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OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X damaging Deutsche Telekom SIM cards
I can confirm, there is a help forum from the "deutsche telekom", they say there is a feature called MEC (it's mainly for setting phone parameters to match their network), active on all their SIM cards, which is not correctly handled by any of the OnePlus Devices (one, two, x) so it writes constantly to flash memory, killing it arround 100.000 writes which is 3-6 weeks.

(via Mike Walsh on the Irish tech slack)
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february 2016 by jm
Transform your oyster travelcard with sugru!
probably totally dodgy where the Oyster rules are concerned, but still pretty damn cool
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january 2016 by jm
"So you have a mess on your hands" [png]
Excellent flowchart of how to fix common git screwups (via ITC slack)
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january 2016 by jm

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