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Beating up on qsort
an entertaining dive down a low-level performance-optimization rabbit hole, diving into radix sort on an array of integers in particular
sorting  sort  performance  optimization  radix-sort  qsort  algorithms 
23 days ago by jm
GNU coreutils sort(1) now uses all available CPUs
using a parallel merge sort. great place to apply multicore code. very nice speedups: almost 4 times faster than single-core sort on a 8-core Xeon (via Padraig Brady)
via:pixelbeat  sort  coreutils  gnu  multicore  parallelism  from delicious
july 2010 by jm
Sort vs. Hash Revisited: Fast Join Implementation on Modern Multi-Core CPUs [PDF]
sort-and-merge is likely to be faster on future SIMD-capable multicore CPUs RSN
sort  merge  hash  join  databases  performance  cpu  simd  multicore  from delicious
june 2010 by jm

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