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Will the Greens pay YOUR €25,000 Blasphemy fine?
good point from Jason O'Mahoney. 'let’s pass this law anyway, but instead of a €25,000 fine, make it a €25 fine. The constitution is satisfied, and the fine is so nominal as to be useless, which is what the Greens say is the effective outcome of the law anyway.' +1
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july 2009 by jmason
Green party says sorry for e-mail gaffe - Times Online
wow, the "communications manager" for the Green Party is an unrepentant asshat. 'some bloggers have developed their own set of rules about how they should be approached and the e-mail in question fell foul of these rules.' Nice non-apology there! Entirely wrong -- Unsolicited Bulk Email is spam, even if you're a politician
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january 2009 by jmason
The cycle to work scheme
Green Party site on the new Cycle-to-Work scheme, whereby the govt will provide a tax exemption if your employer buys you a bike up to EUR1000 in value
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january 2009 by jmason
Energy rating cert will cost up to €500
'Owners wishing to sell or rent residential property will have to pay an estimated fee of €300-€500 to comply with new building regulations from next year'. why? is it expected that renters will refuse houses that are inefficient? not impressed, strikes me as typical Irish Green Party half-baked tokenism
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october 2008 by jmason
Live twitterstream from inside the Green party conference
where the future government is being decided. 'at the moment it's extremely likely it will pass' (via Damien)
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june 2007 by jmason
What will the Greens bring to government? Twenty Major
Twenty Major on the impending Green-FF-PD coalition: 'when green zone land is rezoned to allow Fianna Fail’s builder friends to lash up houses and enormous shopping centres, the bribes must be presented in envelopes made from recycled paper.' ha!
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june 2007 by jmason

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