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Virgin Media Ireland hate people working from home
What the hell, Virgin?
Section 12: Use of Virtual Private Network (VPN)
As stated above, the Virgin Media Services are for residential use only and we do not support the use of VPN. If we find you are using VPN we may instruct you to stop using it and you must comply with this request. This is in order to prevent problems with our network and other Internet users.
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may 2016 by jm
Music firms secure orders blocking access to Pirate Bay - Crime & Law News from Ireland & Abroad | The Irish Times - Wed, Jun 12, 2013
Four major music companies have secured court orders requiring six internet service providers to block access by subscribers to various Pirate Bay websites within some 30 days in a bid to prevent illegal downloading of copyright music and other material. [...]

Today, Mr Justice Brian McGovern said he was satisfied to make the order in circumstances including that new copyright laws here and in the EU permitted such orders to be made. He said he fully agreed with a previous High Court judge who had said he would make such blocking orders if the law permitted and noted the law now allowed for such orders. The form of the orders means the music companies will not have to make fresh applications to court if Pirate Bay changes its location on the internet.
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june 2013 by jm
Netflix ISP Speed Index for Ireland
Via Mulley. Magnet doing well, with UPC coming second; UPC have dropped a fair bit in the past month. Would love to see it broken down by region...
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april 2013 by jm
Conor O'Neill on his freesat/DTT system
'Our replacement for Sky TV cost €99. Ariva 120. No monthly fees!' -- sounds very intriguing, that's a good price point
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september 2011 by jm
Irish ISP was lucky -
Kiwi lawyer on the EMI v UPC case, lots of good commentary (via Eoin O'Dell)
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october 2010 by jm
Strike One? « A Clatter of the Law
Rossa McMahon rounds up some highlights from Mr. Justice Charleton's judgement on the UPC case; good post
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october 2010 by jm
Is The UPC Decision A Victory? - Michele Neylon
Michele quotes Mr Justice Charleton's judgement: 'It is not surprising that the legislative response laid down in our country in the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, at a time when this problem was not perceived to be as threatening to the creative and retail economy as it has become in 2010, has made no proper provision for the blocking, diverting or interrupting of internet communications intent on breaching copyright. In failing to provide legislative provisions for blocking, diverting and interrupting internet copyright theft, Ireland is not yet fully in compliance with its obligations under European law.' Blocking, diverting and interrupting IP traffic? _wonderful_
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october 2010 by jm
Record labels lose file sharing case against UPC - The Irish Times - Mon, Oct 11, 2010
IRMA's comment: "we reserve the right to seek compensation for the past and continuing losses from the State." You have GOT to be joking. As TJ McIntyre put it: IRMA wants taxpayers to pay for Bono's losses
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october 2010 by jm
Music Industry Fails In High Court Bid To Force 3 Strikes on ISP | TorrentFreak
UPC Ireland: “Our whole premise and defence focused on the 'mere conduit' principle, which provides that an internet service provider cannot be held liable for content transmitted across its network, and today’s decision supports the principle that ISPs are not liable for the actions of internet subscribers.” woot! Now to the High Court, I guess
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october 2010 by jm
UPC file-sharing court action begins - The Irish Times
it's with Mr Justice Peter Charleton again -- the Colmcille-misquoting judge from the Eircom case. here's hoping the Data Protection Commissioner gets off their arse and does their job this time around
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june 2010 by jm
Dutch forum thread on splitting analog signals from a UPC Thomson DCI-6221 DVR
I'm trying to figure out how I can rebuild a MythTV box with new UPC equipment. this claims that you can split the cable before it enters the Cisco cablemodem, and get analog TV off the basic cable that way. hmm
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may 2010 by jm

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