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FOI docs regarding lobbying of Sean Sherlock on the copyright SI
Truly amazing outcome from Mark Tighe's FOI request regarding lobbying on the copyright SI. It turns out that (a) IRMA want all Irish ISPs to enact "3 strikes", and view the SI as a way to force this; but (b) Eircom are of the opinion that "3 strikes" is now illegal and unenforceable under EU and Irish law. Despite knowing this, Sherlock then went ahead and signed the SI into law *anyway*, just to avoid the hassle of IRMA's members bringing the government to court. Which they did anyway, regardless. What an utter shambles
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march 2012 by jm
Adrian Weckler with "6 reasons why Irish SOPA may not work"
All spot on. 'Despite all this, the government - through Minister Sherlock - has passed this statutory instrument.
In all likelihood, Sherlock’s department had decided to do it a long time ago (probably before the last election), in a (now failed) effort to get the music companies off its back.
It’s a shame that Sherlock has gone along with this so easily: he is taking all the flak. It’s also not that common to see a government determined to pass new law that it knows - or strongly suspects - won’t work.'
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march 2012 by jm
Key Techdirt SOPA/PIPA Post Censored By Bogus DMCA Takedown Notice | Techdirt
'our page clearly is not infringing. This is a 100% bogus DMCA takedown -- something we only discovered by complete accident over a month later -- hiding one of our key articles in an important fight about abusing copyright law to take down free speech. Seems like a perfect example of how copyright can be -- and is -- abused to suppress free speech.'
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march 2012 by jm
Irish Government signs disastrous (SOPA) law to reinforce online copyright laws | Manhattan Diary | IrishCentral
'This is Fine Gael Junior Minister Sean Sherlock. It's probably not important that you remember his face because his career in Irish politics may soon be over. [...] What's particularly galling is the government's high handed act. In the United States they dropped SOPA legislation because voters objected, but in Ireland they just waited for the controversy to die down and railroaded it through. I had hoped Ireland had learned enough in recent years to move beyond this style of governance.'
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march 2012 by jm
**IMPORTANT** Copyright policy -
Boards' new post-SOPAIreland copyright policy, at least for the Rugby forum. Wonder how widespread this is to the rest of the site
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march 2012 by jm

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