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Marc Brooker on leases
Good advice from Marc Brooker on using leases as a way to handle leader election in a distributed system: 'Leases are a nice primitive because they are easy to understand, easy (if subtle) to implement correctly, require very little co-ordination, optimistic, and don't require much load on the strongly consistent service.'
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15 days ago by jm
A nice new concurrency primitive from Gil Tene:
Have you ever had a need for logging or analyzing data that is actively being updated? Have you ever wanted to do that without stalling the writers (recorders) in any way? If so, then WriterReaderPhaser is for you.  I'm not talking about logging messages or text lines here.  I'm talking about data.  Data larger than one word of memory.  Data that holds actual interesting state. Data that keeps being updated, but needs to be viewed in a stable and coherent way for analysis or logging.  Data like frame buffers. Data like histograms.  Data like usage counts. Data that changes.

see also Left-Right:
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november 2014 by jm

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