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nearly every site running ads has an /ads.txt
Pinboard on Twitter:
'I just learned that nearly every site running ads has a standardized ads.txt file that helpfully shows you how badly it murders your privacy. The file is a whitelist of all authorized resellers for programmatic advertising. For example, ªª ºº'
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9 days ago by jm
jm_links on Twitter
With any luck, will be gatewaying the links from to this Twitter feed...
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march 2012 by jm
Infovore » A Year of Links
'I thought it would be interesting to produce a kind of personal encylopedia: each volume cataloguing the links for a whole year. Given I first used Delicious in 2004, that makes for eight books to date.' Printed via Lulu, with a tag index. Really nifty ;)
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february 2012 by jm
Delicious → Pinboard username mapper
via @PinboardIN -- great, great idea.  translates entire Delicious Networks, too, which would have saved me a bit of bother had I known about it a few days ago
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december 2010 by jm
Negatendo: Let’s Buy Delicious Back from Yahoo!
wow. can we (and by "we" I mean "the people in my del network") not just move en masse to Pinboard? ;)
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july 2009 by jm

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