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The Irish for spam
'turscar: from the old word for dead seaweed that's been dropped, uninvited, by the tide on the shore.'
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Gaeltacht development company defends sale of State seaweed company to Canadian multinational
FFS. Fine Gael government sells off more of our national assets for cheap:
Mr John O’Sullivan, chief executive of Bioatlantis Ltd in Co Kerry called on the Oireachtas environment committee to investigate the sale, or ask the Oireachtas public accounts committee to do so.
Mr O’Sullivan said that his company had made a bid of €5.7 million for Arramara, comprising €1.5 million initially and €4.2 million in the post-investment phase, and had been given just 12 days to prepare the bid.
He understood that two foreign companies – the Canadian Acadian Seaplants and French company Setalg – had been given over a year to prepare their bids.
He said that Acadian’s bid was €1.8 million, and the French bid was €2 million, for initial purchase, and that the rating was “changed” when the final bids were in.
No details had been released and the lack of transparency was “frightening” in relation to the final sale, he said.
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