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A Linear-Time, One-Pass Majority Vote Algorithm
This algorithm, which Bob Boyer and I invented in 1980, decides which element of a sequence is in the majority, provided there is such an element.
algorithms  one-pass  o(1)  coding  majority  top-k  sorting 
september 2014 by jm
clearspring / stream-lib
ASL-licensed open source library of stream-processing/approximation algorithms: count-min sketch, space-saving top-k, cardinality estimation, LogLog, HyperLogLog, MurmurHash, lookup3 hash, Bloom filters, q-digest, stochastic top-k
algorithms  coding  streams  cep  stream-processing  approximation  probabilistic  space-saving  top-k  cardinality  estimation  bloom-filters  q-digest  loglog  hyperloglog  murmurhash  lookup3 
february 2013 by jm

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