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Ex-surgeon duped into being €100k drug mule
Oh man. This is so sad:

Soriano, who had travelled to Ireland from Bogota via Panama and Paris, told customs officials that a red bag he was carrying contained a gift for banking officials which would facilitate the transfer of a $2.3m inheritance from a long-lost relative he had never heard of until recently. He was very co-operative with the officials and agreed to allow them x-ray and examine the bag. It was found to contain 1.86kg of cocaine in three packets.

Sgt Finnegan said gardaí were initially sceptical that Soriano could have fallen for the scam but, as interviews went on, they became aware that there were underlying issues. Gardaí found documentation that Soriano had printed out about other phishing scams. He said that he knew they were scams but he was lonely and would respond to them for “a little bit of fun”. Sgt Finnegan said that, despite this, he remained adamant that the inheritance was still due to be claimed.

Bizarrely not the first prominent surgeon to fall victim to 419 scammers.
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Two surgeons debate the use of cycle helmets
'I am a neurosurgeon and a cyclist, and I am also married to a dedicated cyclist. I wear a cycling helmet and encourage cyclists to wear one. I don’t find that wearing one impedes me in any way. I am under no illusion that it will save me in the event of a high speed collision with a car or lorry (nothing will), but most cycling accidents aren’t of the high-speed variety.'


'I am a consultant Trauma orthopaedic surgeon working in Edinburgh and have many years of experience treating cyclists after serious road traffic, cycle sport and commuting cycle injuries. I believe there is no justification for helmet laws or promotional campaigns that portray cycling as a particularly ‘dangerous’ activity, or that make unfounded claims about the effectiveness of helmets. By reducing cycle use even slightly, helmet laws or promotion campaigns are likely to cause a significant net disbenefit to public health, regardless of the effectiveness or otherwise of helmets.'

Generally a lot of sense on either side.
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