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Want To Make Money? Build A Business On A Bike Lane
“Local stores next to the protected bike lane have seen a 49% increase in sales, compared to an average of 3% for Manhattan as a whole.”
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19 days ago by jm
Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide
a guide for people who like travelling like a local and visiting hidden places off the beaten track. There are tips on where to rent a bike, the best bike path, the best coffee, the best craft shops, the coolest shops, the cheapest drinks, the most delicious pizza, the best izakaya, the cutest cafes, the best rooftop bar, the coolest hotels (and the cheap and cheerful hotels), the loveliest parks and soooo much more.

It's a list of all of the places I frequent, making it a local insiders guide to Tokyo. Also included in the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide are language essentials and travel tips. It's the bloggers guide to Tokyo and if you'd like to visit the places seen on Hello Sandwich, then this guide is the zine for you.
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may 2017 by jm
Anrealage pixelled shop
'Experimental japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga has been inspired by pixel for his latest FW 2011 collection of his brand Anrealage. The best part is that this pixelled style has been applied also to his brand showroom in Harajuku, Tokyo.' Love the rug
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october 2011 by jm
Build A Bike
new bike shop in Dublin, comes strongly recommended by waider
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march 2010 by jm

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