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The Irish Economy blog
features mainly posts from NAMA-sceptic economist Karl Whelan
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august 2009 by jmason
Stephen Hawking Has Not Yet Been Murdered by the NHS
hilarious response to mind-boggling US healthcare talking-point derpitude: 'People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless.' fantastic
politics  humour  healthcare  via:bwalsh  stephen-hawking  us-politics  derp  morons  funny  nhs  uk 
august 2009 by jmason
Will the Greens pay YOUR €25,000 Blasphemy fine?
good point from Jason O'Mahoney. 'let’s pass this law anyway, but instead of a €25,000 fine, make it a €25 fine. The constitution is satisfied, and the fine is so nominal as to be useless, which is what the Greens say is the effective outcome of the law anyway.' +1
greens  ireland  politics  blasphemy  law  constitution  absurd  omgwtf 
july 2009 by jmason
Count Me Out
'Count Me Out is a campaign seeking to lessen the influence of the Catholic church in Ireland. Our primary focus is to reduce the number of "members" of the church by encouraging people to formally defect.''
countmeout  religion  ireland  catholicism  ryan-report  politics  schools 
july 2009 by jmason
John Graham-Cumming: The Scacco/Beber analysis of the Iranian election is bogus
'the article in the Washington Post that supposedly gives statistical evidence for vote fraud just won't die in the blogosphere and just got a boost [..] by Tim O'Reilly. The trouble is the analysis is bogus.'
jgc  statistics  lies-damn-lies  washington-post  scacco-beber  iran  politics  elections  chi-square  blogs  errors 
june 2009 by jmason
Declan Ganley's Downfall
a great YouTube Downfall dub to commemorate Libertas' passing from the EU political scene ;)
libertas  funny  downfall  dub  ireland  politics  eu 
june 2009 by jmason
Woods gives preview of the conservative fightback
'The infamous deal on redress for victims of institutional child abuse [...] was at its most septic over the weekend. Michael Woods [...] gave a long RTÉ radio interview on Saturday. We were beginning to hear some of the defences likely to be chosen by religious conservatives as soon as they manage to regroup and fight back.'
religion  ireland  politics  catholicism  scandal  abuse  child-abuse  ryan-report  michael-woods 
may 2009 by jmason
See The Failure of Fianna Fail
a handy Firefox extension to FF-proof your web browsing experience, "They Live"-style
firefox  fianna-fail  biffo  ireland  politics  lecraic  via:jkeyes  extensions 
may 2009 by jmason
Fianna Fail's talking points memo for election canvassers
'A lot of [FF] canvassers are finding it tough on the doorstep.' 'be seen to highlight their points in a notebook', 'ask to record their name and email address so you can get back to them', 'when you show interest, they will be inclined to soften their [anti-FF] views'. also: show interest in kids, local sports team -- what a cliche! possibly fake, though
fianna-fail  politics  ireland  canvassing  elections  talking-points  scans 
may 2009 by jmason
TechWire: Ode to Declan Ganley
'I am the very model of a modern major Europhobe' a la Gilbert and Sullivan. excellent stuff!
libertas  declan-ganley  europe  eu  europhobes  politics  ireland  dodgy  gilbert-and-sullivan  funny 
may 2009 by jmason
How Michael Osinski Helped Build the Bomb That Blew Up Wall Street
'Catastrophe, depression, busted banks, forced auctions of entire tracts of houses -- the fact that my software, over which I would labor for a decade, facilitated these events is numbing. Is capitalism inherently corrupt? I don’t think the free flow of goods in and of itself is the culprit. No, it’s the complexity masked by thousands of unseen whirring widgets that beguiles people into a sense of power, a feeling of dominion over the future.'
coding  capitalism  work  politics  history  programming  banking  money  economics  recession  crash  2009  finance  subprime  mortgages  complexity  wallstreet  securities  cmo  cdo 
may 2009 by jmason
Crime of blasphemous libel proposed for Defamation Bill
'Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern proposes to insert a new section into the Defamation Bill, stating: “A person who publishes or utters blasphemous matter shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable upon conviction on indictment to a fine not exceeding €100,000.”' wtf?! what decade is this? attempting to capture the "80-year-olds who think it's 1979" voting sector?
wtf  ireland  politics  law  government  stupidity  religion  blasphemy 
april 2009 by jmason
Home Office 'colluded with Phorm'
holy shit. 'In an e-mail dated 22 January 2008, a Home Office official wrote again to Phorm and said: "I should be grateful if you would review the attached document, and let me know what you think." In January 2008 the Home Office thanks Phorm for comments and changes to its draft paper, which show the company making deletions and changes to the document.'
phorm  uk  home-office  politics  interception  advertising  dpi  networking  internet  web  isps  regulation 
april 2009 by jmason
Not-so-open Cloud Manifesto rains on interoperability parade
'The controversy surrounding the Open Cloud Manifesto demonstrates the risk of trying to build interoperability behind closed doors and through exclusionary practices. Such environments are not conducive to building consensus, which is one of the key ingredients of successful standards.'
collaboration  cloud-computing  sun  open-source  open  standards  politics  vendors 
april 2009 by jmason
Guerilla artist hangs nude Cowen paintings
some prankster put up rather disturbing paintings of Ireland's taoiseach in the National Gallery and Royal Hibernian Academy. "'It's reasonably well painted. It's not the worst thing I've ever seen,' conceded James O'Halloran of Adam's Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers."
painting  pranks  ireland  galleries  brian-cowan  politics  funny 
march 2009 by jmason
Election Officials Arrested, Charged With 'Changing Votes at E-Voting Machines'
the circuit court judge, the county clerk, and election officers of Clay County,KY were all arrested and indicted for 'changing the votes at the voting machine', and showing others how to do it, over the course of 2002-2006; they'd send the voters away at the confirmation screen, then go back and change their votes
politics  fraud  e-voting  elections  corruption  kentucky 
march 2009 by jmason
ClubOrlov: Social Collapse Best Practices
more cheery stuff from Dmitry Orlov, this time in much greater depth than the "Collapse Gap" slides
orlov  collapse  usa  russia  economy  recession  food  history  politics  survival  crisis  long-now 
february 2009 by jmason
Green party says sorry for e-mail gaffe - Times Online
wow, the "communications manager" for the Green Party is an unrepentant asshat. 'some bloggers have developed their own set of rules about how they should be approached and the e-mail in question fell foul of these rules.' Nice non-apology there! Entirely wrong -- Unsolicited Bulk Email is spam, even if you're a politician
politics  ireland  spam  email  greens  ube 
january 2009 by jmason
Closing the 'Collapse Gap': the USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US
I came across this a while back and have been looking for it again for a while. Good document on what happened in the former USSR after its society collapsed -- pretty funny too. A bit heavy-handed in its criticism of the US though (via Bruce Sterling)
politics  history  usa  government  society  russia  ussr  economy  collapse  sustainability  orlov  futurism  america  world 
january 2009 by jmason
LINX Public Affairs - Cinema ratings and web sites
Good commentary on the absurdity of the UK govt's attempts to impose age-rating certs on websites. 'From a regulatory point of view, at least part of the Internet is more like a pub, football crowd or playground than it is like a TV programme.'
linx  ratings  censorship  uk  politics  filtering  web  andy-burnham  free-speech 
january 2009 by jmason
Energy rating cert will cost up to €500
'Owners wishing to sell or rent residential property will have to pay an estimated fee of €300-€500 to comply with new building regulations from next year'. why? is it expected that renters will refuse houses that are inefficient? not impressed, strikes me as typical Irish Green Party half-baked tokenism
greens  politics  ireland  rip-off-ireland  rip-offs  inflation  regulation  renting  crap 
october 2008 by jmason
"Crewser" a fake?
A long-running annoying commenter on Sarah Carey's blog may have been a complex, team-driven troll operation! 'The Crewser Artistic Spoof which has haunted your site and a few others for the last 18 months or so has been terminated as planned on July 31st last.' Not sure I believe this
crewser  blogs  blogging  sarah-carey  trolling  trolls  fianna-fail  pranks  ireland  politics 
august 2008 by jmason
Charlie Brooker on pervasive surveillance
'The way things are going, I half-expect to hear a quiet electric "peep" noise each time I flush the toilet; another bowel movement logged by Bumland Security.'
charlie-brooker  funny  surveillance  society  politics  columns  cctv 
july 2008 by jmason
politics in the Twitter camp around the Public Timeline XMPP feed
some third-party app developers get access to it, some don't. one dev says: 'It’s frustrating to just get locked out after spending so much time making stuff for Twitter users'
twitter  politics  ugh  xmpp  tweets  microblogging  biz 
july 2008 by jmason
nasty scenes at referendum count involving extreme-right-wing group Coir
'As [a govt minister] attempted to speak, he was surrounded by Coir [ie. extreme-right-wing anti-abortion group Youth Defense] activists who screamed at him and sang "there's no Lisbon". When [Joan] Burton attempted to intervene, she was spat at.' lovely
coir  scumbags  ireland  dublin  youth-defense  thugs  abortion  politics  religion 
june 2008 by jmason
The Treaty of Lisbon: A Spoofers Guide On How To Not Vote No
'Sinn Fein believe that the EU is too militaristic, and are concerned about the EU using weapons to achieve its political ends. I'll let that sentence just sit quietly there, as I leaf through the November 2007 edition of Black Pots and Kettles Monthly.'
brilliant  funny  sinn-fein  lisbon  politics  ireland  eu  lisbon-treaty  europe  via:pricewatch 
june 2008 by jmason
Damien Mulley: eBay Ireland Boss sets up Broadband Lobby Group
eBay's John McElligott seems to be kicking ass and taking names, much to the displeasure of government mandarins
ireland  ebay  john-mcelligott  broadband  politics  dcenr  comreg 
june 2008 by jmason
Data retention - the UK experience
incredible stories of RIPA abuse by local councils: offences like storing petrol without a licence, a search for a bogus faith healer, dog fouling were all deemed important enough to search private phone and email records. given access, it'll be abused
data-retention  abuse  councils  uk  politics  ripa  via:dri 
june 2008 by jmason
anti-Lisbon campaign goes off the deep end with an RFID-implants poster
'What the fuck? We all need to check Subsection 2.4.8 on baby chipping. This is serious shit.'
jazzbiscuit  rfid  funny  lisbon-treaty  ireland  politics  eu  paranoia  tinfoil-hats 
may 2008 by jmason
Brian Cowen Sings
Ireland's new Taoiseach sings a bizarre little Father Ted-esque song about getting swimming pools off them feckers in Dublin; as a comment says: 'Cowan - Cultural Learnings of Offaly for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Ireland'. we're screwed
brian-cowan  funny  disturbing  beyond-the-pale  country  rural  dail  ireland  politics  small-town  deliverance 
may 2008 by jmason
Libertas: US Military Contractors Against Lisbon!
wow, the "Libertas" group campaigning against the current EU vote are really, _really_ dodgy characters. best reason to vote "yes" I've heard so far
libertas  us-politics  ireland  lisbon-treaty  eu  voting  politics 
may 2008 by jmason
Charlie Brooker on Boris Johnson's run for London mayor
'Tee hee! Boris had an affair! Arf! He used the word "picaninnies"! Yuk yuk! He's been caught agreeing to give the address of a reporter to a friend who wants him beaten up! Ho ho! Look at his funny blond hair! HA HA BORIS LOL!!!! WHAT A LEGERND!!!!!!'
boris-johnson  funny  not-funny  tories  uk  london  charlie-brooker  politics 
april 2008 by jmason
Come Get Your “Obsessive Blogger” Badges
a nice "up yours" to Tom Kitt, Ireland's Information Society minister, who recently complained about bloggers making his job harder by being informed
tom-kitt  information-society  blogging  ireland  politics  bloggers 
march 2008 by jmason
Irish government minister: "government cannot be swayed by bloggers"
'Minister for Information Society in the department of the Taoiseach, Tom Kitt TD said that government cannot be swayed by obsessive bloggers, but must give equal voice to people who don’t have time to have narrowly focussed opinions.'
tom-kitt  government  ireland  blogs  blogging  politics 
march 2008 by jmason
Mitt Romney's idiotic anti-Europe comment
'Europe is facing a demographic disaster. That is the inevitable product of weakened faith in the Creator, failed families, disrespect for the sanctity of human life and eroded morality.' uh, nope! I'm really getting sick of this idiotic Repub soundbite
europe  mitt-romney  asshats  idiotic  republican  xenophobia  racism  fear  politics  christians  wtf 
february 2008 by jmason
With friends like these ... Tom Hodgkinson on the politics of the people behind Facebook
Possibly the stupidest article I read yesterday. Anti-Facebook screed -- journo can't tell the difference between *using* a tool, and supporting the politics of the tool's creators. as Gibson said -- "the street will find its own uses for technology"
tom-hodgkinson  idiot  uk  facebook  politics  the-grauniad  stupid  tools  technology  libertarians  neocons  silicon-valley 
january 2008 by jmason
Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia
colour me unsurprised. it really sounds like WP is run by a politburo these days
wikipedia  politburo  via:slashdot  secrecy  intrigue  politics  clique  tinc  cabals  openness 
december 2007 by jmason
Schneier on Security: The War on the Unexpected
A cop 'may believe that [a terrorist threat] is a false alarm, but it's not in his interests to say so. If he's wrong, it'll cost his career; but if he escalates, he'll be praised for "doing his job" and the cost will be borne by others. So he escalates.'
cya  security  bruce-schneier  asscovering  politics  us-politics  boston  escalation  chili-sauce  evacuations 
november 2007 by jmason
Live twitterstream from inside the Green party conference
where the future government is being decided. 'at the moment it's extremely likely it will pass' (via Damien)
twitter  ireland  blogging  politics  irish-politics  greens 
june 2007 by jmason
What will the Greens bring to government? Twenty Major
Twenty Major on the impending Green-FF-PD coalition: 'when green zone land is rezoned to allow Fianna Fail’s builder friends to lash up houses and enormous shopping centres, the bribes must be presented in envelopes made from recycled paper.' ha!
twenty-major  funny  via:adam  greens  ireland  fianna-fail  government  coalitions  politics 
june 2007 by jmason
Vincent Browne takes on Bertie Ahern, head-to-head
I never really had much time for VB in the past, but this is brilliant. "The problem with this money is -- It ain't credible that it was for the .. renovation of this house!" Awesome
fianna-fail  vincent-browne  ireland  politics  election2007  election 
may 2007 by jmason Election Blog
John Handelaar's set up an IRC->blog gateway, blogging the .ie election, based on the spool code it looks like (via twitterings)
kildarestreet  blogging  ireland  election  politics 
april 2007 by jmason
Microsoft packing ISO meetings to push through their OOXML "standard"
'SC34 suddenly has a lot of new ['participating member' countries] sending representatives, and I am interested to note the majority of their representatives are, as individuals, also Microsoft employees.' up to their old dirty tricks, then
microsoft  dirty-tricks  ooxml  openoffice  via:simonphipps  open-source  iso  standards  politics 
march 2007 by jmason
The Overton window
'start by outlining the continuum of opinions, including the ridiculous or unthinkable. Then the narrower range of the reasonable; the Overton window. The job of the think tank is to move this, so that ideas that were once unthinkable become acceptable'
overton-window  think-tanks  discourse  politics  w3c  mark-pilgrim  web  standards  discussion 
march 2007 by jmason
CYA Security
Bruce Schneier: the current model for airport security etc. is entirely oriented towards covering the asses of the officials creating the bureaucracy, and doesn't keep us secure; IOW, why creating a govt department was the worst possible response to 9/11
tsa  cya  security  bruce-schneier  airport-security  9-11  bureaucracy  politics 
february 2007 by jmason
Marking Time: No longer Celtic and Christian
Enda Kenny makes an odd-sounding "Celtic and Christian" remark in a public speech, which later disappears from the online transcript on Fine Gael's official website. tut tut
enda-kenny  fine-gael  spin  ireland  politics  history 
february 2007 by jmason
Viridian Note 00487: We Are Winning
Bruce Sterling posts a well-deserved auto-back-patting message as the Viridian Design movement goes mainstream, well ahead of schedule
viridian  bruce-sterling  green  electric-green  politics  environment 
january 2007 by jmason
U.S. government agency encourages other agencies to "advance the [RFID] industry"
GSA memo: 'consider action that can be taken to advance the [RFID] industry by demonstrating the long-term intent of the agency to adopt RFID technological solutions."' Why? What's in it for the government, if other systems work better? very odd
gsa  rfid  caspian  us-politics  technology  politics 
november 2006 by jmason
Jason Scott: The Great Failure of Wikipedia
'What Wikipedia has taught us .. is that in a vacuum of politics, politics will be created. There is no vacuum of politics.' interesting article
wikipedia  jason-scott  talks  transcripts  wikis  politics  community 
may 2006 by jmason
Political bias affects brain activity, study finds
Being a wingnut is neurochemically addictive (via torrez): 'The result is that partisan beliefs are calcified, and the person can learn very little from new data'
via:torrez  politics  us-politics  zealotry  wingnuts  science  fmri  brain  neurochemistry  funny  scary 
january 2006 by jmason
Flickr and Yahoo: please support open identity standards
You know, that *would* be cool. snowball's chance in hell though, from the sounds of it ;)
authentication  yahoo  flickr  openid  politics 
september 2005 by jmason The Uses of Disaster
great article about authority, its response to disaster, and Katrina
hurricane-katrina  disasters  bureaucracy  authority  government  politics 
september 2005 by jmason
The New Yorker: The Moral-Hazard Myth, by Malcolm Gladwell
Mind-boggling. 'Steve uses less health care than he would if he had insurance, but that’s not because he has defeated the scourge of moral hazard. It’s because instead of getting a broken bone fixed he put a bandage on it.'
healthcare  us-politics  politics  health  economics  moral-hazard 
september 2005 by jmason
A Shout Out to My Pepys - Looting: My story.
One LA resident's memories of the '92 riots: 'Going up Vermont into Hollywood, we entered the Los Angeles version of the fall of Saigon.' holy crap
los-angeles  riots  la  looting  politics  california 
september 2005 by jmason
Back Seat Drivers: O'Reilly, blogs, and the EFF
after vague threats from Tony O'Reilly, the Irish blogosphere seems to be calling out for a new EFI, across a range of tech issues
efi  eff  ireland  politics  civil-liberties  internet  technology  copyfight 
august 2005 by jmason
Perry Metzger on ID cards
well worth reading; however, nobody's been able to explain to me what the diff is between the *existing* US state driver's license, and a US federal ID card, apart from that of scale ;)
id-cards  government  state  politics 
july 2005 by jmason
FFII: Wallstreet Journal reports prominently about conflicts of interest of Lehne et al
'In his job with a leading German patent-law firm, Klaus-Heiner Lehne advises corporate clients on European Union policy. In his second job, as a member of the European Parliament, Mr. Lehne also shapes policy: In June, he helped rewrite a patent proposal
patents  lehne  lobbying  politics  europe  eu  swpats 
july 2005 by jmason Press Briefing by Scott McClellan 2005-06-16
'Q Is there any idea how long a last throe lasts for?' ... 'MR. McCLELLAN: Go ahead, Steve.'
funny  politics  usa  iraq  white-house 
june 2005 by jmason
Foreign Affairs - Sinking Globalization - Niall Ferguson
'Could globalization collapse? It may seem unlikely today. Yet despite many warnings, people were shocked the last time globalization crumbled, with the onslaught of World War I.'
globalization  world-politics  politics  free-trade  history 
june 2005 by jmason
The New York Times > Washington > Image > An Editor in the White House
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, White House style -- rewriting scientific fact to fit politics
scummy  fud  science  climate-change  usa  politics 
june 2005 by jmason
Guardian | French fries protester regrets war jibe
"freedom fries" congressman recants. but they're *still* called that in the House of Rep's cafeterias
freedom-fries  iraq  france  usa  politics 
may 2005 by jmason
Guardian: An essay in imperial villain-making
'A fanatical Muslim despot was resisting the west, there were calls for regime change' - but this was 1798, and the target was Tipu Sultan
politics  india  asia  world-politics 
may 2005 by jmason The war and Ireland
Ireland was neutral in WWII; this is a great description of their plans in case of invasion
war  wwii  politics  ireland  neutrality 
may 2005 by jmason
Guardian: Cannes film festival: The film US TV networks dare not show
'The Power Of Nightmares' has been recut as a movie, and will be screened at Cannes
power-of-nightmares  terrorism  film  fear  politics  bbc 
may 2005 by jmason
Hilary Rosen: "Steve Jobs, Let My Music Go"
oh, the irony! ex-prez of the RIAA complains of a lack of music interoperability -- which the RIAA-mandated DRM *created*
riaa  music  politics  funny  via:eff 
may 2005 by jmason
U.S. Congress Exempts Itself From Cuba Cigar Import Regulations / Bloomberg - Cuba News / Noticias - CubaNet News
The US policy on Cuba is like watching kittens fight: petty, vicious, intensely stupid, but hilarious at the same time. This hypocrisy takes the biscuit, however
cuba  politics  us-congress  us-foreign-policy  funny  hypocrisy 
april 2005 by jmason
Science & Technology at Scientific Okay, We Give Up -- We feel so ashamed
'This magazine will be dedicated purely to science, fair and balanced science, and not just the science that scientists say is science' [via torrez]
funny  april-fools  science  politics 
april 2005 by jmason
JON CARROLL: first communique from the Unitarian Jihad
'People can still go to France, terrorist leader says'
politics  funny 
april 2005 by jmason
Umberto Eco - Eternal Fascism: 14 Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt
interesting. 'For Ur-Fascism ... pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. It is bad because life is permanent warfare.'
politics  fascism  umberto-eco 
march 2005 by jmason
Guardian: Sidney Blumenthal: A hireling, a fraud and a prostitute
Sidney Blumenthal on the Jeff Gannon scandal. 'there are no journalists, just the gaming of the system for the concentration of power'
jeff-gannon  fake-journalists  gwb  dirty-tricks  politics 
february 2005 by jmason
KATU 2 - Portland, Oregon
'The governor of Oregon ... unveiled plans for an Open Technology center that is designed to boost the adoption of open technology among developers and industries.' hmm. Wonder if Ireland would consider doing something similar, it's got about the same
open-source  ireland  oregon  politics  funding 
january 2005 by jmason
True democracy needs a voting trail - Margaret McGaley - openDemocracy
short potted history of ICTE's amazing campaign against e-voting in Ireland; a classic e-democracy success story
campaigns  e-democracy  e-voting  icte  ireland  politics 
december 2004 by jmason
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