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Wiggle | Panaracer RibMo Folding City Tyre | City Tyres
Recommended for city commuting by a couple of ppl on ITS
tyres  tires  ribmo  panaracer  cycling  bike  to-get 
september 2017 by jm
Studded Bicycle Tires
Thinking of the winter commute again. This page has a load of fantastic info on winter tyres
ice  winter  tires  tyres  cycling  shopping  commute 
november 2011 by jm
A More Professional Solution
a paean to Schwalbe Marathon Winter tires.  sniff, if had their act together I'd have mine by now :(
bikes  cycling  ice  tires  sneachta  snow  schwalbe  winter  from delicious
december 2010 by jm

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