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A higher order estimate of the optimum checkpoint interval for restart dumps
the bottom line is as follows:
If the time it takes to create a dump, δ < M/2 then use τopt = √(2δM) – δ
Otherwise (it takes longer than M/2 to create a dump), just use τopt = M.
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june 2015 by jm
Schedule Recurring AWS Lambda Invocations With The Unreliable Town Clock (UTC)
The Unreliable Town Clock (UTC) is a new, free, public SNS Topic (Amazon Simple Notification Service) that broadcasts a “chime” message every quarter hour to all subscribers. It can send the chimes to AWS Lambda functions, SQS queues, and email addresses.

You can use the chime attributes to run your code every fifteen minutes, or only run your code once an hour (e.g., when minute == "00") or once a day (e.g., when hour == "00" and minute == "00") or any other series of intervals. You can even subscribe a function you only want to run only once at a specific time in the future: Have the function ignore all invocations until it’s after the time it wants. When it is time, it can perform its job, then unsubscribe itself from the SNS Topic.
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may 2015 by jm

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