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Ubuntu on AWS gets serious performance boost with AWS-tuned kernel
interesting -- faster boots, CPU throttling resolved on t2.micros, other nice stuff
aws  ubuntu  ec2  kernel  linux  ops 
april 2017 by jm
Ubuntu To Officially Switch To systemd Next Monday - Slashdot
Jesus. This is going to be the biggest shitfest in the history of Linux...
linux  slashdot  ubuntu  systemd  init  unix  ops 
march 2015 by jm
Announcing Snappy Ubuntu
Awesome! I was completely unaware this was coming down the pipeline.
A new, transactionally updated Ubuntu for the cloud. Ubuntu Core is a new rendition of Ubuntu for the cloud with transactional updates. Ubuntu Core is a minimal server image with the same libraries as today’s Ubuntu, but applications are provided through a simpler mechanism. The snappy approach is faster, more reliable, and lets us provide stronger security guarantees for apps and users — that’s why we call them “snappy” applications.

Snappy apps and Ubuntu Core itself can be upgraded atomically and rolled back if needed — a bulletproof approach to systems management that is perfect for container deployments. It’s called “transactional” or “image-based” systems management, and we’re delighted to make it available on every Ubuntu certified cloud.
ubuntu  linux  packaging  snappy  ubuntu-core  transactional-updates  apt  docker  ops 
december 2014 by jm
Linus Torvalds and others on Linux's systemd
ZDNet's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on the systemd mess (via Kragen)
via:kragen  systemd  linux  ubuntu  gnome  init  ops 
october 2014 by jm
A nice curl/wget replacement which supports multi-TCP-connection downloads of HTTP/FTP resources. packaged for most Linux variants and OSX via brew
axel  curl  wget  via:johnke  downloading  tcp  http  ftp  ubuntu  debian  unix  linux 
september 2014 by jm
Open Invention Network Symposium on Open Source Software and Patents in Context
Dublin, 24th September 2014, hosted by Enterprise Ireland. Hosted by former Ubuntu
counsel (via gcarr)
via:gcarr  ubuntu  law  legal  open-source  floss  oss  oin  inventions  patents  swpat  software  ireland  ei  events 
september 2014 by jm
Comment #28 : Bug #255161 : Bugs : “cupsys” package : Ubuntu
file(1) bug causes the input Postscript file to be misidentified as an Erlang JAM file if it contains the string 'Tue' starting at byte 4.
via:hackernews  file  unix  cups  printing  funny  bugs  fail  ubuntu  linux 
august 2014 by jm
AWS Case Study: Hailo
Ubuntu, C*, HAProxy, MySQL, RDS, multiple AWS regions.
hailo  cassandra  ubuntu  mysql  rds  aws  ec2  haproxy  architecture 
april 2014 by jm
This program creates an EBS snapshot for an Amazon EC2 EBS volume. To
help ensure consistent data in the snapshot, it tries to flush and
freeze the filesystem(s) first as well as flushing and locking the
database, if applicable.

Filesystems can be frozen during the snapshot. Prior to Linux kernel
2.6.29, XFS must be used for freezing support. While frozen, a
filesystem will be consistent on disk and all writes will block.

There are a number of timeouts to reduce the risk of interfering with
the normal database operation while improving the chances of getting a
consistent snapshot.

If you have multiple EBS volumes in a RAID configuration, you can
specify all of the volume ids on the command line and it will create
snapshots for each while the filesystem and database are locked. Note
that it is your responsibility to keep track of the resulting snapshot
ids and to figure out how to put these back together when you need to
restore the RAID setup.

ubuntu  ec2  aws  linux  ebs  snapshots  ops  tools  alestic 
may 2013 by jm
Some really cool-looking UNIX command line utils, packaged in Debian (and therefore in Ubuntu too). A few of these I've reimplemented separately, but it's always good to replace a hack with a more widely available "official" tool. Thanks, Joey Hess!
sponge: accept input, wait til EOF, then rewrite a file;
chronic: runs a command quietly unless it fails;
combine: combine the lines in two files using boolean operations;
ifdata: get network interface info without parsing ifconfig output;
ifne: run a program if the standard input is not empty;
isutf8: check if a file or standard input is utf-8;
lckdo: execute a program with a lock held;
mispipe: pipe two commands, returning the exit status of the first;
parallel: run multiple jobs at once;
pee: tee standard input to pipes;
sponge: soak up standard input and write to a file;
ts: timestamp standard input;
vidir: edit a directory in your text editor;
vipe: insert a text editor into a pipe;
zrun: automatically uncompress arguments to command
bash  shell  cli  unix  scripting  via:peakscale  joey-hess  debian  ubuntu  tools  command-line  commands 
march 2013 by jm
udev - How do I change the keymap of a single device (Logitech presenter)? - Ask Ubuntu
nifty, udev lets you remap USB "keyboard" gadgets randomly. this may be handy for my new cheapo USB foot pedals
pedals  usb  hid  interface  gadgets  remapping  ubuntu  linux  udev 
july 2012 by jm
Displaying a webpage as a screensaver on Ubuntu
using xscreensaver. sounds simple enough. UPDATE: easier: "apt-get install xtrlock", a transparent lock screen
screensavers  lock  ubuntu  dashboards  linux  xscreensaver 
april 2012 by jm
Ubuntu's cron package silently ignores files
Ubuntu have hack-patched Vixie Cron to silently ignore cron files which contain a ".". omgwtf
omgwtfbbq  broken  ubuntu  patching  quality  bugs  software  stupid  packaging  from delicious
september 2010 by jm
o2 Broadband Dongle Working on Ubuntu 10.04
the Huawei E1752 dongle does that horrible thing where it defaults to acting as a USB storage device containing the Windows drivers, instead of acting as a 3G modem by default. usb_modeswitch should be in the Ubuntu base install to deal with this crap
usb  broadband  o2  hauwei  e1752  ubuntu  dongle  from delicious
september 2010 by jm
'a driver for Xbox and Xbox360 gamepads. It works by reading the raw data from the controller with the userspace library libusb and then passes the interpreted data to the kernel via uinput. This allows xboxdrv to provide regular joystick and event devices, which makes it compatible with all Linux software.'
drivers  xbox360  controllers  remote  linux  ubuntu  xboxdrv  joystick  input  from delicious
july 2010 by jm
Cory Doctorow's working environment
hardware and software, specifically, and an Ubuntu/Thinkpad user. some good tips here, and well-written, naturally
cory-doctorow  geek  howto  lifehacks  ubuntu  productivity  tips  tools  from delicious
july 2010 by jm
Date::Manip Error in Ubuntu 10.04
"XMLTV requires a Date::Manip timezone of +0000 to work properly" -- caused by incompatibility between Date::Manip version 6.00 and XMLTV
date-manip  xmltv  breakage  mythtv  ubuntu  lucid  10.04  from delicious
june 2010 by jm
Sup, OfflineIMAP and MSMTP
A good guide to installation on Jaunty. I'm trying out sup. It does a really good job of bringing the GMail experience to the commandline, so far so good; now to see if I can switch my work email over!
sup  email  linux  command-line  howto  jaunty  ubuntu  from delicious
november 2009 by jm
Ubuntu 9.10 Technical Overview
lots of new features, and a switch of default IM client
ubuntu  9.10  linux  release-notes  releases  from delicious
october 2009 by jm
Launchpad is now open source
Canonical _finally_ open source (under the AGPL) their bug tracker/project hosting platform. yay! here's hoping it's reasonably easy to deploy. maybe it would be viable for the ASF... hmm
canonical  launchpad  open-source  apache  hosting  projects  ubuntu  agpl 
july 2009 by jm

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