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Ruby in Production: Lessons Learned — Medium
Based on the pain we've had trying to bring our Rails services up to the quality levels required, this looks pretty accurate in many respects. I'd augment this advice by saying: avoid RVM; use Docker.
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march 2016 by jm
curl | sh
'People telling people to execute arbitrary code over the network. Run code from our servers as root. But HTTPS, so it’s no biggie.'

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november 2014 by jm
Lucas Nussbaum’s Blog » Blog Archive » RVM: seriously?
+1. RVM is atrocious code -- some of the worst bash script I've seen. And it's not just installing as a command, it requires that it be sourced and hooks into your login shell. If you then use "set -e", it crashes; "set -u", it crashes; reset $HOME, crash. It's dire.
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april 2013 by jm

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