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Riot Games Seek Court Justice After Internet Provider Deliberately Causes In-Game Lag
Pretty damning for Time-Warner Cable:
When it seemed that the service provider couldn’t sink any lower, they opted to hold Riot to a ‘lag ransom’. Following Riot’s complaints regarding the inexplicable lag the player base were experiencing, TWC offered to magically solve the issue, a hardball tactic to which Riot finally admitted defeat in August of 2015. Before the deal was finalised, lag and data-packet loss for League of Legends players were far above the standards Riot was aiming for. Miraculously, after the two tech companies reached an unpleasant deal, the numbers improved.
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february 2017 by jm
Time Warner Cable Exposes 65,000 Customer Routers to Remote Hacks
massive fail. 'By simply disabling Javascript in his browser, he was able to [...] dump the router’s configuration file [...which] included the administrative login and password in cleartext.'
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october 2009 by jm

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