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Videos from the Continuous Delivery track at QCon SF 2012
Think we'll be watching some of these in work soon -- Jez Humble's talk (the last one) in particular looks good:

Amazon, Etsy, Google and Facebook are all primarily software development shops which command enormous amounts of resources. They are, to use Christopher Little’s metaphor, unicorns. How can the rest of us adopt continuous delivery? That’s the subject of my talk, which describes four case studies of organizations that adopted continuous delivery, with varying degrees of success.

One of my favourites – partly because it’s embedded software, not a website – is the story of HP’s LaserJet Firmware team, who re-architected their software around the principles of continuous delivery. People always want to know the business case for continuous delivery: the FutureSmart team provide one in the book they wrote that discusses how they did it.
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Performance Testing Java Applications [talk]
Martin "Disruptor" Thompson on performance testing.

This talk explores when to start performance testing, how to avoid the common pitfalls, how to profile when the results cause your team to pull a funny face, and what you can do about that funny face. Specific issues to Java and managed runtimes in general will be explored, but if other languages are your poison, don't be put off as much of the content can be applied to any development.
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YouTube - "charlie brooker's gameswipe" ibbstersthecrapgamer
all 6 parts of the first episode, via Waxy. will watch this at some future point when I have free time again!
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