  rockingham-park 
september 2016 by jnchapel
McCarron: "Drugs don't kill horses, people kill horses"
“... the number one reason is discretion: what to do with a horse that's infirm, what to do with a horse that needs rest instead of therapy,” he said. “There's a lot of horses out there running who shouldn't be running, and authorities in this business need to grab hold of those horns and do something about it, and soon. I don't want to see any more of my brethren hitting the deck. It's already dangerous enough riding sound horses in tight fields, and it's already difficult enough."
horseracing  drugs-in-racing 
september 2016 by jnchapel
Are we ever going to get serious about drug testing in American racing?
"So the lesson was heard loud and clear among athletes, chemists and regulators around the world of sport — known drugs can continue to be detected, but unknown designer drugs were undetectable unless a test had been developed. Yet, today in horse racing, the chatter and focus remain on traditional drug testing ... there is abundant reason to believe that cheating is being conducted at the highest level of the game. Yet very little, if anything, is being done to detect it."
horseracing  drugs-in-racing 
september 2016 by jnchapel
The Chief’s most ardent disciple, and her journey to fulfilment
"Hers has been a life full of taking chances, a life marked by uncertainty and doubt that come with an unpredictable profession like racehorse training, a life following in the footsteps of an icon in the business. But, after years of hard word work and dedication, some measure of calm has entered her world, although Gyamarti, 52, is too wise and experienced to take anything for granted."
horseracing  new-york  trainers  leah-gyarmati 
september 2016 by jnchapel
Rockingham Park auction (September 24-25, 2016)
Most of the items have been removed from storage rooms and the on-site vault. Many of the photos, prints, and silks will be sold as individual lots while others will be offered in large trade lots. Ephemera and Photos: Many early framed and signed racing prints (harness and thoroughbred), early black and white harness and thoroughbred horse photos, Rockingham Fair photos (1912-1917), many framed Rockingham Motor Speedway photos, framed thoroughbred and harness winners circle photos, jockey photos to include: Eddie Arcarro, Rudy Baez, Pat Day, Stewart Elliott, Carl Gambardella, Chris and Gregg McCarron, Willie Shoemaker, Bobby Ussery, Henry Wajda and so many others, jockey silks from years past (many framed), horse blankets, boxes and boxes of early hardcover racing books and magazines to include: Set of Breeders Cup media books, annual foal publications, Sires + Dams, Blood Horse mags, newspaper scrapbooks and many, many more. Promotional Items: Many cases of Rockingham & vendor promo giveaways to include: Buttons, cups, duffle bags, glassware, hats, ice scrapers, jackets, key chains, koozies, rocking horses, totebags, umbrellas and more!
horseracing  new-england  new-hampshire  racetracks  rockingham-park  auctions 
september 2016 by jnchapel
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