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Advantages of Monolithic Version Control
another Dan Luu post -- good summary of the monorepo's upside
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august 2015 by jm
Why your company shouldn’t use Git submodules
'It is not uncommon at all when working on any kind of larger-scale project with Git to find yourself wanting to share code between multiple different repositories – whether it be some core system among multiple different products built on top of that system, or perhaps a shared utility library between projects. At first glance, Git submodules seem to be the perfect answer for this: they come built-in with Git, they act like miniature repositories (so people are already familiar with how to change them), et cetera. They even support pointing at specific versions of the shared code, so if one project doesn’t want to deal with integrating the “latest and greatest” version, it doesn’t have to. It’s after you’ve actually worked with submodules for a while that you start to notice just how half-baked Git’s submodules system really is.'
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april 2014 by jm
On undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git
Choose-your-own-adventure style. "Oh dear. This is going to get complicated."

(via Tom)
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december 2013 by jm

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