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SCADA systems online, and a horror story about a non-airgapped Boeing 747 engine management system
747's are big flying Unix hosts. At the time, the engine management system on this particular airline was Solaris based. The patching was well behind and they used telnet as SSH broke the menus and the budget did not extend to fixing this. The engineers could actually access the engine management system of a 747 in route. If issues are noted, they can re-tune the engine in air.

The issue here is that all that separated the engine control systems and the open network was NAT based filters. There were (and as far as I know this is true today), no extrusion controls. They filter incoming traffic, but all outgoing traffic is allowed.

(via Paddy Benson)
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april 2015 by jm
The State of ZFS on Linux
Linux users familiar with other filesystems or ZFS users from other platforms will often ask whether ZFS on Linux (ZoL) is “stable”. The short answer is yes, depending on your definition of stable. The term stable itself is somewhat ambiguous.

Oh dear. that's not a good start. Good reference page, though
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september 2014 by jm
Joyent Services Back After 8 Day Outage
Lest we forget. I think it was 10 days in total once everything was resolved
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july 2012 by jm
[osol-discuss] OpenSolaris cancelled, to be replaced with Solaris 11 Express
'Solaris is the #1 Enterprise Operating System. We have the leading<br />
share of business applications on Solaris today, including both SPARC<br />
and x64. We have more than twice the application base of AIX and HP-UX combined.' Well, that about sums it up. Enterprisey!
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august 2010 by jm

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