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MyBoneYard Rewards You for Recycling Your Old Electronics
Need more incentive to recycle your old or unused electronics? Web site MyBoneYard recycles your electronics and, if you're lucky, will offer you a reward too.
trade-in  electronics  gadgets  recycle  recycling  sell  used  selling  sales  Sell_your_iPhone  iphone  cash  technology  resale 
april 2011 by jmello
Aluminum Flatscreen Arms for Mac
The mounting arms are made from high-grade recycled aluminum, similar in look and feel to the Apple products they float above your desk. The company says its mounts make your Mac usage more ergonomic—letting you position your iMac or screen in the perfect position, say, or move it around during the day so you’re not sitting in the exact same spot for too long. The arms can connect to your desk through a hole or using a clamping device, or mount on a wall.
apple  display  iMac  displays  monitor  mount  hardware  expensive  ergonomic  sales 
february 2010 by jmello
Samson - Zoom - R16
Zoom revolutionizes recording with the first digital recorder with 16-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording that uses Secure Digital (SD) memory. The new R16 recorder is three production tools in one incredibly versatile device. It's a digital multi-track recorder, an audio interface and a control surface, providing you with all the tools necessary to create studio-quality recordings anywhere.
Sales  Audio  Recorders  recorder  interface  podcasting  music  zoom 
june 2009 by jmello
Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones Headphone reviews - CNET Reviews
THE BOTTOM LINE: Compared to the range of options out there for Bluetooth MP3 player headphones, the Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones offer exceptional design and value.THE BOTTOM LINE: Compared to the range of options out there for Bluetooth MP3 player headphones, the Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones offer exceptional design and value.
Sales  headphones  Logitech  FreePulse  Wireless  BT  BlueTooth  reviews  CNET 
june 2009 by jmello
Vox Pop: Workflow for the Fujitsu ScanSnap? | 43 Folders
My initial experiences, while tentative in terms of time commitment and true workflow integration, have been very positive so far. It’s easy and fast to set up the S500M and then start scanning one- or two-sided documents. The beauty part is that the included “ScanSnap Manager” app not only stores your document preferences, but directs the USB input from the ScanSnap right into the destination app of your choosing (which can, of course, be an OCR app – that’s where it gets powerful).
Sales  Scanners  paperless  productivity  scanning  GTD  mac  lifehacks  Merlin  Mann  scanner  scansnap  fujitsu  43folders  devonthink  ocr  pdf  workflow  scan  organization 
june 2009 by jmello
Mini Displayport to Displayport Adapter Cable - Circuit Assembly eStore
Mini Displayport to Displayport Adapter Cable - Circuit Assembly eStore
Sales  Mac  display  video  Displayport  mini  cable  hardware  adaptor 
june 2009 by jmello
Matias Folding Keyboard
The Matias Folding Keyboard is a full-size keyboard that folds in half for travel. Small enough to fit in your laptop bag, it's the ultimate keyboard for laptop users.
Sales  keyboard  hardware  usb  portable  folding  mac  Keyboards  mobile  notebook  bluetooth  tobuy 
june 2009 by jmello
Korg - Product Details
Future-proof Digital Recording is Here
With the pristine fidelity and ultimate flexibility of DSD technology, the new, surprisingly affordable MR-1 ensures that your location recordings and final masters are never obsolete.
Korg  MR-1  audio  hardware  recording  sales  digital  pristine  fidelity  DSD  1-bit  USB  AudioGate 
june 2009 by jmello
Review: SwitchEasy ThumbTacks Micro-Microphone | iLounge
After years of dealing with big $50+ iPod microphone accessories, we've been thrilled in recent months to see smaller and considerably less expensive options become available. First was Incipio's $18 Lloyd, which we loved, and now SwitchEasy has appeared on the scene with an arguably more appealing little alternative, ThumbTacks ($13). Shaped but not sized like the real things, ThumbTacks are sold in three colors -- white, red, or black -- and add what SwitchEasy has called an excellent quality mic to Apple's recording-ready late 2008 iPod models.
microphone  iPod  mic  ThumbTacks  SwitchEasy  iLounge  review  sales 
may 2009 by jmello
Edirol MA15D from!
The MA-15D stereo reference monitors are ideal for computer-based recording artists seeking a high-quality, powerful set of reference speakers to use in a relatively confined space. The MA-15D's offer a wide-range spectrum and crystal-clear audio reproduction.
Edirol  MA-15D  stereo  reference  monitors  speakers  audio  hardware  reproduction  sales 
may 2009 by jmello
Actual ODBC SQL Server driver 2.9 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker
The Actual SQL Server ODBC Driver lets you access your company's Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases from within Microsoft Excel and FileMaker Pro. You can connect to any database you are authorized to use, and work with the data just like your Windows-using co-workers.
Our ODBC driver supports both methods of SQL Server authentication - SQL Server accounts and trusted domain accounts. This means that no special configuration of the database is needed in order for you to connect. You just need an account, using whatever authentication method your organization has chosen.
All installation takes place on your Mac - nothing is installed on the server itself.
OSX  software  ODBC  SQL  server  driver  commercial  authentication  sales 
may 2009 by jmello
USB Flex Neck: Bigger & Brighter
Description: Our USB Flex Neck is powered by USB port or batteries in the clip; the flexible metal neck points the light where you need it – laptops, books, workstations and more. This flexible reading light has a fully articulated neck that can be aimed wherever you need light. The two bright LEDs cast a broad, even pool of light that's easy to aim, and the neck holds them just where you want.
USB  port  Flex  Neck  LED  light  laptop  articulated  batteries  sales 
may 2009 by jmello
MintyBoost Kit [v2.0] - $19.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
Make your own iPod/iPhone/GPS/etc... battery-pack and recharger!
This project includes all the electronic parts necessary to build your own MintyBoost: a small & simple (but very powerful) USB charger for your iPod (or other mp3 player), camera, cell phone, and any other gadget you can plug into a USB port to charge
DIY  Altoids  USB  kit  electronics  battery  projects  gadgets  make  charger  LadyAda  sales 
may 2009 by jmello
Matrox CompressHD card dramatically improves H.264 encoding speed | Video hardware | Macworld
Matrox Video Products Group has announced the CompressHD for Mac, a new PCI Express (PCIe) expansion card that greatly speeds the encoding of H.264 video. It’s coming in May with a suggested retail price of $495.
Matrox  CompressHD  PCIe  encoding  hardware  compress  compression  codec  H264  H.264  sales  review  Macworld 
may 2009 by jmello
Matrox Compress HD - Overview
If you're a professional content creator delivering H.264 files for Blu-ray, the web, and mobile devices, you need a fast, flexible, high quality encoding workhorse. Matrox CompressHD is the first implementation of Matrox MAX technology in an amazingly affordable H.264 accelerator card. It lets you create H.264 files, for resolutions ranging from iPod to HD, faster than real time. It works in systems with or without a video I/O device and extends the life of your current system investment, giving you the power you need to deliver today's premium H.264 formats faster than ever. This low profile, half-length PCIe x1 card fits into Mac Pros, Intel-based Apple Xserve systems, and PCs. Get yourself a Matrox CompressHD card and deliver your projects in a fraction of the time!
Matrox  CompressHD  hardware  compress  compression  video  H.264  H264  Xserve  professional  sales  Blu-ray  PCIex1  card  electronics 
may 2009 by jmello
The perfect Pro Podcasting solution for us budget minded folks…. : - The Photography and Technology of Brent Burzycki
The R16 combines a remarkable level of functionality with exceptionally intuitive design. For recording purposes, the unit supports up to 32GB SD cards, allowing more than six hours of recording using all 16 tracks. Additionally, the flexibility of SD recording not only makes the R16 lighter and more portable, it also ensures increased reliability with no concern for a crashing hard drive. You can even have respective SD cards dedicated to specific recording sessions.
podcasting  Samson  Zoom  R16  SD  cards  audio  recording  sound  mix  mixing  hardware  technology  mixer  sales  review 
may 2009 by jmello
mightyOhm » Blog Archive » Inside the SYBA SD-CM-UAUD USB Stereo Audio Adapter
I am using this tiny USB-audio adapter as part of my Wifi Radio project. It’s a ridiculously cheap $8 at and contains a C-Media CM119 chip targeted at VoIP applications. I have no idea why they chose to use a VoIP chip for this application because it contains a lot of bells and whistles that are not being used in this device, such as support for a matrix keypad!
hardware  audio  USB  convertor  adapter  sound  computer  sales  SYBA  C-Media  stereo 
may 2009 by jmello
Canon Vixia HF S10 | Product Reviews
Pure Digital's Flip has proven that it's possible to build a super-small flash memory camcorder and offer it up for fewer than two hundred bucks. But there are tradeoffs with going small and cheap, like optics and battery life. Canon takes a completely different tack with its newest solid-state cam, the Vixia HF S10, which delivers some fantastically brilliant moving pictures, but at a stiff cost.
Canon  Vixia  HF  S10  hardware  video  reviews  camcorder  sales  flash  memory 
may 2009 by jmello
Blackmagic Design: Intensity On-Air
The ultimate in real time low cost live television production. Blackmagic On-Air 2.0 combines a real time HD mixing console when used with two Intensity boards plugged into Apple Mac Pro systems for a complete live television production studio. On-Air is included free with every Intensity board.
HDMI  video  editing  BlackMagic  On-Air  hardware  HDTV  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
USB Can Cooler And Warmer
USB Can Cooler And Warmer
Product Code: ULIFE010700

Does your hot drink getting cool or cold drink getting warm while you drink it slowly? USB Can Cooler And Warmer can help you to solve such problem. This cool USB gadget combining with both chilling and warming technology, you can keep your beverage chilled or warmed and stay at your computer for longer time.
Toys  gadgets  USB  cooler  warmer  drink  geek  accessories  shopping  hardware  Brando  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
Stylus Hanging Bluetooth Headset
Stylus Hanging Bluetooth Headset
Product Code: MHEST000900

Stylus + Hanging Bluetooth Headset + Handsfree Bluetooth Headset (with Earphone)
* Support iPhone (Bluetooth Hands-free & Headset)
Toys  Bluetooth  iPhone  Brando  mobile  device  sales  headset  pen 
april 2009 by jmello
Mini Self Destruction Button
On the small self destruction button it says "Clear area within 5 minutes of pressing this button."
AkihabaraNews published a short video that shows what happens to a robot cat that pushed the button without clearing the area.
See the video and more photos on AkihabaraNews. The GeekStuff4U shop sells this fun button for $26.94.
Toys  gadgets  self  destruction  button  GeekStuff4U  AkihabaraNews  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
ThinkGeek :: 1.3 Megapixel Spy Camera Sunglasses
These camera sunglasses certainly aren't x-ray specs, but they do capture 1.3 megapixel still images (at a resolution of 1280x1024). The included RF remote-control is ideal for easy, stealth-style photo shooting. High-quality lightweight frame material and UV400 polarized flip-up lens. A polymer li-ion rechargeable battery provides a battery life of up to 9 hours (shooting 1 photo/minute). USB 2.0 interface via a standard Mini USB port for data upload and download & re-charging the battery.
Toys  ThinkGeek  sunglasses  1.3  megapixel  stealth  camera  USB  photography  hardware  electronics  gadgets  glasses  cameras  gadget  spy  wearable  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
NextWorth: Home
NextWorth, started off only doing iPods and iPhones, but as promised late in 2008, the company has expanded its trade-in opportunities to include BlackBerrys, digital cameras, GPS units, video games, and video game consoles.
trade-in  electronics  gadgets  recycle  recycling  sell  used  selling  sales  NextWorth  hardware  exchange  eBay  trade  tech  shopping  computer  green  eWaste 
april 2009 by jmello
OpenPeak Inc.
OpenPeak has created the 'fourth screen’ for the home by combining the best features of the telephone, TV, PC and cell phone into a compact, easy-to-use communications center.
hardware  automation  home  digital  phone  voip  homeautomation  gadgets  controller  entertainment  touchscreen  tablet  sip  embedded  interactive  openpeak  openframe  device  remote-control  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
O'Grady's PowerPage - Your Mobile Technology Destination
March 22, 2006
Mac Media Centre Remotes
Apple makes some nice Bluetooth gear but having a full-sized keyboard on your coffee table is just as bad. The new Front Row remote looks good but can't control a TV tuner and if you've spent any time trying to control EyeTV you'll know it needs a lot of buttons.
Apple  hardware  Bluetooth  ATI  remote  EyeTV  FrontRow  Freedom  mini  Keyboard  Keyboards  sales  review  2006  remote_control  remotecontrol 
april 2009 by jmello
Home Automation Systems - HomeSeer
HomeSeer has been the leading manufacturer of voice & web-enabled home automation systems since 1998. Our products are designed to simplify your life by integrating and automating the many systems of your home!
HomeSeer  smarthome  zwave  home-automation  home_automation  hardware  security  remote  wireless  automation  technology  homeautomation  control  sensor  software  sales  shop  house 
april 2009 by jmello
iControl » Home Security 2.0
Home Security 2.0 complements existing home protection equipment, making it easy to integrate this branded solution into your services portfolio.

The iControl iHub simply plugs into the home network and connects wirelessly to security panels, IP cameras, sensors and Z-Wave-based home automation devices (such as lighting, door locks, thermostats, etc.) delivering a host of advanced functionality.
iControl  iHub  iphone  automation  home  developer  home_automation  security  protection  IP  cameras  Z-Wave  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
MyHomeSeer Connect (1 year subscription)
HomeSeer is the industry leader in remote home access & control and our HomeSeer software lead the way with this exciting feature more than 8 years ago! However, remote access has not always been a 'snap' to set up and users have had to deal with hard to remember IP addresses that change periodically.

With MyHomeSeer Connect, we simplify this process by creating a unique and permanent identity for your HomeSeer system. Now you can access your home with or instead of! Plus, your new identity will always remain the same, even if you change internet service providers or your IP address changes.
MyHomeSeer  Connect  subscription  HomeSeer  remoote  home  access  control  home_automation  home-automation  IP  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
Frontier Design Group
Recording with Pro Tools was never as easy as it is with TranzPort! The ultimate portable control surface with wireless RF interface makes tracking a breeze, even when you’re alone. TranzPort is easy on your bottom line, and allows you to make the most of your studio time.
Digidesign  Frontier  TranzPort  hardware  wireless  RF  remote_control  remote  transport  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
Apple Remote Control Solutions and more - Twisted Melon : Fine Mac OS Software
Personal Control for Your Apple Remote™
Designed exclusively for the Apple® Remote, Mira takes it beyond Front Row and gives you personal control for any application, on any Mac®.
Mira  OSX  hardware  software  IR  HTPC  mediacenter  utility  remotecontrol  appleremote  frontrow  utilities  remote  tv  home  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
Embedded Automation - Embedded Systems
Embedded Automation is an embedded systems company. As such, we can help you select, design, manufacture, integrate and manage your embedded system applications.
Windows  homeautomation  home_automation  automation  embedded  hardware  software  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
Online Webcast Software for Servers | Mediasite EX Server | Sonic Foundry
Mediasite EX Server is the unified platform for webcasting your rich media presentations. It simplifies your content management responsibilities by giving you all the tools you need within a single system to schedule, organize, index, customize, secure and track your recorded content. And it brings order to your growing presentation library so your content can be found, used and re-purposed to derive maximum value.

Whether you start departmentally with a couple rooms or extend campus- or company-wide, Mediasite reliably scales to meet all of your webcasting needs.
Mediasite  SonicFoundry  server  classroom  class  lecture  capture  webcasting  Webcast  software  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
C6442 - 20W + 20W Stereo Amplifier Kit
Two separate high power amps on one PC board. Each amp has its own level control and puts out an incredible 20 Watts RMS. Features red LED “ON” indicator and low distortion circuitry. Great stereo booster amp for your car sound system. Use with any speakers capable of handling at least 20 watts. Size of board: 6” x 2.25”. Operates from 12VDC.
hardware  stereo  20W  amplifier  PCboard  12VDC  circuit  educational  Chaney  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
Podcast Academy » Blog Archive » Sound Devices USBPre …
Enter the SD USBPre. This is a $550 USB interface that offers a host of great features for the serious computer recordist. This piece includes two XLR mic inputs with available 48V phantom power, dual 1/4″ inputs, and a set of standard RCA inputs. Output support includes two headphone jacks [1/8-inch, 1/4-inch], PC audio output, S/PDIF I/O, and a USB bus that also draws from the computer to power the unit. The front of the device sports excellent monitoring meters, a headphone output adjustment, and a mix level control that blends source audio and computer audio.
Sound  Devices  USBPre  audio  hardware  USB  RCA  S/PDIF  sales  Podcast  recording 
april 2009 by jmello
Rolls Corporation - Real Sound - Products HR73 Digital MP3 Recorder/Player
The ROLLS HR73 is a half-rack space digital MP3 Recorder / Player. The unit is ideal for installations where quick, easy, yet high fidelity recording is required. The MP3 format, SD card slot, and USB connection make the HR73 a powerful tool for audio transfer to a computer and fro there to most any format you wish. Churches, schools, restaurants, etc., all benefit from the features of the HR73.
Rolls  HR73  hardware  audio  recorder  half-rack  space  digital  MP3  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
Audio Recording Software - Sound Recorders for Windows & Mac
NCH Software has developed a number of professional sound recorder programs for Windows, Mac and even Pocket PC. Each sound recording program is specifically designed for particular recording tasks including general audio recording, voice recording, music recording and more.
If you are in doubt about which audio recording software is most suitable application for recording to a computer we recommend you download and try them. You don't have to purchase to download and it only takes seconds to download and install each program.
OSX  Windows  audio  recording  editing  software  Shareware  recorder  WavePad  sales 
april 2009 by jmello
Epiphan VGA2USB Review
So what is the VGA2USB?

The VGA2USB does exactly what you would expect it to do based upon its name. It's a device that takes an analog VGA signal and converts it to a digital image over the USB 2.0 bus. This allows you to capture any image from any VGA device. What's even cooler is that the VGA2USB is fully bus-powered and it's only about the size of a deck of playing cards. It is essentially a mobile VGA capture device that captures at 16-bit color.
Epiphan  hardware  VGA  USB  video  capture  frame  grabber  review  sales 
march 2009 by jmello
Recording | Products | Epiphan Systems
Epiphan VGA Recorders are unique hardware solutions that enable users to view, record and save the audio and video activity that occurs on any VGA/DVI monitor. It is invaluable when recording user interactions with computers and other VGA devices as well as for training and security applications. VGA/DVI Recording solutions enhance any system that requires the archiving of VGA/DVI images that are otherwise difficult to capture.
Epiphan  hardware  DVI  VGA  recorders  VGA/DVI  capture  audio  video  resolution  sales 
march 2009 by jmello
epiphan DVI2USB
DVI2USB is the only external, dual-mode (VGA & DVI) frame grabber that can capture and broadcast diagnostic-quality images and videos from any device with a monitor and transfer to a USB port on another computer. No peripheral component interface (PCI) is required. Its high-quality output is designed specifically for medical and military applications.

DVI2USB uses the ubiquitous and inexpensive USB port to capture output from virtually any VGA or DVI source—such as a Windows PC, a Macintosh OSX, a Unix machine, an embedded system, a medical device, scientific or lab equipment, and more. It then broadcasts these images over public, private or broadband wireless networks, enabling remote diagnosis of medical, military, and other situations in which a precise image is required for accurate decision-making.
epiphan  hardware  DVI  VGA  dual-mode  USB  frame  grabber  video  capture  sales 
march 2009 by jmello
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