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Falsehoods Programmers Believe About CSVs
Much of my professional work for the last 10+ years has revolved around handing, importing and exporting CSV files. CSV files are frustratingly misunderstood, abused, and most of all underspecified. While RFC4180 exists, it is far from definitive and goes largely ignored.

Partially as a companion piece to my recent post about how CSV is an encoding nightmare, and partially an expression of frustration, I've decided to make a list of falsehoods programmers believe about CSVs. I recommend my previous post for a more in-depth coverage on the pains of CSVs encodings and how the default tooling (Excel) will ruin your day.

(via Tony Finch)
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CurrencyFair Online P2P International Money Transfers
p2p currency conversion; used and recommended by quite a few people I know, it turns out. bookmarking for the next time I need to convert currencies
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