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randomised prefixes in S3 are no longer necessary to improve performance
This S3 request rate performance increase removes any previous guidance to randomize object prefixes to achieve faster performance. That means you can now use logical or sequential naming patterns in S3 object naming without any performance implications.

Having said that, it sounds like they may still help to a degree anyway.
s3  coding  architecture  aws  tips 
september 2018 by jm
Uses This / Leonard Lin
lhl describes the stuff he uses, day to day. Lots of travel gear, drones, Linux and a surprising lack of Macs
travel  shopping  hardware  gear  uses-this  lhl  drones  vr  linux  vive  chromebook  tips 
april 2018 by jm
Dalzells of Markethill
an Armagh-based home appliance retail shop, apparently doing good deals and with free delivery to Dublin. recommended by Karlin Lillington: "Superb prices, will do multi-purchase deals, FREE delivery to Meath/Louth/Dublin & bend over backwards to offer service & advice"
via:karlin  armagh  shopping  appliances  kitchen  home  import  tips 
march 2018 by jm
What's in your migraine kit?
Good post on workarounds/pain relief/migraine-abortive treatments from the /r/migraine subreddit. Some of the things I've found helpful (ice-cold Coke, headache stick, and of course triptans), and I few I haven't tried yet, so may give them a try. God damn migraines :(
migraine  headaches  medicine  health  pain  reddit  tips 
march 2018 by jm
SE Asia travel pro-tip from Naomi Wu
Naomi Wu on Twitter: "Honestly Saccharomyces boulardii solves the problem [of dodgy tummy] for most people, it's what I take when I travel to SE Asia"
food  diarrhoea  s-boulardii  bacterica  digestion  health  travel  se-asia  tips 
january 2018 by jm
48 Hours In Dublin
good set of tourist tips for a foodie Dublin weekender
dublin  tourism  food  eating  dining  restaurants  tips  weekend 
august 2017 by jm
Kubernetes Best Practices // Speaker Deck
A lot of these are general Docker/containerisation best practices, too.

(via Devops Weekly)
k8s  kubernetes  devops  ops  containers  docker  best-practices  tips  packaging 
july 2017 by jm
Fastest syncing of S3 buckets
good tip for "aws s3 sync" performance
performance  aws  s3  copy  ops  tips 
july 2017 by jm
Top 5 ways to improve your AWS EC2 performance
A couple of bits of excellent advice from Datadog (although this may be a slightly old post, from Oct 2016):

1. Unpredictable EBS disk I/O performance. Note that gp2 volumes do not appear to need as much warmup or priming as before.

2. EC2 Instance ECU Mismatch and Stolen CPU. advice: use bigger instances

The other 3 ways are a little obvious by comparison, but worth bookmarking for those two anyway.
ops  ec2  performance  datadog  aws  ebs  stolen-cpu  virtualization  metrics  tips 
july 2017 by jm
don't use String.intern() in Java
String.intern is the gateway to native JVM String table, and it comes with caveats: throughput, memory footprint, pause time problems will await the users. Hand-rolled deduplicators/interners to reduce memory footprint are working much more reliably, because they are working on Java side, and also can be thrown away when done. GC-assisted String deduplication does alleviate things even more. In almost every project we were taking care of, removing String.intern from the hotpaths was the very profitable performance optimization. Do not use it without thinking, okay?
strings  interning  java  performance  tips 
may 2017 by jm
4 Wi-Fi Tips from Former Apple Wi-Fi Engineer
Good tips: use the same SSID for all radios; deal with congestion with more APs using less power; don't use "Wide" channels on 2.4Ghz; and place antennae perpendicular to each other.
wifi  2.4ghz  5ghz  networking  hardware  macs  apple  tips 
december 2016 by jm
HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC
USB DAC strongly recommended by Soren Ragsdale -- EUR66
usb  dac  music  audio  hardware  recommendations  tips  toget 
november 2016 by jm
Implementing Efficient and Reliable Producers with the Amazon Kinesis Producer Library - AWS Big Data Blog
Good advice on production-quality, decent-scale usage of Kinesis in Java with the official library: batching, retries, partial failures, backoff, and monitoring. (Also, jaysus, the AWS Cloudwatch API is awful, looking at this!)
kpl  aws  kinesis  tips  java  batching  streaming  production  cloudwatch  monitoring  coding 
august 2015 by jm
Kafka best practices
This is the second part of our guide on streaming data and Apache Kafka. In part one I talked about the uses for real-time data streams and explained our idea of a stream data platform. The remainder of this guide will contain specific advice on how to go about building a stream data platform in your organization.

tl;dr: limit the number of Kafka clusters; use Avro.
architecture  kafka  storage  streaming  event-processing  avro  schema  confluent  best-practices  tips 
march 2015 by jm
What's confusing about Kafka: a list
At a recent call, Neha said “The most confusing behavior we have is how producing to a topic can return errors for few seconds after the topic was already created”. As she said that, I remembered that indeed, this was once very confusing, but then I got used to it.  Which got us thinking: What other things that Kafka does are very confusing to new users, but we got so used to them that we no longer even see the issue?
kafka  messaging  tips  gotchas 
march 2015 by jm
Crowdsourcing isn’t broken — Backchannel — Medium
'A great compendium by @harper of techniques for handling trolls and griefers in online communities', via kragen
via:kragen  antispam  filtering  trolls  community  crowdsourcing  threadless  harper  griefers  abuse  tips 
february 2015 by jm
8 gdb tricks you should know (Ksplice Blog)
These are very good -- bookmarking for the next time I'm using gdb, probably about 3 years from now
c  debugging  gdb  c++  tips  coding 
january 2015 by jm
AWS Tips I Wish I'd Known Before I Started
Some good advice and guidelines (although some are just silly).
aws  ops  tips  advice  ec2  s3 
january 2015 by jm
Day 1 - Docker in Production: Reality, Not Hype
Good Docker info from Bridget Kromhout, on their production and dev usage of Docker at DramaFever. lots of good real-world tips
docker  ops  boot2docker  tips  sysadvent 
december 2014 by jm
testing latency measurements using CTRL-Z
An excellent tip from Gil "HDRHistogram" Tene:
Good example of why I always "calibrate" latency tools with ^Z tests. If ^Z results don't make sense, don't use [the] tool. ^Z test math examples: If you ^Z for half the time, Max is obvious. [90th percentile] should be 80% of the ^Z stall time.
control-z  suspend  unix  testing  latencies  latency  measurement  percentiles  tips 
november 2014 by jm
Calendar Hacks
Some great tips on managing a busy calendar, from Etsy's managers. Block out time; refuse double-booked meetings by default; rely on apps; office hours. Thankfully I have a pretty slim calendar these days, but bookmarking for future use...
calendar  etsy  via:kellan  google  google-calendar  office-hours  life-hacks  hacks  tips  managing  managers  scheduling 
july 2014 by jm
SF for Londoners
good advice. next time I go over, I'll have to get a Clipper card. Also: 'Brunch is its own section because I have never encountered a place that takes brunch so seriously.'
brunch  sf  travel  california  tips  san-francisco  clipper-card 
may 2014 by jm
Go: Best Practices for Production Environments
how Soundcloud deploy their Go services, after 2.5 years of Go in production
go  tips  deployment  best-practices  soundcloud  ops 
april 2014 by jm
Making Remote Work Work
very good, workable tips on how to remote-work effectively (both in the comments of this thread and the original article)
tips  productivity  collaboration  hn  via:lhl  remote-working  telecommuting  work 
february 2014 by jm
java - Why not use Double or Float to represent currency?
A good canonical URL for this piece of coding guidance.
For example, suppose you have $1.03 and you spend 42c. How much money do you have left?

System.out.println(1.03 - .42); => prints out 0.6100000000000001.
coding  tips  floating-point  float  java  money  currency  bugs 
february 2014 by jm
What an RAF pilot can teach us about being safe on the road
Good article on road safety and visual perception, for both cyclists and drivers.
vision  driving  cycling  tips  cognitive-psychology  safety  hi-viz 
december 2013 by jm
High Performance MongoDB Clusters with Amazon EBS Provisioned IOPS
yeah yeah, Mongo. bookmarking for the good data on EBS+PIOPS
ebs  piops  aws  performance  tips  ops  ec2  mongodb  presentations 
april 2013 by jm
Rails' Insecure Defaults
'13 Security Gotchas You Should Know About'
rails  security  ruby  web  tips 
march 2013 by jm
Irish campsite recommendations
the conclusion of a Twitter/Facebook recommendations-gathering exercise; winners seem to be Lough Key Forest Park, Renvyle Beach, Fintra, Eagle Point, and Hidden Valley
camping  ireland  tips  recommendations  caravan  holidays  vacation 
july 2012 by jm Communal Weblog » Digital Legacy
Elana Kehoe on dealing with Brendan's digital legacy: "What to do when you are next of kin to a geek?" A lot of good advice here, and plenty of things I need to think about...
brendan-kehoe  digital-legacy  wills  legacy  passwords  accounts  tips 
may 2012 by jm
The Millions : The Arcades Project: Martin Amis’ Guide to Classic Video Games
This really exists. “Do I take risks in order to gobble up the fruit symbol in the middle of the screen? I do not, and neither should you. Like the fat and harmless saucer in Missile Command (q.v.), the fruit symbol is there simply to tempt you into hubristic sorties. Bag it.”
omgwtf  martin-amis  video-games  space-invaders  pacman  reviews  tips  funny 
february 2012 by jm
A few git tips you didn't know about
'git checkout -t' alone is worth the bookmark
git  tips  coding  unix  reference  tricks  via:proggit 
september 2011 by jm
La Vie Velominatus: Urban Riding
good tips on riding in a city; I use all of these, every day, and they're entirely correct. The comments have some good ideas, too
cycling  safety  tips  city  urban  commuting 
july 2011 by jm
Python Idioms and Efficiency Suggestions
will have to run this by our resident Pythonistas in work as a good set of guidelines
idioms  programming  python  reference  tips  via:hn 
june 2011 by jm
Tony Finch - Some notes on Bloom filters
more good Bloom Filter tips. he says: 'I take a slightly different tack, starting with a target population in mind which determines the size of the filter. Also there's a minor error regarding performance in the post. You only need to calculate two hash functions, and use a linear combination of them to index the Bloom filter. This simplifies the coding a lot, and if hash calculation dominates filter indexing, it's also a lot faster.'
bloom-filters  tips  coding  via:fanf  false-positives  from delicious
november 2010 by jm
Cory Doctorow's working environment
hardware and software, specifically, and an Ubuntu/Thinkpad user. some good tips here, and well-written, naturally
cory-doctorow  geek  howto  lifehacks  ubuntu  productivity  tips  tools  from delicious
july 2010 by jm
practical Linux commands quick-ref sheet
from Padraig Brady. lots of nice one-liners I wasn't familiar with
padraig-brady  bash  cli  linux  reference  sysadmin  tips  commands  from delicious
june 2010 by jm
Simpleton's guide to git
it really is. Yet another one-page intro to git, but a good one
git  tips  via:joshua  scm  tools  vc 
august 2009 by jm

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