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Linocuts by Gail Brodholt
scenes from London transit infrastructure. There's a fantastic 1960s vibe off these
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august 2018 by jm
Hailo pulling in EUR1M per month in Dublin alone
based on these (pretty rough) estimates. Good going, I'm a massive fan
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june 2014 by jm
Dublin live bus arrival times
on a zoomable map; not all stops/routes are covered yet, UI needs work for mobile devices, and hopefully there's an open API -- but still useful already (via Oliver Nash). Sample single-stop result page:
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february 2011 by jm
Hit The Road: Public Transport Directions for Dublin
'a public-transport route-planning service for Dublin city, which shows you how to get from A to B using buses, Luas or DART services. The original version was built during the first Startup Weekend Dublin in May 2010.' Pretty good; although in my tests it wasn't able to find the optimal route, it always came up with something that made a good starting point
routes  dublin  public-transport  buses  hit-the-road  from delicious
september 2010 by jm
Designing an Integrated Map for a Visionary Public Transport System for Dublin
excellent work at creating a usable public transport map, and proposing a small, consolidated set of Bus Rapid Transit routes (via Antoin)
via:antoin  bus  travel  dublin  ireland  rapid-transit  public-transport  design  usability  maps  mapping  from delicious
june 2010 by jm

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