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The best Mario Kart character according to data science
Unless you’re going all-in on acceleration, it looks like a heavy character is the way to go; the two heaviest character classes (Wario and Donkey Kong) account for 11/15 of the Pareto-optimal configurations.

Wario/Sports Bike/Slick or Wario/Gold Standard/Slick get the top billing!
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june 2018 by jm
MPlayer CE - WiiBrew
'a homebrew media player for the Nintendo Wii. It was initially created as a fork of Team Twiizers' port of MPlayer, combining elements of MPlayerWii, GeeXboX and other great homebrew contributions.' recommended by conoro
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april 2010 by jm
List of homebrew applications - WiiBrew
woo, interesting stuff on the Wii homebrew scene! MPlayer CE is apparently quite promising
mplayer  homebrew  wii  mod  video  movies  from delicious
april 2010 by jm

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