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Summer Fruit Shrub Recipe - NYT Cooking
as recommended by Nelson -- I've been meaning to make one
shrubs  drinks  vinegar  recipes  to-make  fruit 
july 2018 by jm
Meet the Espresso Tonic, Iced Coffee's Bubbly New Cousin
Bit late on this one but YUM
To make the drink, Box Kite baristas simply load a glass with ice, fill it about three quarters of the way with chilled tonic, and then top it off with an espresso shot — typically from roasters like Madcap (MI) and Ritual (SF). Often, baristas pull the espresso shot directly on top of the tonic and ice mixture, forgoing the process of first pulling it into a cup and then pouring the espresso from cup to glass.
tonic-water  recipes  espresso  coffee  drinks  cocktails 
august 2017 by jm
ANSI K100.1-1974
ANSI standard safety code and requirements for dry martinis
standards  alcohol  martini  gin  recipes  martinis  cocktails 
june 2017 by jm
The Really Good Pickle Martini
The Really Good Pickle Martini

2 oz Gordon’s London dry gin;
1/4 oz Martini & Rossi extra dry vermouth;
1/4 oz pickle juice;
Garnish: Skewered dill pickle slice;
Glass: Cocktail

Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice, and stir briskly with a bar spoon for about 1 minute.

Strain into a chilled Martini glass.

Garnish with a skewered dill pickle slice.
recipes  pickles  martini  cocktails  pickle-juice  gin  vermouth 
june 2017 by jm
Blueberry Basil Margarita
interesting recipe to try out:
2 oz blanco tequila
12 to 15 blueberries, plus a few more for garnish
2 basil sprigs
1 oz agave nectar
Juice of 1 lime

Muddle the blueberries and basil with the tequila in a shaker.
Add the agave nectar and lime juice, and shake with ice.
Pour into a rocks glass over fresh ice, and top with filtered water if desired.
Garnish with a few blueberries.
blueberries  basil  margarita  tequila  recipes  cocktails 
april 2017 by jm
The Bul
'This crisp, refreshing beer and ginger beer cocktail is a Cuban favorite, and it's super-simple to make.'
recipes  beer  ginger-beer  cuba  cocktails 
october 2016 by jm
a variation on the mimosa, with an IPA and grapefruit juice -- sounds like Brewdog's Elvis Juice
beer  drinks  cocktails  ipa  grapefruit  recipes 
october 2016 by jm
Royal Negroni cocktail recipe
'Build Negroni over ice, top with sparkling wine, stir briefly. They'll get you messed up quick, but it's a great way to go.' aka. the Double Sbagliato. yum
negroni  cocktails  recipes  campari  prosecco  sparkling-wine  red-vermouth  gin 
september 2016 by jm
On The Negroni
meditations on this classic cocktail (with solid recipes)
negroni  cocktails  recipes  booze 
july 2016 by jm
The Old Fashioned
excellent recipe for this classic cocktail
cocktails  recipes  old-fashioned  booze 
july 2016 by jm
Southside Royale Recipe - Eric Alperin
variant on the French 75 with lime juice in place of lemon -- this went down a treat
recipes  cocktails  lime  champagne  sparkling-wine  gin 
may 2016 by jm
Champagne Mojitos Recipe - John Besh
sounds like a decent party starter:
This puckery drink is prepared with rum and fresh mint like a classic mojito, but New Orleans chef John Besh makes it holiday-worthy by topping it with a splash of Champagne.
cocktails  recipes  champagne  mojito  sugar  water  rum  lime  mint  sparkling-wine 
may 2016 by jm
Amaro 101: An Introduction to Italian Amari
some nice-sounding cocktail recipes for these tasty bitters
cocktails  bitters  amari  amaro  booze  recipes 
march 2016 by jm
Amaro: A Bittersweet Obsession - Food & Wine
"A Neapolitan-American friend of mine, who's in his mid-fifties, fondly remembers how his mother used to serve him an espresso with Fernet Branca and an egg yolk every morning before he went off to elementary school."
amari  amaro  bitters  digestifs  booze  cocktails  recipes 
october 2015 by jm
The Best Bourbon Cocktail You’ve Never Heard Of
The "Paper Plane", by Sam Ross of Chicago's "Violet Hour":

.75 oz Bourbon
.75 oz Aperol
.75 oz Amaro Nonino
.75 oz Fresh lemon juice

ice-filled shaker, shake, strain.
bourbon  drinks  cocktails  recipes  aperol  amaro-nonino  lemon 
september 2015 by jm
Metalwoman beer recipe
via the Dublin Ladies Beer Society ;)
metalman  metalwoman  recipes  beer  brewing  hops  dlbs 
may 2015 by jm
Endless Poptails
cocktails in an ice-pop. yum! The Cherry Apple Whiskey Sour and the Bourbon Butterscotch Latte pops in particular look fantastic. (via Damien Mulley)
via:mulley  booze  recipes  food  whiskey  cocktails  ice-pops  poptails  yum 
february 2014 by jm
Tacos al Pastor
yummy-looking recipe from Lily at
tacos  mexican-food  food  recipes  meat  tacos-al-pastor 
january 2014 by jm
Guacamole Norteño
A very tasty-looking guac recipe, from h2g market veteran Lily Ramirez-Foran -- her family's traditional one. I like the addition of pomegranate seeds
guacamole  avocados  pomegranate  recipes  lily-ramirez-foran  food  h2g 
august 2013 by jm
Mexican Pickled Potatoes
'My researches on the pickling matter had lead me to conclude that Mexico was, in fact, one of the few places where pickled potatoes were “a thing” and, in discussing same with Lily last month at her Mexican food stall in the Honest To Goodness market, I discovered that her soon-to-be-visiting Mexican mama was, in fact, a maker of such pickles. Not long afterward, I watched as Lily sat down with her mother, querying the ways of her pickled potatoes, translating and scribbling instructions for me as the details were recalled, not in an orderly series of steps, but in a series of asides and by-the-ways, by one for whom the practice of pickling potatoes was entirely second nature.'
pickling  yum  food  mexico  potatoes  spuds  recipes 
july 2013 by jm
Harissa Recipe
'like Wasabi's truant ginger cousin with a rap sheet' says Morgan Jones. I'll go for some of that
recipes  food  cooking  harissa  nomnomnom  spices  chili-sauce  from delicious
february 2011 by jm
Reddit Comment of the Year : bestof2010
some great gags and stories.  Plus an excellent recipe for tamales in "today you, tomorrow me" (via waxy)
via:waxy  tamales  recipes  stories  funny  jokes  reddit  bestof2010  2010  from delicious
january 2011 by jm
La Brea Starter And Rustic Bread Recipe
another variation of the Nancy Silverton recipe, and a loaf recipe to go with it
recipes  food  bread  baking  sourdough  la-brea-bakery  from delicious
august 2010 by jm
Nancy Silverton's La Brea Bakery sourdough starter recipe
lots of recommendations, but looks like hard work; grown from natural grape yeast
sourdough  starter  la-brea-bakery  baking  food  recipes  from delicious
august 2010 by jm
Make your own sourdough | Life and style | The Guardian
more recipes. This one looks like a good guide to creating a starter culture, something I've been meaning to do for a while
sourdough  bread  recipes  food  guardian  from delicious
april 2010 by jm
Thomasina Miers' simple Mexican recipes | Life and style | The Observer
some pretty good "ports" of Mexican recipes to ingredients available over here, must try these
mexican  food  guardian  recipes  tortas  tlayudas  ceviche  tacos  burritos  from delicious
april 2010 by jm
Authentic Carnitas and Three Pounds of Lard
fatty pork deep fried in lard. oh yeah. thanks Ben!
via:ben  pork  carnitas  mexican  recipes  food  yum  lard  from delicious
april 2010 by jm
The Best Way to Cook a Thick Steak
30 minutes over medium heat, cooked in its own fat. whoa, I want to try this
food  delicious  cooking  eating  meat  recipe  steak  beef  howto  recipes  from delicious
october 2009 by jm

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