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"Trees in early Ireland" - Augustine Henry Memorial Lecture, Royal Dublin Society
'In this article an attempt is made to identify all the twenty-eight trees and shrubs which are listed in Old Irish law-text of about the eight century AD. There is also an account of trees which are mentioned in early Irish poetry and proverbs, as well as brief description of woods and woodland management in pre-Norman Ireland. The article concludes with a discussion of tree-references in early English, Scottish and Welsh sources.'

Particularly noteworthy are the 7 "lords of the wood" (airig fedo):

1. Dair 'oak' (Quercus robur, Quercus petraea)

2. Coil 'hazel' (Corylus avellana)

3. Cuilenn 'holly' (Ilex aquifolium)

4. Ibar 'yew' (Taxus baccata)

5. Uinnius 'ash' (Fraxinus excelsior)

6. Ochtach 'Scots pine' (Pinus sylvestris)

7. Aball 'wild apple-tree' (Malus pumila)

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Making a C64 Cartridge - World of Jani
'To create a cartridge for your Commodore 64 in the simplest form, is wiring a 8K ROM to the expansion port.'
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