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Kashmiri cops filed a case against people using VPN and social media
The police in the Jammu and Kashmir region have issued an "FIR" against individuals using social media via a VPN; "army personnel were allegedly checking phones to see if the owners had any VPN apps installed." Critics have regularly argued that this partial access to the internet still counts as an internet shutdown.
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About to leave UPC due to (lack of) port forwarding -
Virgin Media/UPC seem to have silently deployed an IPv6 "carrier-grade NAT" setup called "DS-Lite" -- ie. all customers now get just a routable IPv6 address, and share a small pool of IPv4 NATs. This breaks a multitude of useful services, including UDP IPSec VPNs it seems
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may 2016 by jm
Virgin Media Ireland hate people working from home
What the hell, Virgin?
Section 12: Use of Virtual Private Network (VPN)
As stated above, the Virgin Media Services are for residential use only and we do not support the use of VPN. If we find you are using VPN we may instruct you to stop using it and you must comply with this request. This is in order to prevent problems with our network and other Internet users.
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