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Cut / Fold Templates for paper mechanisms
Origami wizard Robby Kraft says "this site comes up in conversations 1/mo on average. if you need some suggestions:

#1 flexagon;
#4 auxetic (awesome, a little complex);
#6 bistable (so much untapped potential, i believe);
#14 flasher;
all the optical illusion ones"
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22 days ago by jm
Lift View First
explaining Lift's code-free "display only" templating system. I like it. Very similar concept to WebMake's "scraped templates": , nearly 10 years old now!
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february 2010 by jm
_Botnet Judo: Fighting Spam with Itself_
reverse-engineering the output of spam templates. paper isn't published yet, but sounds very interesting, particularly since it overlaps with the SpamAssassin SOUGHT ruleset's methodology, a little, it sounds like. looking forward to reading it
spam  anti-spam  botnets  templates  toread  papers  from delicious
january 2010 by jm

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