Jill Lepore on writing the story of America, etc.
1. "That transformation, from facts to numbers to data, traces something else: the shifting prestige placed on different ways of knowing. Facts come from the realm of the humanities, numbers represent the social sciences, and data the natural sciences. When people talk about the decline of the humanities, they are actually talking about the rise and fall of the fact, as well as other factors. When people try to re-establish the prestige of the humanities with the digital humanities and large data sets, that is no longer the humanities. What humanists do comes from a different epistemological scale ..."

2. "I began to think I shouldn’t say no when I’m asked to write a big sweeping account of American history. There can be no mistaking it for lacking ambition. Plenty of people belittle the contributions of women, but they should never take on the smaller project when the bigger one excites them."
humanities  humanism  history  writing  culture 
2 days ago
Gaming Commission debates benefit of Suffolk Downs racing
"The traditional bargain in the horse racing industry was that the track gets to simulcast, which is the profitable piece of the operation, but in return they have to conduct a number of races because that's what really brings economic development," Zuniga said. "This has been really, in my view, not worth it. They continue to simulcast year round, and that's fine for them. But the economic impact is marginal at best. And this year is even more so."
horseracing  massachusetts  suffolk-downs 
2 days ago
Inside the underground network for Latina abuse victims
"Because I was lucky enough to have a reporting budget, I could let my sources set a pace that worked for them. I spent a lot of time driving around with these women, eating meals with them, sitting around saying almost nothing. I also quickly got the impression that while these women were not used to telling their stories, they wanted to. Once Valentina started to trust me, and other women in her life saw that, they were far more comfortable talking."
immigrants  women  shelter  california 
4 weeks ago
Safe house
"A group of Latina women across the country have been working in secret, turning their homes into shelters for abused immigrant women."
women  shelter  california  immigrants 
4 weeks ago
Transition, templates, and user experience in one special collections library
"In aggregate, our findings suggest that researchers often default to emailing staff if they aren't able to determine how to request materials or schedule a visit to the archives ... it was helpful to have information about collections that was easy to locate. Placing collections at the front and center of the website resulted in less frustration for even our group of experienced users. We also found that search features for collections worked best when they were obviously positioned."
archives  user-experience 
5 weeks ago
Stronach family rift revealed in bombshell lawsuit
"Belinda and Alon were confrontational, disrespectful and insubordinate," the suit alleges. "They demanded that Frank take steps to rein in or terminate all expenditures and investments being made by him on behalf of TSG ... Belinda and Alon also took the position, for the first time, that Frank had no authority to act in the name of any of the businesses owned or operated by TSG ... They asserted that Frank had no signing authority or ability to access corporate funds."
horseracing  stronach  family  lawsuit 
5 weeks ago
Longchamp had an opportunity, it delivered a shambles
"It is heartbreaking to learn that, after £110m being splurged on a new stand, the old issues persist. I can’t help thinking that the problem may be one of attitude."
horseracing  international  france  longchamp  arc 
5 weeks ago
Calls for financial incentives to boost chances for female jockeys
1. "I feel people have got to know the history because it shows how long it's been and that women should have progressed a lot more than they have."

2. "Wiltshire recalls that, at Wightman's insistence, she cut her hair short, wore no make-up and generally avoided calling attention to herself as different from her male rivals. When making entries, he declared her as 'K Wiltshire' rather than using her full first name. She says the former commentator Sir Peter O'Sullevan referred to her as a boy when she was second in a televised race at Epsom."
horseracing  international  british  jockeys  women-in-racing 
9 weeks ago
Female trainers find room to work, prosper on the backstretch
"If you don't want to make it difficult, it won't be," says Vicki Oliver, who, though based year-round in the Kentucky Bluegrass, has made her mark at Del Mar with victories in four stakes races. "Just go on and do your thing and believe you can do it as well as a man,” she says. “Just do it the way you want to do it and get respect for the way you do it."
horseracing  california  del-mar  trainers  women-in-racing 
11 weeks ago
Nanako Fujita sets record for wins by female jockey
"First of all, I'm happy to have achieved this," Fujita said. "But it's still just 35 wins, and I will not be satisfied with that figure. Rather, it is just a milestone on my journey as I look to win my next race."
horseracing  international  japan  jockeys  women-in-racing 
11 weeks ago
When the billionaires come to Saratoga Springs for Fasig-Tipton auctions
"People are spending money at my expense and they are making other businesses grow," [Charlotte Weber, Campbell's Soup heiress] said.
horseracing  new-york  saratoga  auctions 
12 weeks ago
Continuing mission
"As television in the 1990s and 2000s became more cynical — producing charismatic anti-heroes and even sympathetic villains — a character so passionately devoted to truth and the refusal to allow might to make right began to seem even more out of step with the times ... I hunger for Picard’s return precisely because of the optimism and dignity of The Next Generation. A little change to the character to reflect the passage of time — and, perhaps, a rougher Star Trek universe than we last saw in the 24th century — would make sense. But as we struggle to deal with the reality of a world where might and right are increasingly equated, a world back on verge of possibly cataclysmic conflict between superpowers, I still hope to see him hold fast, in the face of adversity, to the humanistic spirit of reason and intellectual hunger."
culture  television  star-trek  picard  humanism 
12 weeks ago
Cup of Coffee: Dave
"Dave and I would stroll for an hour, sometimes longer. Each day, he got fresher, tormenting the pony, biting his withers, kicking at him, leaping in the air, bucking. On the last day I ponied him, we walked onto the Oklahoma. I figured I had to let him do something, he grabbed the pony by the withers, shaking him like a piggy bank. The pony finally had enough. He went left, kicked out and Dave went right, the leather shank sliding through my hand until I was holding only the tip. Dave looked me dead in the eye and tossed his head, the shank hit the ground. He was loose. But, he didn't run. I squeezed the pony, sidling next to Dave and reaching for the shank, he jogged four steps and stopped, staring at me. We did this four, five, six times. Each time as I had the shank at my fingertips, Dave would scoot off, then stop and do it again. Jim Bond, at least I'm pretty sure it was Jim Bond, watched it all from the gap. He and I finally made eye contact. He knew what I was thinking and I knew what he was thinking. As I inched closer and reached for the shank, Dave spun right and right into Bond’s awaiting hands. I had never felt such relief. I took the shank and Dave didn't make a wrong move the rest of the ride. It was just a game. He won. He knew it. I knew it."
horseracing  saratoga  great-horses  fourstardave 
august 2018
Accidental Agent can help Eve Johnson Houghton bridge gender gap
"When Eve Johnson Houghton’s grandmother, Helen, trained the winner of the 2,000 Guineas in 1956, the credit went to Charles Jerdein, her assistant, because the Jockey Club refused to issue training licences to women until the mid-60s. Even then, it was only the threat of a legal action the Club knew it would lose that forced the change to its rules. Much has changed in racing since then, though not, perhaps, quite as much as we sometimes like to think. There are still three male trainers in Britain for every female with a licence, while at Group One level, the bias towards male trainers is even more pronounced."
horseracing  international  british  trainers  women-in-racing 
august 2018
Racing: Women jockeys have had long, rough ride
Jones first applied for the right to be licensed in 1976 soon after coming back from competing in an international women's jockeys' comp in Brazil. "There were 18 of us from around the world and the Australian girl and I were the only ones who were not licensed to ride against the males in their home country." The conference reply was short. "No." The Jones' asked for reasons and that reply is now a cliche: "Not strong enough, you're married, too old (24), you'll take earnings of male jockeys and no appropriate changing rooms."
horseracing  international  new-zealand  jockeys  women-in-racing 
august 2018
Is Pavel best of blah field for Del Mar's Pacific Classic?
Would this be said about bigger trainers? "Bolt d'Oro got eaten up in the Triple Crown by possibly bad management from trainer/owner Mick Ruis ..." 👀
horseracing  california  del-mar 
august 2018
The 20-year-old woman who took American horseracing by storm
"Clawson racked up 71 racing wins in 2017 — the all-time high for an apprentice jockey in a single season. And then she called her career quits after just a little more than a year on the track."
horseracing  jockeys  women-in-racing 
august 2018
Curators of Leonard Photography Collection preserve racing history
"The catalogue process includes a digital scan of the image, plus indexing the photo in three different ways by location, date, and subjects. Although she has gotten to know the particulars of many famous racehorses and stallions, Lossen sometimes runs across a horse she's not sure about, or finds places where the film suddenly shifts to a different, unidentified farm. That's when she goes down the rabbit hole of research, digging through the American Racing Manuals piled in the corner of her workspace or emailing out questions to the collection's owners or racing historians for advice. She's even queried Facebook followers on the Collection's page when she's stumped ..."
horseracing  racing-history  photography  archives  tony-leonard 
august 2018
Getting from 'cease and desist' to 'come work with us'
"Historically, Equibase and [its parent] The Jockey Club have been aggressive in any sort of control over the information that they have produced," Howlett said. "I knew [a request to shut down] was possible. I guess I just wanted to see how people would react, and what would Equibase’s issue be, and would anyone like to learn from my experience."
horseracing  technology  data  handycapper 
august 2018
Horsemen's group downplays public safety concerns on proposed racetrack for Lancaster
"Another big difference is the proposed Lancaster racetrack would be built with private money, no state money, with Stronach Group putting up an estimated $30-$40 million toward the project, Lagorio said."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  lancaster 
august 2018
Residents skeptical of new stronach track plan
"To build a new track you would need almost a 10-year guarantee and a 10-year horsemen's agreement so at least you know when you build your pro-forma you feel secure for the period of time you've invested in," [Ritvo said]. "We've had 10-year agreements in Maryland, and they've been very successful. There have been amendments and changes to them but, as long as all parties agree, you can make adjustments on the fly. It's always good to have that framework and get the stability so you know for sure that when you forecast your budgets you know what you should hit."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  lancaster 
august 2018
Ritvo acknowledges community concerns about Massachusetts racetrack proposal
"There were concerns from the local community about the impact, the traffic impact and environmental impact, the things you would expect," said Ritvo. "Hopefully we sent the message to them that we are willing to work with them."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  lancaster 
july 2018
Horse-racing track plans out of the gate
"Much of the community's response Monday night ran a spectrum of concerns covering the stability of the horse-racing industry, increases in traffic, possible environmental impacts, and effects on surrounding residences."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  lancaster 
july 2018
Sports fans, welcome to our new gambling hell
"If you are not already a sports gambler, you're about to have your regularly scheduled sports programming interrupted by some dude with thick eyebrows telling you about his Inside Info."
july 2018
The Green Monkey was a striking animal, as well as a sales icon
"... the best offspring by Forestry was 2011 Preakness Stakes winner Shackleford. The latter was a highly talented athlete who campaigned three seasons for earnings of slightly more than $3 million, plus two additional Grade 1 victories: the Metropolitan Handicap and Clark Handicap. Interestingly, Shackleford probably exists because of The Green Monkey. The latter is out of a good-looking mare by leading sire Unbridled (by Fappiano), and The Green Monkey sold as Fasig-Tipton’s February auction of 2-year-olds in training in 2006. The Green Monkey, bred on the cross of Forestry mated to an Unbridled mare, made owners of Unbridled mares believe that great things might lie in store for those bred in similar fashion. Shackelford’s dam, the Unbridled mare Oatsee, was sent to Forestry in 2007 ..."
horseracing  breeding  pedigrees 
july 2018
Stronach Group provides more information on Massachusetts racetrack proposal
"In a question-and-answer document, The Stronach Group said that it expected approximately 500 horses to be stabled on the track's backside, and that racing seasons 'in a typical year' run from 'late spring until late fall.' The company said it planned to offer a 'minimum of 30 live race days' and expected an average attendance of 1,000 on weekdays and 2,500 on weekends, a number that suggests the construction of a small grandstand."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  lancaster 
july 2018
Stronach Group exploring construction of track in Massachusetts
"This is a business model that works if everything aligns," Ritvo said. "There has to be favorable legislation, a long-term agreement with the horsemen, and money from the slots fund."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  lancaster 
july 2018
Stronach Group zeroes in on property for possible Massachusetts racetrack
"We're dead serious about this," Stronach Group COO Tim Ritvo said. "This is an important market for us. There have been orders from the top to make sure we give every effort and take a hard look at this. We are in a step-by-step process. The first step is securing lands and it looks like we have a really good partner there."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  lancaster 
july 2018
Bizarre circumstances for trainer's first win
"Randolph could not be reached to discuss the story behind Hero's Wager's extended layoff. The TDN could not locate a working phone number for him, and messages that Mountaineer backstretch officials agreed to pass along did not yield a callback prior to deadline for this story."
horseracing  trainers 
july 2018
Lancaster: Major player comes calling
It's still only preliminary, but how exciting is the news that The Stronach Group is kicking the tires on several hundred acres of land in Lancaster for the possible construction of a major thoroughbred race track? While it sounds far-fetched, a look at the tracks developed by The Stronach Group — with all the modern-day amenities — have two things in common: They are profitable and classy in every way."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  lancaster 
july 2018
Horse racing's digital historian
"For the last three years, my racetrack friends and I have talked about Partymanners with reverence and awe. Partymanners is the YouTube handle of an anonymous person who, as of February 2006, has posted nearly 1,400 races, some recent but mostly older. His output averages to more than one race per day, but his pace has accelerated in the last year. Partymanners has become the de facto digital historian of horse racing, a modern Thucydides for the turf. For a sport whose greatest gift is its past, but which has done little to carry that into the new century, his efforts have bridged that gap, setting down a rich history for new and old fans to access." [From 2009]
horseracing  replays  youtube  partymanners 
july 2018
Fitzgerald's career has earned her 'ultimate respect'
"She's a prototypical assistant trainer – natural horse ability, plenty of experience, and a killer work ethic," Stall said. "She could hang her shingle out and train 50 on her own, but she's smarter than that!"
horseracing  women-in-racing 
july 2018
Saddle up for Lancaster horse racing?
"The selectmen, Planning Board and Conservation Commission plan to come together to talk about the potential for a racetrack, Grasso said. Discussion will help the town and Stronach decide whether a horse racing track is what is best for both groups, he said."
horseracing  massachusetts  stronach  lancaster 
july 2018
Horse racing's 'bad boy' Patrick Valenzuela yearns to return
So you ask Valenzuela, are you a Hall of Famer — wins, warts and all? "I should be, right? C'mon. My credentials?" Valenzuela said. "Ask the Hall, why isn't Patrick Valenzuela in the Hall of Fame? That's a good question, right? I've won the Derby, won the Preakness, seven Breeders' Cups, all those riding titles. What more do I have to do?"
horseracing  california  del-mar  jockeys 
july 2018
Belinda Stronach wants to bring horse racing into the modern world
"First of all, I don't believe things will flatten out because we are very thoughtful, very proactive management team. We're very committed to horse racing. I truly believe it's the last great sports legacy platform that hasn't modernized ... the industry didn't evolve and stay competitive and other sporting events and properties started to take away market share. Television wasn't embraced at the time because they felt it would impact on-track attendance. Any time you ignore technology and don't embrace what the customer would like, then that's a real risk. The industry hasn't been innovative enough, embraced technology and created those compelling, creative experiences that customers wish to have today."
horseracing  california  santa-anita  stronach 
july 2018
The Romanovs' art of survival
"Over the twentieth century, the Romanovs produced a vast artistic trove that few are aware of, since most of their creative output was meant for family consumption. Because the family was scattered around the world by the events of the revolution, that collection is currently dispersed among private archives, family albums, basements, under-the-bed boxes and, in rarer cases, museums and galleries. When studied as a whole — in as much as its fragmented nature affords — two persistent themes emerge. One is the Romanovs' intense, penetrating view of nature ... the second is the idiosyncratic playfulness with which the Romanovs used art as family entertainment."
history  art  culture  russia  romanovs 
july 2018
NFLPA's Casey Schwab says legalized betting can affect player privacy
"Schwab said that while athlete protection is the priority, he realizes that legal sports betting also presents potential opportunities for players. The current NFL gambling policy prohibits players from doing deals with entities affiliated with gambling. The players' association has looked at potential alternative opportunities, including using their biometric data as content for a subscription product for fans and bettors."
sports-betting  data  privacy 
july 2018
For first time, gamblers bet on sports at Meadowlands Racetrack
"Saturday ... the track featured the biggest harness race of the year, the Meadowlands Pace, and a new attraction: sports betting. So the vast parking lots surrounding the track were nearly full. By the end of the night, not only did [Gural's] horse, Six Pack, win the sixth race, but gamblers had put down a total of $560,000 in bets, more in a single day than at New Jersey’s other newly opened sports betting parlors. By Sunday noon, the Meadowlands sports book had taken in another $220,000."
sports-betting  horseracing  new-jersey  meadowlands 
july 2018
First month of New Jersey sports betting: $16 million in wagers, $3.5 million in revenue
"NJ data is separated by operator, of which there are currently three. The revenue numbers break down like this, bearing in mind that the Ocean Resort Casino just opened on June 28: Monmouth Park: $2,279,166; Borgata: $986,831; Ocean Resort Casino: $192,671."
sports-betting  horseracing  new-jersey  monmouth-park 
july 2018
Delaware sports betting numbers for first 20 days: $1 million revenue, $7 million handle
"The state’s racinos keep 40 percent of the remaining revenue; here’s how the three tracks made out in June: Delaware Park – $263,924; Dover Downs – $57,293; Harrington – $31,039. About ten percent of remaining revenue — $85,353 this month — is allocated to horse racing purses."
sports-betting  horseracing  mid-atlantic  delaware-park 
july 2018
Safe bet: Legal gambling could change the way we watch, talk and experience sports
"Gambling talk was mostly verboten by traditional media and frowned upon by the leagues, but companies are suddenly angling for space. The idea is that an entity such as the Action Network or Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN) — another media company focused on sports betting — would be positioned like CNBC or Bloomberg News: supplementing more traditional coverage that's provided elsewhere with specifically focused content."
sports-betting  media 
july 2018
Condoning the cheats: What racing is doing by not supporting out-of-competition testing
"There is a substantial threat to the integrity and future of our sport from the use of blood doping drugs, a broad spectrum of anabolic steroids, peptide hormones, etc. The very serious threat of the current poor management of OOCT is reason enough for the industry to support the Horse Racing Integrity Act of 2017. We must demand transparency and performance ..."
horseracing  drugs-in-racing  testing 
july 2018
The transformation of Bob Baffert
"He was once so hungry for success that he tried too hard to impress people, to be the center of attention, to throw out the wisecrack that the reporters would eat up and put in their copy in the next day's paper. Now, he doesn't need that. He doesn't need to steal the spotlight at all times to get good horses. They come to him no matter what. He's one of only two trainers in history to win the Triple Crown twice and his 15 wins in Triple Crown races is the best of all time." [What a puff piece.]
horseracing  trainers  bob-baffert 
july 2018
Parkin: Improved reporting of non-fatal injuries needed
"From the 3.1 million starts examined since 2009, Parkin said about 12,500 non-fatal injuries have been reported. Of that group, 54% never started again. For those 46% of horses who did race again, the fatal breakdown rate is 3.1%, much higher than the 0.18% for all starters. Those numbers certainly trigger a red flag, and Parkin said enhanced initial information would provide superior predictive data ... Parkin said consistency in receiving information on non-fatal injuries—and how they are characterized and reported—would be key to improving the predictive abilities of the model. It's a challenge because the fatality rate is so low, less than two per 1,000 starts."
horseracing  equine-safety  injuries  data 
july 2018
Preserving the morgue
"This preservation effort turns out to be a more daunting task than one might imagine. We are hoping to develop an index of all of the materials taken from handwritten notes of the content on the envelopes. Possibly at the same time we will also transfer the contents of each envelope to envelopes designed to slow the deterioration of the fragile, decades-old paper. The next step is to determine the feasibility of digitizing the content. This will be a significant undertaking, as each item will need to be carefully unfolded without tearing the dried out paper, which are all of varying sizes, background, and color type; and capture them in a usable digital format. If we are able to digitize the content, we can provide efficient access to this massive amount of history."
horseracing  archives  media  turf-writing  racing-history  blood-horse 
july 2018
When sports betting is legal, the value of game data soars
"The debate over official data is one facet of a still broader set of questions: How should sports data from any source, official or unofficial, be regulated, monitored and purchased? Who should settle a dispute over whether an in-play bet was won or lost? Does real-time data from a sporting event, like the sounds of a musical performance, have a claim to royalties and copyright protection for those who produce it? By creating a sort of monopoly, could a mandate for official data actually do more harm than good? ... Some legal experts, like Ryan Rodenberg, an associate professor of sports law at Florida State University, believe that, as with musical recordings and other copyrighted material, courts will find that real-time sports data is owned by those who produce it: the leagues and their players. Others dismiss that view. Marc Edelman, a professor of law at Baruch College, said he believed that only 'pre-scripted' events were subject to copyright — meaning that while professional wrestling performances might qualify, football, basketball and other true competitions would not."
sports-betting  data 
july 2018
Memento Tracer
"The Memento Tracer framework introduces a new collaborative approach to capture web publications for archival purposes. It is inspired by existing capture approaches yet aims for a new balance between the scale at which capturing can be conducted and the quality of the snapshots that result."
web-archiving  summer-study 
july 2018
Hovdey: In the starting gate, a whisper preferred to a scream
"But hitting a horse four times on the side of the head? Without consequence? Good grief. Even in California a rider can only whip a horse three times before crossing the line."
horseracing  animal-welfare  starting-gate 
july 2018
Kentucky horse industry hit by migrant workforce decline
"But as unemployment numbers decrease across the country, companies are desperately seeking workers, competing against one another for the 81,000 H2-B visas that the Department of Homeland Security doles out. That means that the horse industry cannot rely on its usual stream of workers who arrive in Kentucky on migrant worker visas and must turn to developing a new entry-level talent pool in its own backyard."
horseracing  farms  backstretch  labor  kentucky 
june 2018
The sport goes to Congress
"Although it was unlikely part of anyone's intentional game plan, the constant circling back to the Lasix issue (by both sides) probably ended up helping the anti-legislation camp because the complex topic was bound to befuddle the legislators. Even if you're deeply ingrained in the Thoroughbred industry, the pro-vs.-con nuances of medication reform can be difficult to fully understand. The sense I got from listening to the dizzying, often conflicting Lasix testimony (again, trying to approach this from the perspective of the politicians) is that the whole thing might be too bewildering and murky for Congress to want to confidently dive in and impose changes."
horseracing  drugs-in-racing  legislation 
june 2018
Let’s do a sports book
"The existing record (based largely on Nevada's, and to a lesser extent New Jersey's online betting experience) suggests that the current casino licensees — Penn National at Plainridge Park, MGM Springfield, and Wynn Resorts in Everett — would be the most effective vehicles through which to implement the Massachusetts sports betting regime under the regulatory oversight of the Gaming Commission. Each is eager to add a sports book to their own offerings, and they could function as the intermediary for expanded online offerings outside of the brick and mortar of their physical premises as may be subsequently approved by the Legislature. There is an added benefit to the Commonwealth, since sports books at casinos would likely increase the appeal of the casinos. Casino revenues would likely increase as the sports bettors drawn to them patronize the casinos' table games and slots. As discussed before, that business is higher margin for the operators and is subject to higher tax levels. Thus, there is the tangible prospect of a significant net boost to the state's finances beyond what is strictly generated by sports bets alone."
sports-betting  massachusetts 
june 2018
Rare hantavirus may have caused Belmont racetrack worker's death
"Drawn by the feasts of horse oats and refuse, rats often pass unimpeded from the barns through holes visible in the sides of the cinder-block dorms and small clapboard shacks where the workers live, according to workers who reside there. Rooms are often shared, and many are squalid, with mattresses or pallets on the floor, some with punched-out windows covered by cardboard. The workers asked not to be named because they feared reprisal for criticizing the facility, which is state-owned and operated by the racing association." [Post-mortem testing led to a sepsis diagnosis.]
horseracing  new-york  nyra  belmont-park  backstretch  labor  living-conditions 
june 2018
'Races are won in training': Arthur expresses frustration after OOCT measure delayed
"Nearly 60 percent of all anti-doping tests in human sport are OOCT. Why is OOCT so important? Humans sport testing does a very good job of detecting relatively short-acting, small molecule drugs, and so does horse racing. Everyone knows that. Everyone also knows when we are going to test the horses—right after the race. That is pretty easy to plan around if you are bent on cheating. Many of the most effective PEDs are gone well before race day when horses are tested but the performance enhancing effects are still present. The effects of many drugs can last well past the time the drug is still present, or present at detectable levels. Anabolic steroids, beta-2 agonists, and blood doping agents are good examples. And this should be clear to everyone: Races are won in training. That is true in human sport; it is true in horse racing. Just as in human sport, we need to pay more attention to PEDs being used in training and we can only do that by OOCT."
horseracing  california  regulations  drugs-in-racing  testing 
june 2018
CHRB delays out-of-competition testing proposal
Re: CTT and TOC opposition: "The document from the law offices of Yoka & Smith, LLP lays out several bullet points to explain the groups' opposition, including that the board has not provided 'evidence of necessity' for the proposed changes, issues with liability to owners and trainers with horses outside of racing facilities, lack of evidence 'that any of the extensive list of (proposed) substances ... to ban in out-of-competition testing could affect racing performance if administered in an out-of-competition setting,' and that the CHRB proposal would 'improperly restrict or prohibit outright the veterinary use of legally compounded medications.'"
horseracing  california  regulations  drugs-in-racing  testing 
june 2018
Time for Preakness to move on — and out
"Let's start with the obvious: In a city where schoolchildren shiver because we can't afford furnace upgrades or sweat because there’s no money for AC, where crumbling streets go unpaved, traffic crawls because we can't afford timed stoplights, and the rest of our under-funded needs could fill this page, we are seriously considering spending upwards of $300 million on a racetrack?!? We really want to squander a huge chunk of precious capital on a facility that will make money one day a year? ... the less obvious, but more important, problem with wasting resources on this track: It actually hurts rather than helps the local economy. We have it backward: The neighborhood surrounding Pimlico is not decaying and poor in spite of the track, but at least partly because of it."
horseracing  maryland  pimlico  preakness-stakes 
june 2018
Prisoner of history no longer
"Justify exhibited recuperative powers we had never seen before. To be put through such a rigorous grind and show no ill effects, bouncing out of each race like a fresh horse, was truly remarkable."
horseracing  triple-crown  justify 
june 2018
Freelancers are precarious. When should they push back?
"At a certain level, only journalists can really be watchdogs for other journalists. An ordinary reader might not pick up on inaccuracies or problems with tone and angle. This may well be why Twitter is full of these sorts of rejoinders. Thousands of journalists picking apart thousands of stories. Some pushing back, others staying silent. Editors hanging in the background, apparently, deciding whether to learn from the criticism or whether to attack."
media  freelancing  work  precarity 
june 2018
Are super trainers good or bad for the sport?
"You can't tell successful business people who are in this sport either as a business or a hobby what to do," Brown said. "That's not going to work. I deal with these people every day. You cannot restrict their free trade. You cannot pick up horses from one trainer and hand them to another guy."
horseracing  trainers  business-of-racing 
june 2018
No sports betting law passed in New York; pro leagues lose out on royalty fee
"The form of the fee changed a couple of times during the [NY] process. Final versions of the bill would have given the leagues a fifth of a percent of all wagers. Earlier drafts included a quarter-percent to the leagues, but with a cap of two percent of revenue. Either would have handed them an enormous victory as they fight for a cut of sports betting revenue. After striking out on integrity fees in West Virginia sports betting and New Jersey sports betting laws this year, the leagues looked at New York as their best chance. They likely hoped to hold up the New York sports betting legislation as a model for other state legislatures to copy. Without a law, the leagues essentially go back to the starting line with other states as they consider sports betting."
sports-betting  new-york 
june 2018
Monmouth Park racing not 'cannibalized' on first weekend
"For the weekend, on-track handle for the two days was up 18 percent, while attendance jumped 21 percent, which equates to more money spent on concessions. 'I attribute the numbers to two things,' Drazin said. 'I think the bundled stakes program (on Sunday) is well received by the public, and I think sports betting really brought a lot more people in and they were the kind of people wo were wager on racing, too. Frankly, it's not even football season. There's not even that much going on. There's World Cup, there's baseball and there are futures, but this is probably a fraction of what we will see in football season' ... the question now is how much money the track made on sports betting."

See @o_crunk thread: https://twitter.com/o_crunk/status/1008696521536212992
horseracing  sports-betting  new-jersey  monmouth-park 
june 2018
The 'homer effect': A new bookmaking quandary
"When the odds to win Super Bowl LIII were posted last Thursday at Monmouth Park in New Jersey, there were no signs of regional bias, no apparent concerns from bookmakers that they'd be overwhelmed, for example, by bets on the Philadelphia Eagles from local fans. The Eagles were 17-2 to win the Super Bowl at the new William Hill sportsbook at Monmouth Park, just like they were at the William Hill sportsbook at Casino Royale on the Las Vegas Strip. Philly's Super Bowl odds were 8-1 at the Borgata in Atlantic City, an MGM property; they were also 8-1 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Until recently, this wasn't something Las Vegas had to deal with, but it's coming."
june 2018
Justify parades beneath twin spires
"Fans packed three-to-four-deep around the Churchill Downs paddock between the second and third races under the beating sun of a 95-degree day in Louisville, Kentucky. The group showed enthusiasm in anticipation for Justify's arrival, but it was hard to find revelers who threw themselves into the event enough to display their enthusiasm visually. Just one sign was visible around the walking ring, belonging to Shaun Basch, who drove seven hours from Muskegon, Michigan to attend the event. She did the same for American Pharoah three years earlier ... Starlight Racing owns a 15% stake in Justify, but their members made up the vast majority of the population in the winner's circle photo."
horseracing  triple-crown  churchill-downs  justify 
june 2018
You can't bet on Rutgers: The first day of sports gambling in New Jersey
"That guy who tweets in all caps was there, just like in Delaware, screaming at the top of his lungs and placing a $5,000 bet on the White Sox. They lost, 5-2; he said he also lost $4,000 in Delaware. He sells picks, too, if you'd like to share in that success."
horseracing  sports-betting  new-jersey  monmouth-park 
june 2018
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