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IBM’s photo-scraping scandal shows what a weird bubble AI researchers live in - MIT Technology Review
scraping data from publicly available sources is so much of an industry standard that it’s taught as a foundational skill (sans ethics) in most data science and machine-learning training.

[...] this story highlights the need for the tech industry to adapt its cultural norms and standard practices to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the technology itself, as well as the public’s awareness of how their data is used.
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6 days ago by jm
AWS re:Invent 2015 Video & Slide Presentation Links with Easy Index
Andrew Spyker's roundup:
my quick index of all re:Invent sessions.  Please wait for a few days and I'll keep running the tool to fill in the index.  It usually takes Amazon a few weeks to fully upload all the videos and slideshares.

Pretty definitive, full text descriptions of all sessions (and there are an awful lot of 'em).
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october 2015 by jm
'Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds' -- next-generation web scraping, recommended by conoro
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january 2015 by jm
Probabalistic Scraping of Plain Text Tables
a nifty hack.
Recently I have been banging my head trying to import a ton of OCR acquired data expressed in tabular form. I think I have come up with a neat approach using probabilistic reasoning combined with mixed integer programming. The method is pretty robust to all sorts of real world issues. In particular, the method leverages topological understanding of tables, encodes it declaratively into a mixed integer/linear program, and integrates weak probabilistic signals to classify the whole table in one go (at sub second speeds). This method can be used for any kind of classification where you have strong logical constraints but noisy data.

(via proggit)
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september 2013 by jm
extract the non-boilerplate part of a web page
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november 2010 by jm
Lift View First
explaining Lift's code-free "display only" templating system. I like it. Very similar concept to WebMake's "scraped templates": , nearly 10 years old now!
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february 2010 by jm
Humblog - Philip Kirwan Ripped Off My iPhone App Content
ouch, nasty allegations. Strikes me that there's a chicken/egg problem: scraping the Dublin Bus website to build a database which you then sell as part of a commercial iPhone app is probably pretty shaky ground to start with
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january 2010 by jm
'free, open, developer-generated APIs for a wide variety of websites. is a place to create and share them. [..] Check out [..] ways to use parselets from our web service, Ruby, Python, C/C++, or the *nix command-line.'
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december 2009 by jm

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