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Introducing Vector: Netflix's On-Host Performance Monitoring Tool
It gives pinpoint real-time performance metric visibility to engineers working on specific hosts -- basically sending back system-level performance data to their browser, where a client-side renderer turns it into a usable dashboard. Essentially the idea is to replace having to ssh onto instances, run "top", systat, iostat, and so on.
vector  netflix  performance  monitoring  sysstat  top  iostat  netstat  metrics  ops  dashboards  real-time  linux 
april 2015 by jm
Virtual Clock - Testing Patterns Encyclopedia
a nice pattern for unit tests which need deterministic time behaviour. Trying to think up a really nice API for this....
testing  unit-tests  time  virtual-clock  real-time  coding 
december 2013 by jm
Dan McKinley :: Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Give Real-time Analytics
'It's important to divorce the concepts of operational metrics and product analytics. [..] Funny business with timeframes can coerce most A/B tests into statistical significance.' 'The truth is that there are very few product decisions that can be made in real time.'

HN discussion:
real-time  analytics  statistics  a-b-testing 
january 2013 by jm
CloudSplit – Real Time Cloud Analytics
interesting idea from Joe -- track your cloud-hosting spend in real-time
cloudsplit  hosting  amazon  ec2  azure  joe-drumgoole  analytics  real-time  from delicious
september 2009 by jm

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