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How to secure your webapp
Locking down a webapp with current strict HTTPS policies.
It’s impossible to get to 100% security but there are steps you can take to secure your webapp for your users, to help mitigate against different types of attacks both against you, your webapp and your customers themselves. These are all things we’ve implemented with Server Density v2 to help harden the product as much as possible. These tips are in addition to security best practices such as protecting against SQL injection, filtering, session handling, and XSRF protection. Check out the OWASP cheat sheets and top 10 lists to ensure you’re covered for the basics before implementing the suggestions below.
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july 2013 by jm
Evolution of SoundCloud's Architecture
nice write-up. nginx, Rails, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Cassandra, Elastic Search, HAProxy
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september 2012 by jm
Scaling lessons learned at Dropbox
website-scaling tips and suggestions, "particularly for a resource-constrained, fast-growing environment that can’t always afford to do things “the right way” (i.e., any real-world engineering project". I really like the "run with fake load" trick; add additional queries/load which you can quickly turn off if the service starts browning out, giving you a few days breathing room to find a real fix before customers start being affected. Neat
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july 2012 by jm
on URL Design
from one of GitHub's designers, good tips on how the URL UI needs to work these days
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december 2010 by jm
Play framework
'a Java framework made by Web developers. Discover a clean alternative to bloated enterprise Java stacks. Play focuses on developer productivity and targets RESTful architectures.'
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december 2009 by jm

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