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Use of an opaque binary class in a public iOS API causes problems
"Apple changing the behavior of `NSData -description` in iOS 13 could break push notification registration for thousands of apps. Beyond the immediate concern for existing apps, this is an interesting case study in how to handle long-standing, widespread misuse of an API."

This is messy. Not a good API design decision from Apple
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8 weeks ago by jm
Push notifications delayed, Hearbeat Interval not reliable - Google Product Forums
Good thread on GCM notifications and their interactions with NAT -- they are delivered over a single TCP connection to port 5228 to the google servers, kept alive, and NAT timeouts can hang the conn resulting in delayed notifications.

Particularly useful is the *#*#426#*#* dial code, which displays a log screen on Android devices with GCM debugging info.
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june 2016 by jm
GCM XMPP delivery receipt not always received - Google Groups
Good to know:
'GCM delivery receipts don't have an SLA at this time. Having your connection open longer will increase the odds that delivery receipts will arrive. 10 seconds seems a bit short. I'm glad it works. I would recommend longer like 10 min or an hour. The real design of this system is for persistent connections, hence connections that setup and tear down frequently will have difficulty receiving delivery receipts.'
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march 2016 by jm
View & diagnose Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) statistics
Looks like GCM now offers a way to determine if a message got delivered, via the GCM diagnostics console
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february 2016 by jm
Apple to switch APNS protocol to HTTP/2
This is great news -- the current protocol is a binary, proprietary horrorshow, particularly around error reporting. Available "later this year" in production, and Pushy plan to support it.
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june 2015 by jm
Moquette MQTT
a Java implementation of an MQTT 3.1 broker. Its code base is small. At its core, Moquette is an events processor; this lets the code base be simple, avoiding thread sharing issues. The Moquette broker is lightweight and easy to understand so it could be embedded in other projects.
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may 2014 by jm
MacRumors iPhone Blog: Undercover 1.5 Adds Push Notification Tool to iPhone Theft Recovery App
very clever. 'You can make the messages as enticing as you want - say, by having them pretend to be a notification from your bank account. If the crook chooses to view the push notification, Undercover will launch, [..] loading any Website of your choosing, such as the aforementioned bank's. While the thief is distracted, Undercover will be happy to save the device's GPS coordinates and IP address to Orbicule's Website.'
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november 2009 by jm

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