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QA Instability Implies Production Instability
Invariably, when I see a lot of developer effort in production support I also find an unreliable QA environment. It is both unreliable in that it is frequently not available for testing, and unreliable in the sense that the system’s behavior in QA is not a good predictor of its behavior in production.
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july 2016 by jm
Why do Selenium-style record/replay tests of web applications break?
good data! Mostly because of element locations it seems....
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may 2016 by jm
Introducing the Software Testing Cupcake (Anti-Pattern)
good post on the risks of overweighting towards manual testing rather than low-level automated tests (via Tony Byrne)
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september 2015 by jm
Netflix release new code to production before completing tests
Interesting -- I hadn't heard of this being an official practise anywhere before (although we actually did it ourselves this week)...
If a build has made it [past the 'integration test' phase], it is ready to be deployed to one or more internal environments for user-acceptance testing. Users could be UI developers implementing a new feature using the API, UI Testers performing end-to-end testing or automated UI regression tests. As far as possible, we strive to not have user-acceptance tests be a gating factor for our deployments. We do this by wrapping functionality in Feature Flags so that it is turned off in Production while testing is happening in other environments. 
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october 2014 by jm
The Effectiveness of Test Driven Development (TDD)
huh. Test-driven development is slower than traditional write-first-test-at-the-end development, but it results in less bugs. Grokcode theorise that its big win is amortising the cost of testing throughout the product iteration, hence reducing the temptation to skip testing when the crunch phase happens
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december 2010 by jm

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