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surveillance technology marketing
'I had a look at some marketing websites for Chinese surveillance technology, and they're pretty much what you'd expect: deeply unsettling.' -- sure are. This is the state of the art for mass-marketed panopticons
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5 weeks ago by jm
Red lines and no-go zones - the coming surveillance debate
The Anderson Report to the House of Lords in the UK on RIPA introduces a concept of a "red line":
"Firm limits must also be written into the law: not merely safeguards, but red lines that may not be crossed." …   
"Some might find comfort in a world in which our every interaction and movement could be recorded, viewed in real time and indefinitely retained for possible future use by the authorities. Crime fighting, security, safety or public health justifications are never hard to find." [13.19] 

The Report then gives examples, such as a perpetual video feed from every room in every house, the police undertaking to view the record only on receipt of a complaint; blanket drone-based surveillance; licensed service providers, required as a condition of the licence to retain within the jurisdiction a complete plain-text version of every communication to be made available to the authorities on request; a constant data feed from vehicles, domestic appliances and health-monitoring personal devices; fitting of facial recognition software to every CCTV camera and the insertion of a location-tracking chip under every individual's skin.

It goes on:
"The impact of such powers on the innocent could be mitigated by the usual apparatus of safeguards, regulators and Codes of Practice. But a country constructed on such a basis would surely be intolerable to many of its inhabitants. A state that enjoyed all those powers would be truly totalitarian, even if the authorities had the best interests of its people at heart." [13.20] …  

"The crucial objection is that of principle. Such a society would have gone beyond Bentham's Panopticon (whose inmates did not know they were being watched) into a world where constant surveillance was a certainty and quiescence the inevitable result. There must surely come a point (though it comes at different places for different people) where the escalation of intrusive powers becomes too high a price to pay for a safer and more law abiding environment." [13.21]
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november 2015 by jm
Building a panopticon: The evolution of the NSA’s XKeyscore
This is an amazing behind-the-scenes look at the architecture of XKeyscore, and how it evolved from an earlier large-scale packet interception system, Narus' Semantic Traffic Analyzer.

XKeyscore is a federated, distributed system, with distributed packet-capture agents running on Linux, built with protocol-specific plugins, which write 3 days of raw packet data, and 30 days of intercept metadata, to local buffer stores. Central queries are then 'distributed across all of the XKeyscore tap sites, and any results are returned and aggregated'.

Dunno about you, but this is pretty much how I would have built something like this, IMO....
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august 2013 by jm
Double vision: seeing both sides of Syria’s war
A skirmish is filmed, using HD video cameras, by both sides. Storyful pinpoint the location. War as panopticon
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march 2013 by jm

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