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'With the price of bread running into billions a loaf the German people [...] had to get used to counting in thousands of billions. This, according to some German physicians, brought on a new nervous disease known as "zero stroke," or "cipher stroke" [...] The persons afflicted with the malady are perfectly normal, except "for a desire to write endless rows of ciphers and engage in computations more involved than the most difficult problems in logarithms."' (via Joe Drumgoole)
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february 2011 by jm
Balsamiq Mockups
create wireframe mock-ups quickly, via Confluence/JIRA/desktop/fogbugz plugins (via Joe)
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june 2010 by jm
free e-bill aggregation/archival service from an Irish company, for Irish users (right now at least). looks very useful
bills  aggregator  ireland  webapps  via:jdrumgoole  archiving  from delicious
april 2010 by jm
RegExr: Online Regular Expression Testing Tool
a very nice interactive editor in Flash, supporting lots of the usual perlish stuff. via Joe
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december 2009 by jm

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