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Gravitational Teleport
Teleport enables teams to easily adopt the best SSH practices like:

Integrated SSH credentials with your organization Google Apps identities or other OAuth identity providers.
No need to distribute keys: Teleport uses certificate-based access with automatic expiration time.
Enforcement of 2nd factor authentication.
Cluster introspection: every Teleport node becomes a part of a cluster and is visible on the Web UI.
Record and replay SSH sessions for knowledge sharing and auditing purposes.
Collaboratively troubleshoot issues through session sharing.
Connect to clusters located behind firewalls without direct Internet access via SSH bastions.
ssh  teleport  ops  bastions  security  auditing  oauth  2fa 
february 2017 by jm
rjbs's rubric: In Soviet Minecraft, server op you!
wow, that is too much effort for a 7-year-old's Minecraft server ;) Very impressive
minecraft  game-servers  kids  teleport  gaming  rjbs  perl 
november 2014 by jm

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