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Turtle Bunbury - THE NIGHT OF THE BIG WIND, 1839 (Reprise)

The Night of the Big Wind was the most devastating storm ever recorded in Irish history. Known in As Gaeilge as ‘Oiche na Gaoithe Moire’, the hurricane of 6th and 7th January 1839 made more people homeless in a single night than all the sorry decades of eviction that followed it.
1839  1830s  19th-century  ireland  turtle-bunbury  history  storms  weather  hurricanes 
october 2017 by jm
Toyota's Gill Pratt: "No one is close to achieving true level 5 [self-driving cars]"
The most important thing to understand is that not all miles are the same. Most miles that we drive are very easy, and we can drive them while daydreaming or thinking about something else or having a conversation. But some miles are really, really hard, and so it’s those difficult miles that we should be looking at: How often do those show up, and can you ensure on a given route that the car will actually be able to handle the whole route without any problem at all? Level 5 autonomy says all miles will be handled by the car in an autonomous mode without any need for human intervention at all, ever.

So if we’re talking to a company that says, “We can do full autonomy in this pre-mapped area and we’ve mapped almost every area,” that’s not Level 5. That’s Level 4. And I wouldn’t even stop there: I would ask, “Is that at all times of the day, is it in all weather, is it in all traffic?” And then what you’ll usually find is a little bit of hedging on that too. The trouble with this Level 4 thing, or the “full autonomy” phrase, is that it covers a very wide spectrum of possible competencies. It covers “my car can run fully autonomously in a dedicated lane that has no other traffic,” which isn’t very different from a train on a set of rails, to “I can drive in Rome in the middle of the worst traffic they ever have there, while it’s raining," which is quite hard.

Because the “full autonomy” phrase can mean such a wide range of things, you really have to ask the question, “What do you really mean, what are the actual circumstances?” And usually you’ll find that it’s geofenced for area, it may be restricted by how much traffic it can handle, for the weather, the time of day, things like that. So that’s the elaboration of why we’re not even close.
autonomy  driving  self-driving  cars  ai  robots  toyota  weather 
january 2017 by jm
How wet is a cycling commute in Ireland?
It turns out that you’ll get wet 3 times more often if you’re a Galway cyclist when compared to a Dubliner. Dublin is Ireland’s driest cycling city.

Some good data and visualization on this extremely important issue
rain  rainfall-radar  ireland  climate  weather  dublin  galway  cycling 
april 2016 by jm
Somewhere Over the Rainbow: How to Make Effective Use of Colors in Meteorological Visualizations
Linked from the "Improving the Weather On Twitter" post -- choosing the "best" colour scheme for meteorological visualization. Great dataviz resource post
dataviz  colour  color  meteorological  weather  nws  papers  rgb  hcl 
august 2015 by jm
Improving The Weather On Twitter
lovely open-source dataviz improvement for near-term historical rainfall-radar images
dataviz  weather  rain  rainfall  radar  nws  twitter  bots  graphics  ui 
august 2015 by jm
How Curiosity, Luck, and the Flip of a Switch Saved the Moon Program | Motherboard
"SCE to off?" someone said. The switch was so obscure that neither of his bosses knew what he was talking about. "What the hell's that," blurted out Gerald Carr, who was in charge of communicating with the capsule. The rookie flight director, Gerry Griffin, didn't know either.

Sixty seconds had passed since the initial lightning strike. No one else knew what to do. The call to abort was fast approaching. 

Finally, Carr reluctantly gave the order in a voice far cooler than the moment. "Apollo 12, Houston, try SCE to Auxiliary, over."
spaceflight  stories  apollo  sce-to-aux  power  lightning  weather  outages  simulation  training  nasa 
november 2014 by jm
Analyzing Citibike Usage
Abe Stanway crunches the stats on Citibike usage in NYC, compared to the weather data from Wunderground.
data  correlation  statistics  citibike  cycling  nyc  data-science  weather 
march 2014 by jm
FlightAware MiseryMap
what US airports are causing the most misery? Looks like that old favourite, storms in ORD, right now.... (via Theo Schlossnagle)
via:postwait  misery  air-travel  travel  flying  ord  weather  maps 
february 2014 by jm
earth wind map
Beautiful d3.js dataviz of wind patterns and forecasts, projected against a vector Earth map
earth  map  visualization  weather  javascript  d3.js  dataviz  wind  forecasts  maps 
january 2014 by jm
Forecast Blog are doing such a great job of applying modern machine-learning to traditional weather data. "Quicksilver" is their neural-net-adjusted global temperature geodata, and here's how it's built
quicksilver  forecast  neural-networks  ai  machine-learning  algorithms  weather  geodata  earth  temperature 
august 2013 by jm
Excellent weather site, displaying beautifully interpolated rainfall visualization, from the team behind the Dark Sky app
weather  ireland  dark-sky  apps  iphone  ipad  forecast  rain  dataviz  mapping  via:marcomorain 
july 2013 by jm
Accuweather long-range forecast accuracy questionable
"questionable" is putting it mildly:

Now to to the point: Are the 25-day forecasts any good? In a word, no. Specifically, after running this data, I would not trust a forecast high temperature more than a week out. I’d rather look at the normal (historical average) temperature for that day than the forecast. Similarly, I would not even look at a precipitation forecast more than 6 days in advance, and I wouldn’t start to trust it for anything important until about 3 days ahead of time.
accuweather  accuracy  fail  graphs  data  weather  forecasting  philadelphia 
june 2013 by jm
Keep predicting and you’ll be right eventually?
debunking Ken Ring, the kiwi “long term weather prediction” “scientist” who gets trundled out every year around this time
ken-ring  weather  predictions  ireland  rain 
january 2013 by jm
Beatiful dataviz of weather data from,, World Weather Online and Weather Central. The main graph includes: mean and percentiles of historical temperature data for time of year, the temperature and precipitation forecast over the chosen period, wind direction and speed, with hourly data. Very nicely done! (via Una Mullally)
via:unamullally  dataviz  temperature  forecasts  weather  graphing  percentiles  wind  rain 
june 2012 by jm
Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyres
back in stock at ChainReactionCycles, EUR48 each. bookmarking to buy in case the weather forecast turns shitty again this year...
weather  ice  cycling  commute  snow  bikes 
november 2011 by jm
Dark Sky - Weather Prediction, Reinvented by Adam Grossman & Jack Turner — Kickstarter
Yes! short-term weather prediction and dataviz. I've been vaguely considering ideas along these lines recently, but these guys have gone much further. US residents, fund it -- I really hope this gets made and makes it to Ireland...
crowdfunding  weather  apps  cool  dataviz  visualization 
november 2011 by jm
2-day volcanic ash forecasts over Europe
using SNAP, the Norwegian Meterological Institute's nuclear-fallout modelling system. Very useful, much niftier than the UK version, and much more *publicly available* than the Irish version
europe  volcano  norway  weather  ash  snap  modelling  forecasts  from delicious
may 2010 by jm
UK Met Office: Volcanic Ash Cloud Maps
updated 4 times daily, maps of Europe indicating coverage of the ash cloud. I'm going to be F5'ing this constantly over the next week as I'm supposed to be flying on Sunday :(
airports  hazards  iceland  travel  maps  weather  volcanic-ash  ash  forecast  europe  met-office  holidays  ash-cloud  from delicious
may 2010 by jm
Semi-Realtime Satellite Desktop Backgrounds
Russ Garrett with another set of near-realtime desktop weather imagery (cf. )
weather  desktop  image  satellite  realtime  backgrounds  from delicious
january 2010 by jm
Zamberlan Snow Chains
chains -- for your shoes. basically crampon overshoes, to deal with ice and snow, EUR45
chains  ice  snow  shoes  boots  footwear  weather  crampons  from delicious
january 2010 by jm
Irish Weather Network
live weather-station data from across Ireland, overlaid on a Google Map, using amateur and professional stations. fascinating
weather  data  mapping  ireland  live  from delicious
january 2010 by jm
Snow Chains in Ireland? -
good thread, despite a lot of patronising asshattery
snow  weather  commute  mobility  chains  driving  from delicious
january 2010 by jm
Hourly forecast for Dublin (Ireland) –
another weather forecasting service which may be more reliable than Met Eireann, this time from, the joint online weather service from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. if only Met Eireann spent our taxes on something of this quality (via Stephen Mulcahy)
via:smulcahy  norway  met-eireann  ireland  weather  rain  dublin  taxes 
august 2009 by jm
Socializing the Weather
so Met Eireann's crappy weather forecasts are actually just what they give out "for free"; if you pay extra, they have more accurate forecasts. what a scam for a govt department! Handily though, they are mandated by law to give out decent forecasts to pilots -- which are available online
eidw  taf  terminal-area-forecasts  aviation  flying  pilots  met-eireann  weather  forecasts  government 
august 2009 by jm

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