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Live Transcribe
Google's new live transcription app -- 'see instant captions anywhere.
Whether you’re ordering a coffee or meeting someone new, Live Transcribe helps you communicate in the moment.'

If this works, it'd be fantastic for the deaf and hard of hearing... nifty!
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13 days ago by jm
Fax vs Twilio
A fax machine called my #twilio voice number, this is how @twilio transcribed it....

This is amazing. Machine talking to machine, with hilarious results
twilio  transcription  machine  audio  fax  hey-hey-hey  you-know-its-hey  funny 
november 2013 by jm
Spinvox in trouble after BBC investigation
'A UK firm that turns mobile messages into text faces questions over its privacy standards, technology and finances following a BBC investigation' .. 'claims to the BBC suggest that the majority of messages have been heard and transcribed by call centre staff in South Africa and the Philippines.' 'The fact that messages appear to have been read by workers outside of the European Union raises questions about the firm's data protection policy.'
data-protection  privacy  facebook  bbc  technology  mobile  transcription  spinvox  security  south-africa  offshoring 
july 2009 by jm

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